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About The Bloggers

Alabama Pitty – AdventureQuest (main), WarpForce (secondary)

Hello, I’m Alabama Pitty. I often use the alias Iliad or a variation of sorts in the AE games. I am an avid player of all AE games, and I can’t pick a favorite, since they all have great things that the others lack. I mainly take care of the wacky, crazy portion of our merry band, which is necessary, I believe. I will be blogging mainly for AdventureQuest, but WarpForce will also be included as well. If you want a PvP challenge in DF, look for ID#6747451. I look forward to donating to this blog, and have a great day (or night, depending on which side of the world you live on)!

Endon – DragonFable (main)

Howdy, I’m Endon. DF is my favorite AE game of all, with WarpForce coming in as a close second. I like AQ but don’t play it actively. I think MechQuest has promise, but really isn’t my kind of game. I am usually pretty laid back, but can be a tad impatient. Other than that, I’m really just a regular guy who likes AE. My goal is to do all I can to improve this already excellent blog.

Lemmy7003 – AdventureQuest Worlds (main)

It appears I have been slightly forgotten. To recap, my name is Lemmy7003. I am an avid player of AE games, MQ being the top of the list. Since I have lost interest in WarpForce, I am now the new AdventureQuest Worlds blogger. I am a pretty laid back kind of guy, but can be incredibly serious at times. It would be great to somehow chat with some of our readers sometime!

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