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Adventure Quest Worlds: Analysis of March 12th,2010 Release.

Posted by lemmy7003 on March 23, 2010

Today it was Good Luck Day! But that doesn’t mean it lasts a day…it’s all week! In today’s release, was the return of the Rainbow Zone, and the Shamrock fair!


About:You guessed it!  It’s Good Luck Day! Before you go pich your freinds for not wearing Green, head down to the wonderful Sahmrock Fair!

Inside, you will find five minigames, all of which are fun and slightly addicting! After playing each game, you will recieve a set amount of points (in the form of temp quest items), and then you can trade them in for items,  (A total of 12 of them) costing 200,500,1000, or 2000 points! The items range from three leaf clover swords, to moglins wearing lucky green!

Pros:Wow. I expected the AQW team to bring out a minigame today…BUT FIVE!? I take off my green hat to them. They were all very well done, and the items were addicting to get. *hugs Green Moglin* The Weapons are all really good, after Alabmapitty motivated me to get the most expensive…

Cons:I think the 2000 point prizes might have been just a tiny bit to expensive, but compared to the rest of the area, it didn’t matter. They ARE worth it.

Grade of Release:9.0: A fantastic area with five, count ’em, five minigames, and awesome prizes *hugs Moglin again*



Return of the Rainbow! (Rainbow Zone)

About:After the major holiday addition of the Shamrock Fair, we also had a return of last years St Patricks Day zone: Rainbow! The Story is the same; Colour-hating Dwakel blowing up a rainbow, You need to fix it. Also, it contains The Leprachaun Armor!

Pros:It’s always nice to see a classic area returning, if only for a week. This always had a place in my gaming heart (Heart V2) (Being Part Irish),  and I like the fantastic art on the area. It also gives players another chance to get the Leprachaun Armor!

Cons:There was no change from last year. Also, The Leprachaun’s skills are almost identical to the Rouge, and it is considered to be in the bottem tier in usefulness.

Grade of Release:7.0: A good return from last year, but they could have changed it, just a little bit…

Overall Grade of Release: 8.5:Well, we had a fantastic zone with 5 minigames, and a so-so zone with no changes. A great release.


4 Responses to “Adventure Quest Worlds: Analysis of March 12th,2010 Release.”

  1. Aelthai said

    It may be worth noting that tercessuinotlim has been removed for the moment and is currently being updated, revised, and just generally fixed.

  2. Cat See said

    @Aelthai I thought it’s still open?

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