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Smile at the new person, everyone!

Posted by Stelarinna on January 29, 2010

…Or maybe it’s a not-so-new person.

(Can you imagine a ‘verse where I was an admin both here and at UL?)
(Lol. Not happening.)
(Prove him wrong, Stel. XD)
-Reconstructed from the Order of Balance’s chatlogs. All names excepting mine have been concealed to protect the participants. (You know who you are….)

I’m Lady Stelarinna Firewing, your new MQ blogger. Yes, it’s Stel. Yes, that Stel. The Stel who seems to effortlessly write pages and pages of balance-related text for the BattleOn Forums. No, you shouldn’t start throwing rotten vegetables at me… yet.

(I think they’re all too surprised to throw rotten vegetables at anyone…)
(Why is my appointment surprising?!)
-Constructed from the depths of my twisted imagination. I talk to myself a lot.

All kidding aside, I’ll be covering MQ in weekly reviews and the occasional “special” post. (Until Perpetual Enigma returns, I’ll also be covering the DF releases to some degree.) We’ll see how the timing works out.

Unfortunately, I do have one (most likely) unpopular announcement to make: unless the situation changes dramatically, I will not be posting any missed reviews. Yes, that includes the full month of missed DF updates, and about two weeks of missed MQ updates. I’m not a robot; I need time to write, and I’ve realized that catching up on all those reviews would require more time than I’m willing to commit. It doesn’t mean I won’t write as best I can for the upcoming releases, but I can’t expect to do that and catch up on all that my predecessors have left undone. There were no DF releases between Dec. 11 and today, and there were no MQ releases between Dec. 23 and today. We’ll all get off to a much better start if we agree on that (at least for this situation).

And that’s all. I’m looking forward to my time with UL, and have a wonderful day (night), everyone!

<ruffles her wings and fades into the Network of Thought>


14 Responses to “Smile at the new person, everyone!”

  1. lemmy7003 said



    Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other…

    Strength through Chaos!

    ~Lemmy, The Shadow of Intent

  2. Zeke said

    omg we die nao.


    Hey there!


  3. lemmy7003 said

    Nobody tells us anything anymore, right Zeke?

    • Stelarinna said

      …I couldn’t just waltz in here without a plan; lack of one’s what ruined the place when Peanut left.

      Besides, I requested that this be kept quiet until I had made all the arrangements (which were very necessary, believe me). It’s not that nobody tells you what’s going on, it’s that I’m good at keeping secrets. Blame my evil twin if you feel the need to chew somebody out…Or Tek. 😉

  4. mechquestlord said

    ok then. go see the new steampunk-no longer steamjunk and stuff because a lot has changed round here. also see top 10 mechs and make your own list. keep reading. the viking and the automorph are out but viking is now forgotten. automorph can hit over warbear head + back arm after 4 turns if you have 210+ power (possible for sc ((defeat universo)) with mod type stuff) and crit if powerful and lucky in same combo but with the body!!!!1!!111!!!

    • lemmy7003 said

      Please, Stel here is a MQ expert, I belive she will do fine by herself.


    • Stelarinna said

      Don’t worry about it, Lemmy; even an expert needs advice sometimes, and I’m glad that somebody risked helping out just on the basis that I might need it.

      Thank you all for the warm welcome!

      • mechquestlord said

        no let us thank you. hopefully i shall soon see comment from you all over this place. btw (by the way) im a heavy mq blogger so let me know if you find an mq blog without my name in the comments. (insert mq pvc id here)

  5. Many Times More Anonymous said

    Glad to see you take up the MQ (and DF) Reviews, sweetie!

    I’ve heard you’re an eloquent person, so I’m expecting some well-written reviews!

    Just a friendly MQ and DF player dropping by to say “Congrats!”

  6. 😀

    Yay! You’re here! Ah, goody, it’s great to have you on the blogging team. My small sabbatical is over, so now you and Lemmy shall have the services of the good ole’ Mad Hatter again. Lucky you!

    Anyway Stel, I can tell you’ll be a great addition to the blogging team. Thank you, and have a great day! 😀

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