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AdventureQuest Worlds Main Criticism: Too Many Armors, Too Soon?

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 21, 2008

Note: For everyone thinking my posts on AQWorlds have been too overly negative/critical, take heart, soon after this post I will be posting another one, except with the game’s main compliment being the highlight. šŸ™‚From my thorough and detailed analysis of AdventureQuest Worlds, I have identified multiple weaknesses the game currently possesses. Now, these weaknesses must be expected for a game this young in development, but one stood out as becoming a potential problem in the game’s future, and is currently already an issue affecting the game. If the title didn’t give it away, my main criticism of AQWorlds at this point is the pure fact that there are way too many armors currently available at this stage of the game. And when I say way too many, I mean WAY TOO FRIKIN’ MANY. Not a few more than there should be, 15-20 MORE than what there should be.

Now, I’m sure your first thought when reading this is something like: “Well, having so many armors so soon is a sign of the game’s fast development and is a signal of continuous progression of the game’s core progression. Having so many options for armors allows for increased customization and personalization.” Or you might also think: “Wow, TPM is such an idiot. Why the heck I am reading this anyway?” Regardless of you reaction, allow me to explain myself.

Any avid player of AQW would know that to master (or even close to master) any armor in the game, it takes some long, dedicated, and determined farming. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, in the sense that it should indeed take a while to master an armor’s skills. And that would be perfectly fine if there were only 5-8 or so armors in the game. But there’s 23. 23. TWENTY-THREE. And we just got out of beta. Having 23 armors this early in a game’s development in a situation where making an armor matter takes so long is just way too many, and I see that as a huge problem.

Let’s say a new player starts by choosing the mage class, thinking that will become their main armor. They go and play the game and spend a good amount of time leveling their mage armor as high as they can, maybe even to a respectable rank. But then all of a sudden they decide to upgrade their account and stumbles upon the Sorcerer armor, a cooler-looking version of the Mage. Of course, the player wants to change, but now he/she has to start from page one all over again. So then the player plays some more and he/she finds the Pirate armor. Of course, this player loves pirates and now wants to make the Pirate armor his/her main armor. But now the player has to start from the beginning again. Then the player stumbles upon the Beast Warrior armor, which just happens to appeal to him/her and now the player wants to make that THE armor to be his/her main one. See where I’m getting at?

There are SO many options and SO many armors and it takes SO long to level up the armors, it just doesn’t make sense to have so many armors this early, and complicates matters for players severely. I mean, come on, there are 6 (SIX, SIX, SIX)Ā MogloweenĀ armors alone, and does that really contribute to the amount of armors other than in size only? The same specials are being repeatedly used, and the overuse of armors in general is becoming outrageous, bordering on felony stupid (okay, maybe not, but I always wanted to use that phrase :P). I would be okay with 23 armors in a few years’ time, but just a week and a half out of the beta stage? It just doesn’t make sense.

Honestly, if I had it my way (if only…), there would beĀ Mage, Healer, Rogue, and Warrior armors as the base classes (the way they are now), and maybe keep the Pirate andĀ Berserker armors as side options, but the Pirate, Ninja, Barber, Acolyte, Warlord, Sorcerer, Renegade, Assasin, Paladin, Beast Warrior, and all six Mogloween armors are not needed and unnecessary, and all they really are different-looking carbon copies of already used armors. And they aren’t needed, and only over-complicate the armor system.

Now, I’m sure I’m going to get some fair criticism that this can’t be an actual complaint, and maybe at this stage it might not be valid, but I will stand by my words that in the future (possibly near future) this will become a huge issue with so many armors being out everywhere and anywhere, and I believe it can hurt AQW severely when it happens.


16 Responses to “AdventureQuest Worlds Main Criticism: Too Many Armors, Too Soon?”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    The problem is that many of the armors have exactly the same skills and that “upgraded” armors don’t allow you to carry over any of your rank from the non-advanced form. Many of these armors classify more as clothes and should be an entirely new equipment type instead of truly being armors (primarily most of the Mogloween stuff). I don’t look at is as 20+ armors but rather I look at it as the game having roughly 9 or so armors (this is actually counting Pirate and Barber).

  2. I really hope that the reason why the upgraded class armors won’t retain your initial class armor’s rank is because it’s a coding issue that will be eventually sorted out, because that this point in time it really makes no sense. You are absolutely right that because so many armors are just recycling old skills and effects from previous armors so much that so few of them are actually worthy of being called “armors”, which was one of the points I was trying to get at. The issue is that while there are technically 20+ armors in game, most people don’t look at it that way, but when you look at the technical details of each and every armor, they are equals in every way. Consider that at this armor-creating pace we could have at least 150 armors in game and fully functioning just one year from now…

  3. TW25 said

    I don’t see the amount of armors a problem, so much as the time it takes to level them up. AE stated that they wanted this to be a game where you can play any class but with the current time it takes to master 1 class, it’s not really all that true.

  4. I agree, and I think when we talk about armors, two things come up:
    1. Number of armors in total
    2. Amount of time it takes to level armors
    While it would be fine if there were a lot of armors but each armor didn’t take much time to level up or there were few armors but each took lots of time to level up, but right now there are a lot of armors that take a lot of time to level up, and that is a huge problem.

  5. Canadian Peanuts said

    To my knowledge, when you obtain a member class, the advance classes have different skills. They are stronger than the old ones. If you’ve played AQ before, a mage level 10 to a wizard level 1 makes sence. They are a master mage, but yet to be a master wizard. Warriors, are basically a weaker form of the warlock, and therefore due to their high criticals compared to the warrior class, would take a whole new skill to master.

  6. Storm said

    Well I guess they give us more armour for more things to do. I don’t see why yall cry like little girls about getting more gear. But watever im kool with more gear. And im never gonna spend the cash to get upgrade so my armour is always kool. And I don’t see why you cry about being a Tank/Heals/Dps. It saves you the trouble of haveing so many toons. I like haveing one toon that can do it all. Save the trouble of leveling 23 toons. But watever floats your boat. No reason to cry about something so dumb though. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  7. Shindia said

    Canadian Peanuts you’re wrong about that, the advanced classes are identical to the basic ones except for looks, in fact there are only 6 different sets of skills (and therefore only 6 actually different classes) in the game right now. Every class uses one of these 6 sets of skills (the rogue set especially is used by a ton of classes – rogue, pirate, barber, renegade, dracula, alpha pirate)

  8. dlord2 said

    keep it real
    they make runescape look something would play

  9. simidorl said

    now they’re actually putting out some new ability sets(such as dwakel crash site armors)

  10. The upgrade armour may be very close to their lower armour and maybe they change later but if u can get the highest rank of the upgrade class then its a sence of accomplishment and achievement and what’s so bad about more armour, more armour is better then you have more to choose from and more to beat to become a master =P

  11. simidorl said

    with the armor look changer, they may just compile alike armors into one, so like there would be one halloween costume, and all of the looks are part of the same. upgraded versions (acolyte, etc.) will become member-only armor schemes.

    there would be a kink that you would lose your rank in upgraded class, but that’s not that big an issue

  12. pbbg said

    adventurequest was kinda fun, ah the memories šŸ˜€

  13. Dkonochi said

    Yes the have way to many armor choices and i was once on aqworlds until it bored me because when u tryed to farm it took forever and it limits the level choices and probably they shouldnt have let beta and alpha armor so rarely hard because people kept hacking each other just to get it and when the rare armor OH MAH GOODNESS people hacked so many accounts it wasnt funny i just thing it was a failure trying to make a game that has so many hacked accounts and way to much armor choices and most of all they should start bringing back potions if u rely on rest to much u will have a greater chance at dying (im an otkau which i got passionate about gamming and stuff) and isnt most rpg’s need potions and stuff like level up u get sp (skill points) but thats what i should expect from a browser based rpg anyway they should try to get back in line with more non member armors cuz mostly lil kids play it because they dont have to download it and spyware if it was my opinon ill choose spywar over aqworlds anyday

  14. jordson05 said

    yes i realy think aqworlds have gone a little out of controll with the armours
    and to far for the female armours aswell.
    but still i like aqworlds.=)

  15. John Shi said

    That’s why botting was invented.

  16. yichuan qiu said

    its nice. but i kike more armors. ar u talking about classes or armors? im fine with armors. they make u look cool and nobody knows how to get them : ) but of course, too many classes make it annoying and boring. people who spent money also get WAY too much advantage.
    P.S im chinese

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