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AQ: The Suits of Power; Ubers and Their Applications

Posted by alabamapitty on October 11, 2008

From day to day, I see a lot of AQ players who seem not to know what to do or how to do it. They wander through the game with very little in the way of a goal, and with very little success. I cannot simply sit by and watch this any longer, and with that in mind, I will make a continuing series of blog posts aimed at rectifying this problem. The topic of today’s entry: Uber armors, and what they can do for you.Ok, if you are a particularly casual AQ player, you may not know what the Uber armors are. Here is a brief explanation:

Uber Armor (In AQ)- A particularly powerful armor that has good defenses, excellent offensive capabilities, and a price tag of 700,000 gold.

Now, many of you may be saying, “Seven-hundred thousand!? That’s too much! I’ll just use my class armors!”. At lower levels, that may well work, but in the Post-Sweep world of AQ we live in today, it will not work past, say, level 80. With that in mind, I shall detail the Uber armors, their applications, and which one is right for you. Their are three Uber armors: Reign Plate, Golden Plate, and Shadow Cloak. Before we get started though:

  • I know that their are lesser armors than the Ubers, but I will not critique those. The evaluation of the Uber armors proper will give insight into their lesser brethren.
  • The Uber armors grow in power as you level up, gaining power from level 75-90. The overall analysis makes that a moot point though.
  • I know that their is also an Epic armor-Asgardian Armor- , but it, of course, outclasses the other armors in power and defense. Price too, seeing as it costs 1.5 million.

Well, with that out of the way, we may begin.

The Reign Plate

Of all the Uber armors, Reign is the most offensive. Featuring sleek golden plates and capes that blow around like you’re in a hurricane, even if you’re inside, Reign is a very nice looking armor. Reign Plate is capable of doing massive damage, but lacks a bit in the defensive department. 

What It’s Good For:

Reign is for those offensive builds (I will get to builds in a later entry), and is also ideal for farming, since you can use it to take down enemies quickly. Also, whereas other Uber armors outclass Reign in defense, Reign does have one little advantage: Fire, Light, and Energy defenses. Combined with the right shield (Starblaze), you can have very nice defenses against those elements indeed. I selected this as my first Uber.

The Shadow Cloak

From Reign Plate, you get to Shadow, which may actually be superior to Reign Plate. Shadow has a lot more in the way of defense, with elemental defenses of 70% or less (It has a small weakness to light-80% defense there), as well as massive darkness defense, cutting all darkness damage in half at 50%. Plus, it lacks only a little of the offensive power that Reign has. At level 90, Reign does 470% base and 350% random, whilst Shadow does 400% base and 350% random, a very nice deal when you consider the excellent defenses. (Note: I will also go over the elemental modifiers, and damage modifiers of weapons, and armors in a later entry)

What It’s Good For:

Shadow isn’t as good a farming armor as Reign, since it has less DPT (Damage Per Turn), however, it does do much better against tougher boss enemies and Post-Sweep enemies. In fact, depending on where you farm, it is potentially better than Reign because of defense. Get this Uber Armor if you like durability and hybridization. (Note: I intend to – unsuccessfully- create a blog entry on farming spots. Expect it to fail 😉 )

Golden Plate

And, finally, old Goldy. This armor has been around a long time, but recently got a much-needed facelift. Of all the Uber armors, Golden has the best defenses, with all elements at 55% at level 90. This means that all attacks you get hit with will almost be cut in half. Provided you get hit that is, since Golden has combat defenses of 50 for each element at level 90. This does have a downside though. Golden has the worst offense of the Ubers, with a measly 200% Base/Random/Stats at 90.

What It’s Good For:

Golden, while having terrible offenses, makes up for this with defensive savvy. While you may not do terrible amounts of damage, spell users will love the fact that they can sit in this armor and do lots of damage. Combine this armor with the S shields (Sackleberry Special, Siege Tower, and Spell Blocker- Uber shield entry also coming) and you will be able to withstand very tough boss fights and Post-Sweep monsters.

Final Notes:

So that’s it. You have Reign for offense, Shadow for a beautiful mix, and Goldy for defense. Depending on your style of play, you’ll select a different one, but all of them are worth the price tags. So, look forward to more helpful posts, and have great day!


4 Responses to “AQ: The Suits of Power; Ubers and Their Applications”

  1. All of these Uber armors suck! Since these “Uber” armor mainly depend on strength (except the “Uber” Fujin Set).
    I’ve tested 3 of the most best armors, The Solaris Set, The Reign Set, and the Kindred set.
    They failed right before my eyes. They did below 200 damage after the first battles I’ve used them, which shouldn’t happen because I have reached the maximum for my strength attribute. These “Uber” set armors are a load of crap. They are a piece of over-priced, crap! It’s newer armors like Algern’s Carapace that do the real damage. And Algerns Carapace is the best armor, it will always beat the Reign Set, The Shadow Cloak, and The Golden Set any day. These armors/sets may have worked in the LAST DECADE, but now, its time to throw them in storage.

  2. ksun said

    they did below 200 damage, but other then the reign set they are mainly used for defence and kindred and solaris is not uber since they arn’t as good and cost alot less

  3. Awesome face said

    Are you retard?

    The reign set IS outdated , but solaris have solar call , the best skill in game.

    Kindred have focus , that does great damage and regenerates HP.

    Golden set have the best defenses in game.

    Shadow cloak is a mix beetwen golden and reign.

    Algern caparace have POOR defenses and BTH , is limited to darkness in attack and cost 1 MILLON GOLD.

    Cool looking , but a standart , unbalanced armor.

    Oh , and asgardian is the more accurate armor ,22 BtH

  4. AQ Player RedXIII said

    Its all about how you play. Im Level 107 and only have:

    Kings Reign, Epic, And Liquefactor (Lvl 105 Shield, Armor, Wep)
    Shadow Of Doubt ( Lvl 102 Armor)
    Horo-Void Vigilante, Vanquisher, Visor ( Lvl 88 Armor, Wep, Misc Item)
    Toxic Chimeran Cavalier, and Shield (Lvl 105 Armor and Shield)
    Lord of The Skies via Airenals Lance and Fujin Shield (Lvl 90 Amor/Wep and Lvl 105 Shield)
    White Knight Z, Consecrated Paladin Guard (Lvl 103 Armor and Lvl 90 Shield)
    Desert Conquerer and Moglord Shield (Lvl 98 and Lvl 100 Shield)
    Prophets Taladosian Robs and Shield (Lvl 105 Armor and Shield)

    Now, i dont need the full sets of any armor and i play great. You dont need the mightiest, but if thats what you prefer then okay. It also depends on your stats and the enemy. My Stats are leveled except for Charisma. Just get armor that will defend you from the elements.

    Plus, you need to know how to properly use the Uber Armors. Dont forget some useful Misc Items. Check My Character Page here:

    Facebook me for more info. https://www.facebook.com/Battlefield3PWNER

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