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MechQuest: Release Analysis, 03/12/2010

Posted by Stelarinna on April 1, 2010

Welcome to Soluna, the city full of rainbows.
Yes. Rainbows. I counted thirteen.
Yes. Thirteen. In a holiday release that’s supposed to be themed around luck, not the lack of it.
Because that makes sense.

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MechQuest: Release Analysis, 02/12/2010

Posted by Stelarinna on February 20, 2010

For love, honor, and the glory of the Shadowscythe House Wolfblade.

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MechQuest: Analysis of 11/25/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 26, 2009

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means another seasonal event in MechQuest. An asteroid full of turkey enemies is heading straight for Soluna City, which means (incredibly mini-mini) WAR! Featuring two new enemies, a ton of new weapons, a Star Captain mission, and oh yeah, the next SC monthly rare mecha (the Falcon),  a sizable amount of content was released, especially considering the early Wednesday release.

Review style note: I’ve made a couple layout changes with the flow of the review, but most importantly I’ve added a separate “Closing Comments” section, which in addition to featuring my final score also has a rubric grading the five different parts that generally make up a release. Remember, I don’t average the rubric grades to get my final grade, but it’s usually pretty close.

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MechQuest: Analysis of 3/26/09 Release

Posted by ZamuelNow on April 10, 2009

Major Steele wants YOU for the first part of a top secret strike behind the ShadowScythe’s enemy territory

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