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EpicDuel: PvP’s Biggest Downfall

Posted by The Peanut Master on December 9, 2009

As the biggest and most attractive feature of EpicDuel, PvP plays a vital role in the current game’s state, and one can surely argue that without the fully-functioning PvP, EpicDuel wouldn’t exist at all. EpicDuel’s PvP is overall a very well-done mode, as 1v1 and 2v2 matches are available almost instantly, the combat and strategic mechanics are strong, varied, and balanced, and the action is in tip-top shape with fast-paced, smooth-flowing fighting. All of this is all well and good and serves as a strong foundation for a game with tons of potential, but PvP is still missing one critical feature that ruins the experience, and henceforth nearly the entire game. What is this, you ask?

The ability to guarantee even-level fights.

It doesn’t so sound so menacing, even though it’s quite a major missing feature. The way the current matchmaking system works, you choose either a 1v1 or 2v2 battle, and it finds other people searching for the same type of battle. That’s it. One button press, one decision. EpicDuel should be commended for its PvP’s simplicity and ease of access, but it’s still missing that one vital option that can make or break a PvP experience: Simply the option of selecting which level opponent you wish to face.

It really shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to implement. You click 1v1 or 2v2, then a selection screen opens where you can choose whether to fight someone of your own level, within 3 levels, any level, etc. Obviously, beating lower levels should award less experience/credits, while beating higher levels should award more experience/credits. This is a critical feature that has to be implemented to keep the PvP balanced and fair on both sides.

The fact of the matter is, if you fight someone more than 3 levels higher than you, no matter how good you are or how bad your opponent is, the guy you’re fighting is going to win almost every time, thanks to superior weaponry/specials. The same goes if you have are more than 3 levels higher someone you’re playing. It really ruins the experience when half the fights you participate in are decided before they begin, and it truly is a game-breaking issue.

EpicDuel is a game that was based on the foundations of a fully functional, fully featured PvP system, and without this seemingly minor yet incredibly important option to use in matchmaking, ED’s major drawing point is an unfortunately flawed, incomplete one. I really hope this becomes the ED team’s top priority, as with it the PvP system becomes a nearly flawless, truly engaging, and ultimately fun experience.


18 Responses to “EpicDuel: PvP’s Biggest Downfall”

  1. Joe said

    Yeah I agree, I like epic duel but there is no fun in it when you click the 2v2 button and your fighting with a lv10 and are up against 2 lv20+ players.

  2. Aren said

    So the scaling continues to get worse as you increase your level?

    • Elbisivni said

      Not really, but you do hit upgrade gaps. For Example, if you’re fighting someone that is wearing lvl 25 armor and has lvl 30 weapons, it’s going to be a lot harder to fight them if you don’t have them, which is rightly so.

  3. Zeke said

    How about the fact that Tech Mages are RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED? >.>

    They just HAPPEN to abuse the fact that none of the other classes would have any need at all for Technology unless you were going to fight nothing but Tech Mages.

    • That’s definitely another major issue, but I’d still rate it behind the PvP issue in importance.

    • Elbisivni said

      Tech mages are not op, use a defense/resist lowering skill on them and you can usually kill them before they kill you. IMHO the classes are rather well balanced and I play all 3, check your build and stats, at different levels you’re going to have to change them. Also, If you’re doing 2v2 you also have to take into consideration what your partner might bring to the table when doing your build. It’s all skill and ability that creates imbalance and very very rarely an actual flaw in the game.

  4. Epic Unbalanced said

    Epic Duel is sadly unbalanced.

    The challenge range is 5 up and 5 down from your level. So level 25 vs level 20 doesnt sound to bad … unless the level 25 is a varium player. Some of the enhancements varium armor and wepons give you is a huge increase. The only way around it is to select who you want to fight, rather then leaving it up to the search engine to find a player for you.

    Wins are not always recorded. Not a well know fact. Always check your scores, before and after a match.

    Now when you get logged out it does it adds a point to your total loss score. Yep. If the game logs you out it was counted as a loss to you score.

    Also, battles that failed to start … was counted as a loss to your score too… only recently they fixed that.

    New improved updates to combat lag …. nah … made it worse. There are more players logging out now then ever before, even players with fast connections like me get logged out. (Another loss point added to my score).

    The game gets mundane after awhile. Those that have faced Elite players know the huge advantages these players have, having played since march this year. Original EpicDuel players before AE came onboard.

    $20 US dollars for unlimited varium, is now 50 US dollars for limited. Huge turn-off for most players.

    Once you reach level 30(cap) you earn credits only, not stat or skill points.

    They need to lower the challenge of player 5 levels up and down from your level to make it an even fight.

    I do not begrudge varium players there highly superior weapons/armor. Just lower the challenge range for free players to at least have a chance. Mind you.. they do need more players to do this… here’s hoping more join.

  5. Epic Unbalanced said

    Tech mages are not superior in anyway … if anything … their inferior.

    Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries have the option of both Energy weapons and Physical weapons wereas mages have all energy weapons.

    Hybrid (merc skill) renders mage attacks usless.

    Mages need more physical weapons in order to give them a more balanced gameplay.

    If a mage has rendered alot of attacks on your character … then you tech is to low. To many players ignore this, and complain mages or overpowered. Sadly, this is untrue. Just a poor build on oppositions part.

  6. Epic Unbalanced said

    The Scaling (challenge level range) has always been 5 levels lower and 5 levels higher then you. Not 3 levels higher and 3 levels lower. It’s the same at any level.

  7. Random Dude said

    I agree!

    I’m a lvl 15 in EpicDuel, and almost every game, I’m up against someone higher level than me, and I almost never win. They simply have better skills (more trained) and higher stats than me.

    And they’re more experienced. With better sidearms, auxilary, and weapons.

    • Elbisivni said

      Check out the wiki, there’s an incredible guide that really helped me out when I was struggling, about every 5 levels you’ll hit a wall of strength that is other players getting that 1 skill that puts them way over the top in a battle against lower levels, the challenge is being able to counter it or do enough dmg that they can’t use it. At your level resist and defense start to play a bigger part in the game as people start to have a maxed skill that does a lot of dmg.

      Ask around for where people got those weapons though, a lot of the time you’ll find that they’re not varium purchases.

  8. Epic Unbalanced said

    Wow … with the new weapons Titan and Nightwraith have brought out, the balance of the game is even worse for free players.

    Varium players are getting over 50 to 60 Plus stat points from their armor and weaponry alone. It’s ridiculous.

    A varium level 25 player has the same amount of stat points as a level 30 free player.

    Time for me to log out, permanently now. I won’t buy varium, as I can’t see this game lasting any longer. Read posts over the net and found, Elite players have left and are rare, alpha players are rare, founders are amongst rare players as well. There must be something they know, that we don’t.

    Time for me to log out permanently. My loses are starting to mount up against varium users. 50-60 extra stats points is just to much, no matter how good free players think their build is.

    Lower the challenge range titan. 5 levels higher and lower then you is to much.
    This game can’t generate a large player base, for obvious reasons.

    Can’t see this game living out the year. Quote from another gaming site.

    • Elbisivni said

      Hmmm, maybe you should pay for the varium, support the game, and get the boosts?

      They give out bonus’ to paying players because they’re directly invested in helping the game evolve. Sorry to say, but if you haven’t payed for varium, you’re not quite as important to the company that owns EpicDuel. They would of course never say that since they do allow you to play for free however paying for a game (like we’ve done since pong came out), is the reason any of us can play the game and getting rewarded for supporting the game is no reason to complain in fact it’s a rare nicety. Everyone can pay for the varium (they give you more than you’ll ever need in beta stage + weapons with certain packages and it’s very reasonably priced compared to other games of the same nature)it’s not imbalanced, you can do it too. Varium is meant to be part of the game just like healing is part of the game, you might not have to use it, but it is a part of the game.

  9. mechquestlord said

    mq also has a stat point gap. lvl 34 sc can train more stat points than lvl 40 nsc! these stat point gaps in the games (aqw and aq not included) are nowhere near smart! still im sc and df so that cant bother me…………………unless ae fixes it. look!

    mq-> the sc lvl 34 can train more then the lvl 40 nsc
    df-> the df can get far more exp than the ndf
    wf-> the wg are more likely than nwg to beat the trainer
    on second thoughts…
    aq-> the g are far more likely to beat the trainers then the ng (not nova gems)
    aqw-> what stat points?
    ed (epicduel) -> the v upgraded can get more stat points through armour than nv (lol envy)

    all in all ae have a lot of work to do.

    • mechquestlord said

      i forgot to mention for df that higher lvl players have more max stat points and also that the da owners get to have greater armour that boosts stats. also typo!!!!!! can you see it? tip-> the typo is somewhere in df reason why its unbalanced.

  10. I mostly agree acept what u said about people 3 lvls and up lower will almost always loose. THAT I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH!!! MREmerold beat titans real acnt at lvl 25 with a lot of hp. my 26 acnt pwns 30. This game is all about skill. Its true higher lvls have acess to more abilitys and power but if u use it wrong then ur easily beaten.
    AND ABILITY (i think theres more but i have a mental block at the moment :P)

  11. Elbisivni said

    Actually I find this post to be rather whiney. Yes +/- 5 levels does toss a random, ugh this could be hard if I’m 25 and get 3 30’s in the battle but it’s not THAT imbalanced. It’s a pure strategy game which means each decision regarding stat/skill build, analyzing your opponents and choosing which target to attack become critical. The game is set up to be a gauntlet, the higher your level the harder it gets until you’re max level. In completely even fights at the top, they’re going to be long and hard and I love that. Can complain all you want about imbalance, the players that do that the most in game tend to be the ones I can 2 shot because they’re builds are horrible.

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