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Adventure Quest Worlds: Analysis of 26/2/10 Release

Posted by lemmy7003 on March 8, 2010

Well, looks like I’m back! Today’s release consisted of Safiria’s Vampire Castle! Beware: Contains Vampires, Werewolves, Chaos, and Hybrids!The 5th Lord of Chaos! (Safiria’s Castle)

About:Well, after battling our way through maggots, Dire Wolves, and A lich, we at last arrive at our destination; The Vampire Castle. Apon entering inside, Safiria will allow an audience with her if you defeat the various creatures inside her castle;knocking out bats, destroying maggots, pushing back (Chaos?) Werewolves, and destroying a Werewolf General. No Sweat!

After defeating these pests, Safiria will speak to you. You explain that Drakath has most likely recruited WolfWing into the 13 Lords of Chaos, and has bestowed upon him.You also say that his forces are searching for somthing outside of Darkovia. Safiria reacts to this, and says she hasen’t the time to deal with WolfWing. She grows huge teeth, and insists you leave, allowing you passage to the Werewolf Lands.

The enemies also have about 7 NON-MEMBER drops. I still haven’t got these, so I not sure what they exactly are.

Pros:I seriously enjoyed this release. It gives us a good look at the 5th Lord of Chaos, and the art for the new enemies was very well done. Also, we may be returning here, because Safiria reacted to what the player said. Also, the art for the whole area is very well done, with the blood fountain…and Safira’s pet dog is in one room. Having such a large amount of non-member items was also great.

Cons:The area was quite large, so theres a small chance you could get lost in the castle. They could have gone a bit more into Wolfwing’s backround…

Grade of Release:8.5:A very solid area, with a fair share of art, new enemies, quests, and a great cutscene!

Working for the Vampire Family! (Vampire Reputation)

About: After saving Safira’s Castle from the Chaos(?) Wolf Army,You can go speak to Brysin at the entrance to help out the Vampire Family, thus earning you Vampire Reputation! The shop contains 8 items, unfortuntley, there was only 2 non-member items. The daily quests didn’t give much rep.

Pros:All the items look very good, and are well worth into any players inventory.

Cons:This part of the release, was really not great. The vampire rep items had only two non-member items. The quests gave up to 400 Reputation per quest. It’s almost as hard as Yokai Reputation.

Grade of Release: 5.5:Unless this reputation section gets a makeover, it is my least faveourite Reputation zone yet.

Overall Grade of Release: 7.0: This release storyline section was really great, but sadly the reputation falied to live up to the other Reputation zones.


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