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Dragonfable: Critique on the Mini-Release of September 30, 2009

Posted by perpetualenigma on October 5, 2009

With Rolith squashing bugs, and Alac moving across the country, this week’s release catered towards the DA-holders with one brand new ArchKnight quest. Us free players didn’t walk away completely empty-handed though; a small shop was opened on Wednesday, September 30 in Falconreach by a congenial fairy named Trinki Bell, with accessories for both free players and DAs.

Trinki Bell


Unlike most Minx Fairies, Trinki Bell is actually solicitous to humans- she has stopped by in Falconreach to sell us some pretty capes, wings, necklaces and rings (all with statistics that the developers say would become come in very handy in the future as they revamp the stats). And as much as her name implies, she doesn’t actually sell trinkets. We find her by the water fountain in southeastern Falconreach, and her shop caters to a variety of levels. Capes and wings are available to free players from levels 10 – 30, and levels 20 – 50 for Dragonlords. Rings and necklaces are of a smaller range; levels 10 – 20 for free players and levels 5 – 35 for DAs.


Well, at least there is something for us non-DAs this week. Trinki Bell’s accessories, though meant for the lower-leveled among the free players, are armed with valuable statistics that would be useful, if not for the moment. Each item also comes with an interesting description and history, as well as (at least for the capes) elegant art design.


What can I really whinge about for this? All I can say is that it is a pity the higher-leveled free players won’t receive any accessories appropriate for their level, and would have to make-do with the simpler statistics of what’s available.

Final Grade of the Release:

Actually, another real pity is the fact that the team chose to focus on an ArchKnight quest, instead of something that both free players and DAs could enjoy. But that won’t affect the final grade for this release, for all there is to evaluate is a shop. Trinki Bell’s store receives a 7.5/10, for its fun descriptions and impressive array of statistics relative to the levels.


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