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Adventure Quest Worlds: Analysis of 22/1/10 Release

Posted by lemmy7003 on January 29, 2010

That’s right folks, Lemmy is back! As the new AQW blogger, I shall hopefully remember each and every week to make a blog post on each (major) release!

But to the release. Chaos Lord Kitsune has opened a rift inside the gigantic Chaos beast O-dokuro, and Yokai are pouring out! It’s WAR!

The Yokai and the Chaos Lord (Yokai Island WAR!)

About:After paying respects to the Yokai of the graveyard, Chaos Lord Kitsune has opened the Rift of Time, releasing Chaos Beast #4, O-dokuro, a gigantic skeleton! The beast itself has a portal within itself, releasing wave after wave of Yokai! It is up to the Hero, and all the Heroes of Lore, to stop Yokai, find a way to stop O-Dokuro’s portal, and defeat Chaos Lord Kitsune!

The War has a new feature: After defeating a wave, you can get up to 30 Yokai Reputation per wave. Enemies will randomly respawn all over the map. Area #2 was very simaler to the first. The War Boss is O-dokuro’s skull, with 20000 HP. It will take at least three people to take him down. After defeating him…you iniate a battle with Chaos Lord Kitsune (Analysis of 29/1/09 will cover it)… In any case, O-dokuro drops 14 objects, 13 of them house items, the other one being a member-only version of O-dokuro’s Skull.

Pros:We haven’t had a war in a good old while, and I like the objective of this one: Climb O-Dokuro, and stop Kitsune! Also, the feature to gain Reputaion whilst battling waves is a great way to motivate people to fight in this war.  The house drop from O-dokuro is a great way for people to farm O-dokuro for his other drops, the house items.

Cons:However, the enemies were the main drawback of the war. They all have appeared in various areas around Yokai Isle, and they all have exactly the same drops. It would have been nice to have at least one new enemy in this war. The second area was also dull. Because it would have been nice to see somthing new there, rather then just having the same concept.

Grade of Release: 8.5/10: A very solid war, but I still think the Mobius war ranks above it. Bringing us to the finale of  Yokai Isle (next week) hopefully AE can make the Kitsune fight very challanging…


Livin’ Inside a skeleton! (O-Dokuro house)

About:For the duration of the war, for sale in Battleon, is a large, three room house, which is built in the shape of O-Doukuro. Selling for 1449 ACs, It comes with a personal salesman, who will open a random shop from around Yokai each time you enter the house. Another one will be a Super-Rare drop from the War Boss.

Pros:The Art of the house is very very well done. The skull is covered in what looks like tribal painting, which gives it a nice touch. Also, the idea to put a salesman inside your house was another great idea by AE, prehaps one could be added to the Dwarfhold Cave…?

Cons:Non-Members attempting to get the house will have to shove out 1449 Acs to get the house, because the house drop from the War Boss is certainly be Member Only.

Grade of Release:9.5: Except for the high price tag, The O-Dokuro house is certainly the best looking house yet, and I am trying to find the AC to buy it! (Not likely though XD)

Sushi Items!?!? (Hashi Hime Reputation items)

About:Hashi Hime has some brand new-never before seen items in her reputation shop, ranging from a new set of Dai-Tengu’s wings, to wearing Sushi on your head. O-o.

Pros:The member-only Karasu Wings are truely spectacular looking, and any member looking for wings are sure to try to get it.

Cons: The non-member items (namely the food-based items) are quite frankly, terrible ideas. I’m not trying to critasie AE, but this was a pretty weird (and not in a good way) idea.

Grade of Release:5.5:Member’s were really the only winners here, with their awesome wings. Non-members got some terrible food-based items.

Overall Grade of Release: 7.0: With a good war, a slightly overpriced house, a giant skeleton with a ‘ in his name, and some really terrible reputation items, this release in my opinion was a mixed bag. Hopefully we’ll have an epic showdown with Chaos Lord Kitsune next week…


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