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DragonFable: Release Analysis, 2/26/10

Posted by Endon The White on March 1, 2010

This week the staff decided to take a break, with the only release being one new fish. Yeah, right. Instead we got a very long quest, three trinkets, a ton of items, a new town, and the Johnny Fish. Good Week? Let’s see…

2 Leagues Under The Sea
Just a nice, calm day fishing.

Plot and Story:

Not much to speak of. Your character gets munched by a giant fish, transported to a shipwreck on the ocean floor, fights a bunch of monsters, then finds the locker. The End.

Art and Enemies:

The backgrounds for the quest were good, alternating from the ocean floor, the deck of a crashed ship, and the haunted innards of said ship. Most were very detailed, with shorn masts, shredded sails, and undersea coral.

The enemies were mostly new here, with the only come-beck being the Galocerda. The new ones, the SeaMonkey, Unicoral and Captain Davey, are nicely drawn and unique. The SeaMonkey seems to go to the same hair stylist as Lim. The Unicoral is a combination of many sea-creatures, with gills, a curling tail, and a mane. Davey is the least impressive of the new enemies, being merely a regular pirate with a skull instead of a face.

Gear and Loot:

No drops, but there is a hidden shop in the quest, selling an all new trinket. Summon Reaver does exactly that. It takes a while for the skill to actually do damage, and darkness isn’t a very useful element, but it makes up for it with great damage and even better graphics.

The Locker
Huh, I wonder if this has anything to do with the water orb chain? Nah.

Background and NPC’s:

The Locker is, like most areas, beautiful. The background varies between an underwater junkyard, with torn masts and shattered sterns rising up over deep sea foilage, a dimly-lit inn with shady clientele, and a wrecked ship, complete with barrels, cannon balls, and captain’s study.

The only NPC that really stands out is Young Aquella. The staff did a good job taking AQ Aquella and turning her into the younger, DF Aquella. She looks very aquatic and fits the zone perfectly, the only thing I dislike is the coral on top of her head. It seems strange, like she has antlers or something.

I also must know, how did one so young get so much power? How could a child like her sweep away the countless wrecks that cover the ocean floor? Not to mention us, as well. She kind-of reminds me of Nythera, just less whiny and agressive.

There is nothing special about the other NPC’s, although some of them seem out of place. For instance, what are two Death Knights doing underwater? And what’s with the knight at the entrance? Is he the bouncer or something?


The general atmosphere seemed to be kind of opressive. The first thing you see when you enter the town is a child accusing you of invading her home and threatening to remove you by force. The dim lighting and questionable occupants of the inn also aid the feeling of hostility. The people of the Locker don’t want your help.


To the right of Aquella we’ve got Two-Eyed-Jack’s weapon shop with a level 20 water Sword, Dagger and Staff. The weapons are strong, but they aren’t really needed at level 20. Some more varied levels would have been nice.

Past Jack lies Thatch, the local pet guy. You can nab Chompers the Piranha for levels 20, 40, and 53. Osprey Cove has pets for level 30 and 20, so these do fill in a bit of a gap.

East of Thatch is Edy and his shinies. Yeah, this is where you buy stuff at the Locker. We’ve got a level 52 belt, a level 5,8, and 40 rings, and levels, 15, 22, 35, 37, and 45. Oh, and two new trinkets on-top of the one in the quest. Wow. A level gap in accessories just got plugged. All of them are pretty good for their level, and cheap too. One of the trinkets gives the ever useful +4 to crit, but I think it is outshined by the Summon Reaver.

So much for one fish. A great quest, new area, and a ton of items! What’s not to like?


One Response to “DragonFable: Release Analysis, 2/26/10”

  1. StJason said

    I found this quest insanely difficult. Why? Because you have to do it in your Angler armor. That means default weapon (2 point hits! Who-hoo!), no abilities, no armor. Heck, sometimes your pet vanishes too. Ugh.

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