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Adventure Quest: Analysis of 2/18/10 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on February 21, 2010

Wooo! Finally, back to the old way of things! This week in AQ brought two different things. Not only do we have a Miss Fixit quest in which we fight against one of the Network’s new creations, there’s also an amazing new door within the Hall of Memories! I’ll not babble, let’s get right down to it.

He’s a Big ‘Un… (Miss Fixit: Nefadon!)


Well, it’s Fixit week, so our favorite pink-haired KoO is back, making her rounds in Battleon and the surrounding area. In addition to the standard bug fixes (Some guest and weapon fixes to use the ‘Control’ status correctly, changes to the Dragon Blades, the addition of the Bizarre Flecks to the travel map, and the addition of a ‘Summon Mirror Ryuusei’ spell in the quest ‘Double Take’), she has a bit of news for you. The Network, specifically the little brain-hugging Virin, have created a race of powerful creatures called Nefadon. The Nefadon are the perfect hosts for the parasitic Virin, and are a major threat! She tells you that one has made its way to Lore, and that a nice new piece of ordinance awaits you if you can best the creature. never turning down anything shiny or new, we of course agree.

After fighting through numerous Network baddies, you find the Nefadon.

Imposing Guy, Ain't He?

Yes, quite the tough-looking guy, isn’t he? His appearance and size would, generally, be enough to stop any fighter. But not you! You show that bloody monster what’s what, claiming your Electrbolt weapon in the process!

Shocking What Science Can Do, Isn't It?

The Electrobolt is a Warpforce-style ranged weapon. While it is a 100% Ranged Special weapon, meaning that you never strike with it like normal weapons, it has a special built into that. So, it’s akin to having a special on top of another special. Both are gun strikes, but one is quite a bit stronger than the other.


Well of course, seeing Miss Fixit is, as always, a wonderful thing. Giving people news on the Sweep, some new big fixes, and an opportunity to get powerful and unique equipment is always great.

This quest follows the trend, making yet another crossover with Adventure Quest’s younger cousin, WarpForce. Many may have noticed that I used a screenshot from Warpforce for the Nefadon above. I did this because this quest is a crossover which sets a slight backdrop for a war currently going on in WF against the Virin and the Nefadon horde.

The weapon itself is quite beautiful, and the more weapons there are like this, the better it is for Rangers who, for quite a while, were shafted in terms of equipment. Good to see that their build is finally getting to be.. Good. 😀


The quest felt a teensy bit small. After seeing all of the different varieties of Nefadon that are present in WF, it seems a shame to be facing the stereotypical enemies that we have before, instead of these new foes. An assault against a large group of Nefadon, in all of their varieties, would have seemed a better idea.

Barring those small nitpicks, I find very little to say here! Moving on!


Yet another nice Miss Fixit quest. She continues to impress with her varieties of tasty weapons and pets, netting a good 8.5 Genetically Engineered War Machines, out of 10.

The Hall of Memories: Cara’s Door


As per usual with thins like this, I’ll relegate all opinions to the ‘About’ section. I’d like to mention that the Hall of Memories release was actually made early, on Wednesday night. The team truly cranked out the good stuff this week.

Well, we’re back to the Abode, and ready to crack open another door in the Hall of Memories. After getting a good idea of what happened to Constantin in the past, Cenara and you opt to enter the next one, to investigate and understand just what has caused the current state of things in Darkovia.

The scene enters on Cara and Erimus (A.K.A. Wolfwing) talking, wondering over Constantin’s mysterious disappearance. Drageth Slugwrath (The fiend behind Constantin’s capture) assures them that he has searched from Amityvale to Luminovia, but to no avail. He is, quite simply.. Gone.

After this exchange, Cenara and you find yourselves in control of Cara and Erimus, albeit a bit.. Differently than before. Instead of Cenara being within her grandmother, you are placed within her, with Cenara controlling Erimus. You might say that Cenara.. Is her own Grandpa. ;D

Cenara muses over whether Drageth is related to the old king of Falconreach, prompting some discussion over what has happened to that town. Neither you nor Cenara knows, only that Cysero is the only one who still lives there. Cenara offers to, sometimes, take time out and help you find some way to use the hall to discover just what has happened to the town. You thank her, telling her to take her time since she’ll be busy with the Shadowslayers quite soon.

Suddenly, a pained expression crosses her face. The Abode reassures both of you that it is his doing, as he needs to pull you out due to increased meteor activity by the Bizarre Flecks. Back in the Hall of Memories, you and Cenara both wait for the Abode to get things back in working order, and find a strange note from the owner of the place..

Problems of its own, naturally. I cannot say that either prospect makes me feel happy. I feel frequently that eerie unbidden chill, which on Terra they euphemistically say means that someone has “walked across my grave.”

I am not given to fatalism and I believe that the vast majority of fate is what we ourselves make, not the product of uncontrollable forces.

Unfortunately, the problem with free will is that everyone has it, and anyone can use it to abridge the free will of another.

As for my part, I am trying to keep positive and finish what I have set out to do. I wish all of us the best of luck. I most certainly will need all the luck I can get myself.

It has begun.

Seems that something is happening with our resident Loremaster. Things on Caelestia seem to not be going very well. What has begun? Only time will tell…


What can I say against this? It’s an amazing cutscene, one that finally bridges the gap between Adveture Quest and Dragon Fable, showing that Falconreach does exist, but that something has happened to it. Amityvale is also mentioned, as well as a connection to the Slugwrath family. The problems that Falerin faces also seem to be perilous, and may affect us in ways that we can’t imagine. The future, whatever it holds, will be exciting.

All in all, this quest delivers a lot of great storyline information, and is a great addition to the already excellent Hall of Memories. I give this door 9.9 Strange Gener Transformations, out of 10.

Final Grade of Release

This week delivers some fantastic stuff, no doubt about it. From the new Electrobolt, to whatever mysterious problems plague Falerin, we’ve got a lot to enjoy and contemplate. I’m pleased to give this release 9 Imperiled Loremasters, out of 10.


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