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Adventurequest: Analysis of 10/1/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on October 13, 2009

This week saw the end of the massively important War saga. Many secrets were revealed, still more were created, and some truly awesome rewards were created as well. Let’s get down to business.

Big Bad Vartai! (The Destroyer: Part 3)


The time has come. After your defeat of Panic and Carnage, only War and his lap dog Mayhem remain to be dealt with.

You, Galanoth, and Cyrus all stand on a hill near the mountain where War’s altar can be found. The three of you are planning your next move while waiting for Xerxes to arrive on the scene. Massive explosions and the ruckus of battle can be heard in the distance, and Mayhem enters the scene, promising that you and your friends will be dealt with soon by his master. He then summons a swarm of his corrupted minions to combat you, and the battle begins.

After dealing with four of his beasts, Galanoth and Cyrus both wonder if this onslaught may be the end of them. The scene shifts to Mayhem, who promises that with is power and new body, he will be unstoppable, and able to produce as many servants as he wishes. Suddenly, a red circle with red runes appears beneath his feet. A shout of defiance leaves his lips, and Mayhem is blown off-screen by a massive blast of fire. Shiela and Gaspar, siblings of Cyrus, have arrived.

After dealing with the remaining minions, Mayhem once again promises death to the heroes, but a strange thing happens. His hair slowly turns yellow, and Hollow’s voice can be heard, straining to free himself from Mayhem’s control. He succeeds, and breaks his bond with the beastly creature.

Mayhem sends a few more minions our way and then retreats back to the altar. Into the scene walks Xerxes, with War Incarnate close behind him. The battle, though tough even for War, even though he is a Demi-God, is one that is being lost by Xerxes. Cyrus is shocked by this fact, and War explains that even a powerful mortal cannot defeat the power that War has. Cyrus attempts to transform into a half-dragon, but is smacked away by War’s massive blade. War the offers the defeated (But still alive) Xerxes to Mayhem, and a dark glow suffuses Xerxes’s body, leaving his eyes and axes darkened and red, an evil glow to his body.

After dealing with still more minions, the scene shifts to Xerxes and War. War muses over the power having Xerxes as a slave will give him, until Mayhem steps in.. Behind the supposedly possessed Xerxes. He’s not in there, he tells his master. ‘Oh for the love of me..’ War manages to say, and then the empowered Xerxes and War resume battle. After the most powerful strikes are unleashed by both sides, Xerxes emerges the victor.

War is shocked by his loss, but more than ready to call on all the power of his altar to combat Xerxes, who seems to be empowered by a being called ‘Ser’Mathis’. Xerxes tells War that he has called down the wrath of a god, and that he has no hope of winning. Xerxes’s body glows red, and he strikes at War, intent on never allowing the beastly creature back onto this plain of existence again! War parries the attack, if only barely.

Cyrus enters the scene, telling his brother that in order for them to able to win, they must destroy the altar that War draws his power from. Xerxes, for once, agrees with his brother, and the two rush off. War summons Mayhem to him and gives chase. At the entrance to War’s altar, you halt, and attempt to hold back Mayhem and War with Gaspar’s help while Cyrus and Xerxes deal with the altar.

After defeating Mayhem, his body changes. This man has green eyes and black hair, and a much different demeanor. He thanks you for freeing him, and then fades into thin air. War slaps away Gaspar and Shiela and proceeds into his lair, to kill the meddling Vartai who have caused such an annoyance.

Cyrus and Xerxes both summon the avatars of two of the Draconic Pentumvirate. Cyrus summons Limkragg, whom we’ve seen in the past, and Xerxes summons Ser’Mathis, a dark and powerful dragon, presumably the Dragon of Destruction. These two powerful Demi-Gods breathe fire upon War’s altar, and it is destroyed. They collapse from exhaustion, leaving only you and war in the cavern.

You fight the abomination that is War and his powerful attacks, barely managing to pull out a win. War stands, regenerating and as strong as ever. He claims that he will never be stopped, that he is more powerful than the Elemental Lords, and almost manages to claim to be more powerful than some other group, before Xerxes manages to get up enough strength to ambush War and distract him while Artix, who has recently recovered from War and Panic’s last attack, appears and heals you. He then leaves to take care of the others, and you are once again left fighting the power of War.

You win. Cracks cover the surface of War’s armor, and he curses your name, claiming that he will ruin not only your life, but that of all your descendants as well. Then  a white glow envelops him, and War Incarnate, at least on this plain of Lore, is no more. Your fatigue claims you, and you lose consciousness.

When you awaken, you find yourself near Medrovia. Cyrus tells you that War did some serious damage to you, and that he’s impress you survived at all. Shiela tells you that Artix took care of all your wounds, and then followed Xerxes into the nearby mountains. You decide to do the same.

When you find Artix and Xerxes high in the mountains, they’re both standing near a grave set amidst the ice and snow. Xerxes never truly explains whose grave it is, but tells you that he has come here to think now that the conflict with War is finally over. When you ask if the Vartai will be done working with humans now that the conflict is over, he tells you that, in order for something like this not to happen again, the humans and Vartai will have to work together more than ever, and that Cyrus is planning on opening Medrovia completely soon, so that humans may visit as well. Your character says that he looks forward to it, but hopes that he and Xerxes will not have to cross blades again any time soon.

Xerxes laughs, and claims that you’re really no fun at all. He  explains that the guard exists for more reasons than just fighting though. Then, a small blue moglin enters the picture, and Xerxes turns around to face it. The moglin exclaims ‘Aww.. Looks like the big dragon man needs a hug!’

The scene shifts back to Cyrus, Galanoth, and Gaspar, who hear a massive sonic boom. Looking up, a blue moglin can be seen flying through the air and landing somewhere far, far away. Cyrus chuckles over comic relief breaking the sound barrier, then turns his attention to more serious matters. Galanoth asks is, now that it’s obvious that humans and Vartai can work together, if their massive feud can come to an end. Cyrus says yes, now that Medrovia is being opened to all humans, that it’s high time he made a proper alliance with the Dragonsalyers and humans in general. Peace has come, and the fires that were the hatred between Vartai and Dragonslayers have been quenched.

In a realm opposite Lore’s, War can be seen, furious over his defeat at the hands of Xerxes and the other Lorians. A mysterious being enters in from behind him. This being carries a massive bow, and has sickly green skin and a head covered in green flames. It chastises War for striking too early, and promises that, when the time comes, he will succeed, where War has failed..


I’m not even going to say anything about how good the story is. The length of my above post should be enough to explain how fantastic this quest was.

The enemies posed a nice challenge, with War and Mayhem being two major challenges, as they should have been. Both took strategy and power to defeat, which makes sense, since they’re both extremely powerful beings.

The rewards were splendid as well. Though they lacked in certain areas, they are all very powerful armors, and well worth the effort of fighting through  Mayhem and War to get.

This armor once served as the vessel of War himself! Nice ain't it?

In addition to being a great quest with great rewards, this also opens up the possibility of travel to Medrovia, and promises great things as that brother of War shows himself sometime in the near future..


As I said above, the rewards were somewhat lacking in a few areas. This is not a Mastercrafted item, of course, but it could have been, which would have given people the kind of reward they were looking for at the end of an event this massive.

In addition to this, it was rather odd for us not to have a war against War himself. It would have tied in the entire ‘Vartai and humans working together’ idea, and also made a lot more sense, considering the massive power War has. But hey, this was also fine.

Other than this, the quest was as perfect as I’ve seen a release in quite a while.

Final Grade of Release

Combine the amazing storyline of this quest with the beautiful battle scenes it had, great rewards, and overall nice challenge, and you have the pinnacle of what a quest can be. I am thrilled to give this release 9.99 Punted Moglins, out of 10.


2 Responses to “Adventurequest: Analysis of 10/1/09 Release”

  1. Seriyu said

    I would love this quest even more if I had managed to beat it by now.

    Obviously not enough of a reason to mark it down, I just had to get that out there. It’s good to see a tough quest for once, although I think they went a bit overboard. ;p

    • James said

      Well just a tip. If it’s Mayhem you need to defeat, use the Mindlock Orb’s second power to seal away his powerful magic attack. If you dont have the Mindlock Orb (it was a crossover item and has now gone ultra rare) then an insanely high magic def is the only alternative i can come up with. As for War, he’s simple anough as long as you have high defences and can deal massive daamge with a single strike. (e.g. 130 dmg in 1 melee shot) that way you severely lessen his powerful ability to raise his defences by 1 everytime you strike him or he strikes you. for the 2nd battle, just wash, rinse, and repeat…. and hope you dont lose. (lotsa potions are helpful 2) I did try dark magic on him once or twice, the eclipse ability worked out well enough, dealing about 300 dmg before he started blocking the rest of my hits, however, multi-hit attacks should be your last resort and 1-hit tanking your primary weapon. (use the blade of awe if you have it, that way there’s a chance you’ll get Death and OTK him)

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