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4 Responses to “Let The Master Account System Commence”

  1. Aren said

    If we’re really lucky the special surprise will be something like AE being bought out or merged with a larger company. On the other hand, if it’s another game, it will be disappointing. Unless it leaves the world of Lore behind.

  2. Many Times More Anonymous said

    If it will be anything like the Master Account systems of other games, it’ll be the central hub from which all purchases and management of accounts will happen.

    Instead of having about 5 or so screens for upgrading of characters or purchasing game currency, it may just be one central screen from which you pay, then choose the money type you want and for which character.

    Ideally, I’d like for the ability to transfer spare cash currency from one game to another, or at least between characters of the same game.

    Maybe we’ll even get a “Cash Shop” zone from which we can purchase some online-exclusive content for a particular game (that’d be nice as long as it’s all reasonably priced).

  3. Aren said

    and it’s another game… what a shock.

  4. The Man said

    I was hoping Jagex would buy out AE, but too bad just epicduel

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