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MechQuest: Analysis of 10/9/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 28, 2009

This week’s release brought us the beyond-overdue updated house mecha, another war update to the ongoing Westion vs. ShadowScythe marathon, and some new weapons and a new playable SS mecha. The full analysis is coming right up!

Updated House Mecha


I never thought the day would come, but lo and behold updated, higher-level house mecha have finally arrived to MechQuest. They come in level 35 and 40 versions, with updated base stats and higher special activation rates but no new specials or graphical overhauls. A couple minor balances were made to the specials to even things out though.


I didn’t expect anything more than updated higher-level versions, which is exactly what we got here. I was afraid these higher-level versions would pale in comparison to the influx of newer, more original mecha being released, but thankfully they can actually hold up pretty darn well, which I was very happy to see. Balance-wise, the three houses seem to be pretty much in line, even with MystRaven holding a slight edge.


Even though I knew we weren’t going to get cool new specials or awesome graphic updates, it was still mildly disappointing they were so similar to all the previous versions. Additionally, I would have liked to see the updated versions at a few more levels, not just two new level categories.

Grade of Release

8.0/10. There isn’t much to say here, as we all got what we finally wanted in the updated house mecha, although for whatever unspoken reason I was still expecting a little more.

Westion vs. ShadowScythe War Update #1: Star Captain Galactimecha Minigame


Over on the Star Captain zone front, a new minigame was released, in the same light as the Zargon mega-boss battle against Universo. This time, it’s against Galactimecha, a massive evil dragonoid-like monster that we have to take down in our mecha. It is an incredibly difficult minigame, much harder than Universo, even at the easiest level. I haven’t been able to personally beat it, so I can’t speak to what happens afterwards (although I don’t believe anything major happens).


The original Universo mega-minigame was incredibly well done and received a very high score from me. It was awesome to see the minigame implemented in a different light, and it’s still as fun as ever. The attacks and animations are completely different this time around, and it’s an absolute blast to see in action. I would attest to this minigame being one of the best, if not the best, minigame AE has ever created, and the new iteration does not disappoint.


Once again, as has seemingly become commonplace with these otherwise excellent releases, there is one major, glaring problem I can’t avoid: Difficulty. There are two difficulty options in the minigame: hard and impossible. They both might as well be labeled “don’t even think about winning”. The dragonoid enemy has an insane amount of health, and even if you’re good at dodging the multitude of different sized bullets constantly pouring at you it is still an impossible task to win. I can understand upping the difficulty of the minigame since it is an extra SC-only feature and is intended to be a challenge, but this is just ridiculous. I really have no idea what AE was thinking when they made the difficulty. It’s too bad too, since that’s really the only weakness in the entire minigame. I could also argue that the lack of any real storyline relation is a disappointment, although considering the fact that this is a side deal I can understand the separation.

Grade of Release

8.0/10. What should have been a near-perfect minigame release is brought down a bunch by the absurd difficulty options and lack of storyline relevance. If you ignore the difficulty and the notion that the minigame can not be beaten there is a helluva good time to be had though. 🙂

Westion vs. ShadowScythe War Update #2: New Weapons + Playable ShadowScythe Trog


Two new weapons were released (can’t remember which ones), as well as the ShadowSycthe in non-equippable form. It can be bought with Nova Gems or credits (but you must have 100 valor badges for the credit versions) and is very similar to its enemy counterpart; very DoT-oriented.


The SS Trog is one of my favorite enemy SS mecha, so to see it become available to us is awesome. AE chose the right SS mecha to convert, and it’s a blast to play with.


I wish the Trog wouldn’t have been only NGs or credits with a very high valor badge requirement; a lot of people are going to miss out on a cool SS mecha.

Grade of Release

9.0/10. Great mecha for AE to add to our side, and it was done very well.

Overall Grade of Release

6.0/10. Alright, explanation time. Yes, none of the 3 updates received less than an 8/10, so it shouldn’t make sense I’m giving the release only a 6/10. Right? Nope. Here’s why: There just wasn’t enough content released. The updated house mecha was nice, but hardly any kind of a major release. The new weapons + Trog were also good but were very small and minor. And the main attraction, the Galactimecha minigame, which was also solid, had no relation to the war plot and is a complete side challenge for Star Captains. While what was released was of relatively high quality, there was nowhere near enough content to give this release as a whole a high grade. I’ve come to expect more on a weekly basis from AE, and they didn’t deliver this week.


3 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 10/9/09 Release”

  1. Meister874 said

    IIRC, I think it was three upgrades; 30, 35, and 40 for the House mecha upgrades.

    The Beserker Accuracy down special was removed from the lvl 35 and 40 versions of the AWB.

    The ARH’s shoulders’ healing specials stack for the lvl 35 and 40 versions.

    All three AHMs gained an increased Activation Rate on all specials at lvl 35 and 40 (supposedly applies to the lvl 30 versions as well).

    Suffice to say, AMR has become borderline OP to many high luck stat users as well as becoming a major farming machine thanks to the activation rate boost. ARH can now survive with near perfect HP, and AWB can dish out massive damage more often.

  2. mechquestlord said

    all that happenes after you beat the dragonoid is a cutscene where it regenerates then you get about 10 valor badges. i didnt bother counting but you also get lots of credits and exp.

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