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DragonFable – Engine 9.0 [Unfinished]

Posted by Zeke on February 3, 2010

One of the biggest, most awaited day of DragonFable has come! With an all new engine, DragonFable has just leveled up and learned many new skills!

The Stat “Tweak”

Nicknamed the Tweak by many players (including the staff!), this Stat System Refurbish has been a long time coming. The old system of Stats weren’t too balanced, and a few stats weren’t worth training at all. Essentially a miniature Sweep a la AQ, the new engine brings with it a new stat system, rebalancing and fixing things we’ve all been waiting for.

Now, what exactly happened? Well…

Strength now increases damage (5 damage per point) of all melee attacks. Same old.

Dexterity, one of two most talked-about stats, has received a new effect. Daggers in this game now deal Pierce damage, and all ranged attacks have been replaced with Pierce. This means Dexterity can give whole new life to the Rogue, as they will now use Dexterity over Strength.

Intelligence is Strength for magic attack. It lost its MP improving ability, being replaced by Wisdom.

Endurance is still the same.

Wisdom, a new stat, increases MP at the same rate Endurance increases HP. This takes on the role of something Intelligence used to do. Why do this? Well, back before Wisdom’s time, Mages relied on only two stats: Intelligence and Endurance. This means they could spend what points they would have spent on a tertiary stat on something like Luck or Charisma, as they had no need for Strength or Dexterity. This brings them in line, taking the advantage Mages had.

Luck has improved abilities. No one really knows what it does (Except for the staff, of course)

Charisma increases Guest and Pet damage, but does so more efficiently now.

And that’s not all. The limitor on stats which prevented them from going above your current level has been removed entirely. Every stat can now be trained to a total of 200 (yes, 200). Every level also gains 5 points instead of 3. Cost of training, of course, has been reduced 5 times!

Wait – What does this mean?

This means your characters will be stronger. You will also have the ability to customize moreso than previously. Will you dump all of your points into Strength, for extra damage? Or will you forego some of the damage you could attain for some extra points in WID or END? There are 2,560,000,000,000,000,000 total combinations possible. Yup. I don’t even know what the number is called. Like, 2.5 quintillion.

This also means there is more balance. Mages don’t have an unfair stat advantage, Rogues will actually use their class’ calling, and “useless” stats are brought up to par. Balance is always good!

The Base Class Changes

This is the second of the two most anticipated changes.


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