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[Unfinished Post]

Posted by alabamapitty on May 23, 2010

The week of the 25th brought a very unique and interesting quest, one that contains more ties to the past, and some very splendid rewards. Of course I’m talking about our encounter with Doctor Jakel. His other side? Mr. Snide!

‘Roid Rage! (Dr. Jackel And Mr. Snide)


This quest opens with an old but not-seen-very-often friend. Jackel Sano is standing in the Ethereal Realm with Warlic, and he needs your help.  You see, he’s using his FarSight ability to assist the WarpForce in mapping out the farthest reaches of the universe, and it requires the power of the Ethereal Realm to work. However, using his ability, he’s noticed his brother Jackel Valen, or Dr. Valen Jackel as he prefers to be called. Jackel admits that Valen was never one for the family’s traditional naming practices.

Apparently, Valen once wished to learn all that he could of science, and chose to spurn magic. In the man’s quest, he visited the Drakel, whose magiscience wasn’t pure enough for the man. Then, he studied the works of an old Technomancer/dentizt… Dr. Voltabolt. Ultimately though, it was the discovery of an old laboratory to the west that gave Valen what he wanted. This laboratory belonged to someone who spurned all magic and alchemy, and though that science beat magic any day. Hmm.. Who..?

But anyway, Valen sought to create an elixir for health that relies not on magic or alchemy, but simply science, one that could be made by anyone, anywhere. In his search though, he spent much time alone, and felt secluded from the world. One day, venturing back into the world, he fell in love with a beautiful woman in Granemor. He has now decided to create a potion which can change his very personality. It’s up to you to stop him, as Jackel admits that there’s no telling what such a potion could do to his brother.

After a rather easy trek to such a ‘secret’ lab, you enter and begin looking for Valen. Hmm.. That pink electric orb.. And all those machine parts.. They look so familiar..

It’s not too long before you meet Valen, who questions you on why you’re here. He quickly deduces (In an elementary way) that his brother sent you, and then scoffs at you. His brother very seldom even had his mind on planetside matters, let alone family ones. You quickly change the subject, praising the excellent lab he has. He thanks you, not claiming the credit for himself, but rather the former owner, a man named.. Lim. 😉

After a wasted attempt to convince Valen not to use the formula (Not potion, he says), he leaves. Well, time for Plan B. Jackel told you about three ingredients which could be combined to counteract the effects of Valen’s formula, should he use it: PU-235, Ester of Aerinide, and Jabronium Sulfate.

Lim’s lab is still quite active, full of creatures who were attracted to his still-functioning power sources. Soon though, all of the ingredients are gathered, and you set off for Granemor.

Upon entering the town, you see Mulb, the ever charismatic Dwelf, sprawled on the ground, quite beaten.


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