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Retirement from United Lore

Posted by The Peanut Master on January 16, 2010

This has sorta been a long time coming and I regret not getting this posted earlier, but I’ll try to keep it short and to the point. In summary, I am retiring from United Lore, and in addition everything else AE-related aside from the games themselves.

Simply put, I no longer have the time, effort, or passion for United Lore and AE in general to devote as much time to this blog and the myriad of other forums that I have joined as a part of AE’s loyal followers to continue to make my presence barely known.

Having said all that, I won’t be entirely leaving AE (as I did back in February/March of last year). I will still play MQ, DF, and AQW on a weekly basis and will definitely check into UL (both blog and forum) occasionally. However, I am severely cutting back on the amount of time I put forth for AE. This doesn’t really have anything to do with AE themselves (although a better overall year for MQ sure wouldn’t have hurt ;)) and absolutely not with any of the amazing people I have met throughout my virtual travels, but my priorities in life have changed drastically, and as part of those changes AE has gone down and other things have gone up.

So this is my probable permanent farewell, as I doubt I’ll be coming back to my earlier positions anytime in the foreseeable future. This may sound cheesy, but I’ve met so many awesome people who are intelligent, funny, and kind people, and I will cherish the memories I’ve had over these past few years. It’s been a great journey, but all good things must come to an end. Thanks to each and every one of you I’ve met, and goodbye.


P.S. As for the state of the blog, Alabama_Pitty will be the head of UL for now and hopefully PE comes back from her (extended?) vacation soon. Both Alabama and I are looking for MQ successors, and I’m hoping for someone to be announced in the near future.


8 Responses to “Retirement from United Lore”

  1. sinani201 said

    Looks like you followed the same path as I did. Oh well.

    How about I donate some of my blog posts to United Lore? WP’s import feature makes it very easy.

  2. Dori said

    Farewell Peanut. I have had great times in the past year, and although it is a farewell, I do hope our paths cross again. I feel sure I will see you again.

    Farewell good friend

  3. Lemmy said

    Even though I knew this would come, it does not lessen my great sadness. For it twas you who gave me the inspiration to be a UL blogger.

    Good bye Dear friend, we will never forget you.



  4. mechquestlord said


  5. Zeke said

    This is very saddening D:

    Of course, you’ve left AE places before, and what I have to say now is the same as it was before: Fare well, and I hope you have an awesome time pursuing your dreams.

    Also, if you really, really, really, really need an MQ blogger, I might have some time to spare; not much, but I could get one out every…year.

  6. Sinani201 said

    It’s funny how every time you leave UL, there are no posts for that entire period (such as when you were on your vacation). That’s too bad. I guess that means UL will be dead just like my blog.

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