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Don’t Slip AE, Don’t Slip…

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 22, 2008


The recently released, highly anticipated Bludrut Keep in AdventureQuest Worlds is members-only. Let me repeat that. MEMBERS-ONLY. Surprised? Now, we should have been expecting members to really start reaping in some benefits because AE did say numerous times and made it clear that free players would have limited gameplay. However, that isn’t really my issue with the release. The F2P community should have known this was coming, and failure to realize that was them just being silly.

What AE did wrong was not notify us at all beforehand that the zone would be members-only. They didn’t even mention it in the official notification post on the home page! Allowing us to go in-game, when we are most excited and pumped up for this classic AQ zone to be recreated in an MMO, and then find out that it’s actually members-only was the worst paying tactic they could have made, and not only disappointed and angered so many free players, but I’m sure caused many to quit right on the spot.

The damage has been done and there’s nothing AE can do about it now, but this was a huge mistake that I hope AE will learn from (at least from reading the forum outrage) and not repeat again. I’m actually surprised AE would stoop to such low cheap tactics. It really surprises me. This is definitely an overall overreaction from the players in general since it isn’t a huge feature and is only a zone, but the fact that AE kept this big secret hidden for us to find out was a terrible decision. Ironically, this release has actually lowered my chances of upgrading. 😛

What a weird post to make… directly critisizing AE’s actions… MMO-making with a subscription fee is much different than RPG-making with a one-time upgrade fee… let’s not go down the RuneScape road AE…

The comunity goes crazy… and AE listens… now they are going to make Bludrut Keep’s first two levels available for all players, completely nullifying this entire post. Maybe they made this decision a tad too late?


6 Responses to “Don’t Slip AE, Don’t Slip…”

  1. Casel said

    NO the 1 and 2 floor is for free players

  2. Yep, that’s why I edited the post. I guess I acted just a little too soon. 😛

  3. Arikromus said

    Just a little…

    Just about as soon as it came on.

  4. Brytz said

    First 2 floors are free and the first 3 quests are free too.

  5. Gottta love AE’s listening.

  6. adam said

    ae might aswell make the whole game members only. this just encourages people to use cheat software 4 free membership!

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