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Adventure Quest Worlds: Review of April 2, 2010 Release.

Posted by lemmy7003 on April 16, 2010

I really have to get into the habit of blogging more. Anyway, Today, we are battling the 5th Beast of Chaos! We battle Wolfwing’s Greatest Creation, Dracowerepyre!

What do you call a mix of a Dragon, Vampire, and A Werewolf!? (The 5th Beast of Chaos!!)

About:After fighting our way thoguh Darkovia, we at last are nearing WolfWing himself. However, we have one final task ahead of us; A Dracowerepyre, a mix of Dragon, bitten by WolfWing, giving it Vampire and Werewolf DNA, making it insanely strong! You will need to fight your way though WolfWing’s army before you even get there, and then you need the password! After you at last reach the Beast, you will need friends  to defeat this 30,000 HP monster!

Pros:The art for this area is very well done, and the Dracowerepyre is a great challange for players. The drops from the creature were well worth fighting it, and we got a cutscene! Cutscene=Awesome. I honestly can’t wait to fight WolfWing himself…

Cons:I found the constant backtracking between quests tedious. Also, I think it would of been appropriate for WolfWings minions to be able to fight you on sight, since it was his base! I mean come on!

Grade of Release:7.5: An average release, I think it could have been a bit better, since it was a Chaos Beast Fight. Next Week; Wolfwing!

Day of the Eternal Eggs! (Easter 2010)

About: Just like last Year, It’s Easter again! This Easter features the return of the Egg Hunter quest, The Bunny Berzerker Armor, and Grenwog, One of the most deadly enemies in the game! I’ll go over it in detail; The Easter hunt quest consists of searching for eggs, hidden all over Battleon. The Bunny Berzerker is four pieces of armor, all hidden withen certain enemies in the game; and GrenWog, reachable by typing /join grenwog, who has a huge HP counter of 30,000!

Pros:Easter has always been a fun time of year at AQW, and this, despite being the same as last year, was still great. Players could try and get the armor, while others could keep thier old 2009 designs. The easter hunt was really fun, and who doesn’t like fighting Grenwog!?

Cons:The only real con I can find with this is the fact no new content was released, but who cares, Easter is a great time of year for everyone!

Grade of Release:8.0:A pretty average release, but It could have been much better, since it WAS a Chaos Beast fight, but oh well. The Easter event was as fun as ever though.


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