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Do you have an idea that you think would make this blog even better? Maybe a suggestion to further enhance the site as a whole? Whether it be content changes, graphical changes, development changes, or anything in between, if you think there’s something that we can do to make this blog even better, post it in the Comments section here!

Remember, if you have a suggestion for any of the games themselves, try and find a related post to that subject and make a comment there. This page is only for blog improvements.


23 Responses to “Suggestions”

  1. Maegwyn said

    Couple of little tweaks maybe:

    1) Change the heading of “Calender” to “Calendar”

    2) Since the way blogs are set up is that they are by date, perhaps using a tag for each game for easy searchability would help – like if I wanted to read all the MQ entries (maybe I should search by Mech instead?) I see the categories dropdown menu thing, but so far, MechQuest tells me it only has one entry. Maybe making sure each post gets into its proper category would solve this.

    Anyway, it’s looking good so far!

  2. In response to Mae’s suggestions

    1. Fixed

    2. Well, many posts go by tag rather than category, which would be the cause of this. I’ll see if there is a Tags widget for this problem. In the meantime you can view all MQ related posts at WordPress.com/tags/mechquest/

  3. sinani201 said

    I would make 4 pages for each game: AQ, DF, MG, and AQW.

  4. That wouldn’t work out. We constantly update. We can’t direct posts to one page. Making a page for each game would be a bit pointless since we’d have to constantly update them. And what would be on the pages besides copies of the home page posts anyway?

  5. sinani201 said

    You should combine the chat on the forums with the one here. It shouldn’t be too hard; just add text, and put in the html code.

  6. Alas, it isn’t that easy. WordPress.com does not support Java, which almost any chat is completely made of. We can only hope they do eventually support it or that we get our own domain and use WordPress.org, which does support Java. But it is software, not hosting like .com.

  7. can u bring bak the alpha pirate armor?pls cuz im late registering and now its no more pls,and pls let the acolyte and dark acolyte armor b non-mem pls

  8. alabamapitty said

    We are not AE, nor can we get them to do such a thing. This is not the place to send such complaints anyway. Sorry!

  9. My dearest plea, AQworlds, I know you are a wonderful staff of the game, but can you please let the Crusader Sword be non-member please? It is because the Grand Inquisitor’s Mace is already non-member. I really need the Crusader Sword.

  10. firedemon7 said

    high priest necromancer he just told the person b4 you that theyre not AE staff.
    They are staff of this website.

    my sugestion:
    All you do is post and all the other pages (but this one and contact you page and the obvious home page) are sorta useless to me.

  11. lemmy7003 said

    We do our best to support the Blog. The polls can be used to see our past, the forum page links to our great Forum, and the others. We made sure they had uses.

  12. Roto said

    1) Could we get a “Mechquest Story Guide”? I can’t figure out where to start it except through the rather vague C-Mail.

    2) A ladder chart for the AdventureQuest Gods? That would be easier to follow.

    3) When posting about an event release, please specify whether or not it is a permanent or temporary (Rare) release.


  13. Thanks for the suggestions Roto. Alabama can answer #2 for you, but as for the others:

    1) That’s a great idea, I’ll definitely see if I can cook up a story guide post sometime. I definitely agree that the C-Mail in-game doesn’t really accomplish its purpose as it should.

    3) I’ll see if I can include something in future releases that clarifies whether it’s a rare release, but basically any wars or holiday events are rare events and everything else is permanent content.

  14. Hehe. Sorry about that, I’ll try to explain things a wee bit better. Look for a flow chart right above the credits. Thanks for pointing that out! 😀

  15. Marmalade said

    Umm, the banner for the blog is a little plain. Maybe you could have something related to the game. I’ll try to make one, but it’ll probably suck.

  16. A fair suggestion. However, in this WordPress Skin custom banners are not available. And I believe every skin we tried with custom banners didn’t have enough space for all the pages. Check out the forums, we have a mass of banners there and it changes every time you go to another page.

  17. sinani201 said

    In the poll about whether Doom Knight or Dragonguard is the best, you spelled “they’re” wrong.

  18. Thanks for noticing that. 🙂

  19. Ranik said

    you could make a banner for united lore..lol so then more people know about it…smilyface

  20. caleb51 said

    hmmm the info is pretty good but the style is kinda plain u should use a better header something that will get the pion tof wht u are about accross to the viewers and add more pictures to your posts most people that play this game are young and like more graphical posts.
    but other then that great job on the blog u got alot going on here and i love aqws-
    form a freindly player on aq-masterrayofflame

  21. sammy_lol said

    hey maybe we could make a big banner for united lore

    after they see it they will come and join united lore.

    tell ur friends

  22. sammy_lol said

    u should get a better banner and get friends to tell friends…….sammy_lol

  23. Oskar said

    I would like a few more things about mechquest! Like the best mech combinations, and as someone mentioned before, a guide to mechquest. And maybe a game per page. Btw I make graphics so if you need any help with graphics email me at oskarwizard@gmail.com or if you need any help with blogging email me aswell.


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