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The Future Of This Blog

Posted by Chickencowlord on June 13, 2010

As time has passed and more people have departed, it’s become clearer and clearer that this blog is dead. I’m just going to strike the final blow and lift the guilt off  the shoulders of several bloggers that  have been inactive here. Edit: My new blog, which may or may not have collaboration from other UL members, can be found at chickencowlord.wordpress.com.

United Lore is but an archive now. With at least around 2 years of AE updates before this blog was ultimately deserted and soon replaced by other AE-based blogs, deleting it would be a disrespect on my part. None of our bloggers any longer have the devotion and time needed to review a weekly release. I can’t speak for others, but I’ll definitely be starting a new blog on general gaming soon, which I might edit a link to in this post later. I’m also relatively active on a few forums, but none of them are AE related. However, I will remember United Lore and AE games as what made me believe there can be real intelligence in online communities. I must now humbly step aside and ask and players reading this who believe they’re up to it to make their own AE blog, start their own AE community. It’s what made AE games for me while I played them.

However, the inactivity is not completely unexplainable. The Peanut Master, whether or not any of us realized it before he left, was the one who kept us organized and sharp on staying interested and active on this blog. As he left, he took half of UL with him. And that half was them motivation and determination to make a difference that fueled this blog. I will miss and always remember Peanut as long as I’m active anywhere on the net.

This is a full hearted farewell from our expected position on the AE blogging scene. We garnered well over 100k views and had some ideas that influenced AE themselves. Let UL be an example of what anybody can do if they try to help make a difference, be it on an online video game or anywhere, really. We’ve had a great run and I just wanted to give an official farewell to all of you.



6 Responses to “The Future Of This Blog”

  1. I’d like to apologize. UL was mostly left to me after Peanut left, but.. I couldn’t handle the task. I’ll make no excuses. I am simply sorry.

    But yes.. We had a good run. Almost 150k views, ready by much of the staff, and able to influence them on several subjects. UL has shaped me into the gamer I am today. We’re a notch above the simple 1337 speakers out there. We’re intelligent. We care enough to voice our opinion to the staff so we can make a difference and improve the game.

    And though UL ends, I hope my relationship to all of you does not. In the future, I hope I’m able to see all of you via chat or in AQW.

    Thanks once again guys. Never goodbyes.. But I will see you around. 🙂

  2. I hope to stay in touch with all of the blogging staff left and openly welcome you all to join me in any community I join or start from here on out. I’ll check my email over the summer so anyone who wishes to stay in touch may contact me via that.

  3. Lemmy said

    I’m sorry.
    I should have worked harder, but I’ve been swamped with homework.
    My dearest aplogies…

  4. There’s no reason to apologize, Lemmy. All the bloggers have been inactive, not just you. And most have simillar reasons to your’s.

  5. mechquestlord said

    i dont think i go on here often… mainly because i get lost. however that is because of mqgalaxy and the battleon forms. i will try to come here often and give advice to who needs it.

  6. Stelarinna said

    I make no excuses, but neither do I make any apologies.

    The simple fact of the matter is that that I no longer had the time for blogging, due to massive amounts of schoolwork and music-work, and also for more personal reasons. What I should have done is step down officially instead of allowing things to slide as much as they did.

    Sad to say, but this outcome was inevitable at one point or another; I only regret that it had to happen this way.

    Fare thee well, everyone.

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