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DragonFable: Critique on the release of October 23, 2009

Posted by perpetualenigma on November 6, 2009

Sorry for the delay, to all readers; things have been getting hectic for me lately. But prepare yourself for three reviews over the next few days: October 23, October 30 and November 6. No release will go ungraded, if I have anything to say about it. Now onto this critique.

Greed has woven himself into the threads of the town of Falconreach, and it’s up to us and Tomix the Soulweaver to cut those threads before it’s too late. But just how far had the greed spread in the town? Meanwhile in Amityville, Zorbak’s up to some new hi-jinks, and this time, he means business.

Appetite for Destruction


Back in Falconreach, Tomix tells us that Greed has grown stronger, having woven himself among our friends, and setting worth his minions around the town. We don’t have much time; we must convince the townsfolk to share their candy, which the sisters have sold, their appetite for fame and gold having outweighed their hunger for their own candy. However, Tomix believes that the way to defeat Greed lies in the sisters’ connections. For now, they need to convince everyone to share their candy in this ‘trick-or-treat’ tradition.

And so we search the town for the citizens, battling the Greedlings, Wisps and Spirits along the way. Then in the various corners of Falconreach, we find four citizens who’ve allowed Greed to take over: Patch the barber, Twilly the moglin, Grams the pet-tamer, and Reens the alchemist. They each immediately engage our character in battle, convinced that we had come to steal their candy. We have no choice but to defeat them, as they refuse to talk.

Later, we meet up again with Tomix and relay to him our distressing news. The Soulweaver then gets an idea; hadn’t it all started with the Cauldron Sisters, when they had a new recipe for their candy? If it began with them, then it must end with them as well.


To get right down to it, this quest doesn’t exactly have that many pros. I appreciate the team’s attempt to resurrect the old trick-or-treat tradition, for one thing. Another thing is that the four bosses proved to be quite amusing to fight, each with different statistics, different elements, and slick battle animations (I had quite a laugh at kung-fu Grams). Since there were four, and there were no healing pads or full heals in sight, I could understand why they each had low hp, though Reens and Twilly proved to be a somewhat decent challenge to fight. But otherwise, there is very little else to commend for this quest.


Other than the four bosses, this quest is almost identical to the previous quest in the Mogloween chain: we run through the town battling the same three types of ghosts, and every one of Falconreach’s buildings are barred shut, with strange signs or noises going on inside. But what disappoints me most of all is that the storyline progressed very little in this quest; it is very much like a repeat of the previous, and the revelations introduced at the end of this quest could have been merged with the last. It really just seemed like a failed attempt at resurrecting trick-or-treating, or is filler material. Plus, the vampire cape drops are not much to get very excited over.


The only things that save this quest from receiving a five are the four boss battles, which is a disappointment, considering the success of the previous quest. Thus, ‘Appetite for Destruction’ receives a 6.5/10 from me.

And now I’ll hand this critique over to Endon, who’ll be reviewing the new Amityville quest.

Zorbak’s Legion!

After the finale of the Wanderland chain, a new DA-only chain has emerged, starring every paladin’s most despised moglin, Zorbak! Let’s dive into the details!

(Note: I’m assuming you have completed the Undead Dravir quest.)


This quests starts with you wondering where Zorbak has ventured off to. You are teleported to a cave (which looks strangely like the undead dravir cave: see below) and are faced with a plethora of monsters. They are variations of the Avian, The Tog, and those acrobatic Mushrooms. They are colored green and all do poison damage. They are usually low-hp high damage, with some more tank-ish togs. You will be ganged up on, so conserve HP.

After brawling your way through the cave, you come across “Unkie Zorbie” reading a story to the wittle dracolichs to get them to sleep. You barge in and tell your own little tale and somehow make the little darklings fall asleep. Now that they are asleep, he prepares to cast a spell on them that will turn them into an invincible undead army! But you step in. The little guys ARE really cute (nowhere NEAR as cute as my dragon Valinor, though), in a weird, skeletal way. Yeah. But you won’t let Zorbak do anything to them and resolve to stick around to look out for the little guys.

Loot time! This quest drops a darkness sword, dagger, and staff for levels 25, 35, and 50.


Well….. It was funny? There really wasn’t much to this quest, good or bad. See cons.


This was obviously a filler quest. I’m slightly alarmed that it followed the basic structure of the Wanderland finale. Lots of monsters, a short cutscene then loot. It wasn’t as lengthy as the Queen of Tarts, but still seemed overly long. The art was basically the same as the Undead Dravir quest, and they used the same three monsters through all ten rooms. The light and Darkness elements are completely dominated by the Dooms and Destinys, so the weapons were kind of obsolete.


All in all a short quest with nothing much in it. I hope this is just a lull before some really good releases. I give this quest a 6.5/10.

Final Grade of Release:

An attempt at trick-or-treating and an endeavor at stopping Zorbak’s dracolich army. Both quests seem rather repetitious, so I’ll have to give this week’s release a 6.5/10.


One Response to “DragonFable: Critique on the release of October 23, 2009”

  1. StJason said

    Really? I didn’t have much trouble with Reens or Twilly, but the barber and especially Grams handed my posterior to me. Appetite for Destruction felt like a longer quest because you had no way to heal, and by the time I got to the last fight, I was pretty beat up. (Cheshire Twilly proved his worth yet again!)

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