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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 9/10/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on September 27, 2009

Alrighty, I’m killing all my missing blog posts at once, since I procrastinated again.

This week’s release consisted of another visit by Miss Fixit, as well as a great new cutscene giving us a preview of the newest storyline saga: The Bizarre Fleck.

Purple Hair FTW! (Miss Fixit Returns!)


Well, our resident KoO Aelthai has trekked back into Battleon bringing news of the recent changes she and her compatriots have made. In addition to news on numerous bug fixes to quest items, a lot of great graphical updates, and the addition of an exit to Granemor’s Guardian tower (Yay! I shall not be held captive by that fiendish general any longer!), she also offers a quest for you. You were able to get the Zale weapon last time she visited, and this time you can get a powerful copy of her staff!

A small Thunderkitten named Zzzip has become lost in the forest at the base of Thunder Mountain, and if you can find him, Aelthai will have a copy of her staff commissioned for you. So off you go, searching, like the hero you are, for a lost kitten. You trek around the area, fighting off monsters all the way. Eventually, you find Zzzip. And in addition to Zzzip, you find a huge, bouncing.. Tongue. No, I kid you not(This creature was a part of a competition held on the forums many, many moons ago that the team has slowly been adding to the game). So, after slaying this moist monstrosity, Zzzip is saved, and Winged Lightning is yours!

Pretty pretty shiny purplez.. 😀

The weapon itself is a very, very interesting thing. In addition to looking great, it has several very unique and interesting special effects. If you are missing more than half your HP and the special attack on the weapon activates, it will setup a Mana Shield, a special effect which will divert some damage you take from attacks from your HP, to your MP. The weapon will also heal your MP if you have less than 25% left.


It’s always great to see Aelthai visit Battleon. Having knowledge of what the Sweep is doing in-game gives a lot of people a look at one of the massive projects that has ever graced AQ, which is simply splendid. Since not everyone who plays the games reads the forums for information on what the Sweep and KoO are, this goes a long way towards helping people understand the changes that are being made.

Of course, I cannot overlook Aelthai’s most recent quest for us. While it was short and sweet, it was very well done. It’s great to see one of the Monster Contest’s creations in-game, especially after it’s been over for.. Years, I think? 😛 The Jumping Tongue is freaky, humorous, and a good challenge.

Winged Lightning is also an excellent reward for this quest, truly well-worth the effort. The Mana Shield ability has been seen in WF before, but this is its first AQ use. It’s a nice, strategic ability, one that is perfect for mages, since it plays off of their massive pools of mana.


The quest was nice, but a tad bit on the short side, and a bit too random for my tastes. You simply fought through a few battles, reached the the Bouncing Tongue Beast, and got the weapons. While this is how many quests play out, this one was rather stripped down and devoid of and devoid of any interesting elements that differentiated it from other random quests.

The Bouncing Tongue Beast also had little to no relation to the quest, feeling more tacked on than anything else. True, it was great to see things like it added after so long a time, but surely there’s some other way to find a place for it.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m really having to invent negatives for this release. 😛


While there were some very minor problems, this holds up as a very nice, if small quest. I’m happy to give it 7.5 Happy Thunderkittens, out of 10.

Ninja Gaiden? (Bizzare Fleck Prologue)

About (And since this is purely a cutscene, I’ll sum everything up here)

In the recent months of AQ, we’ve seen massive changes. Many things have come and gone, and one powerful being who’s returned is none other than Ryuusei Cartwright. We’ve seen him do many things over the preceding weeks, but what is his true goal? Who is he now? Well it appears we will soon get the answers with the newest AQ Saga: The Bizarre Fleck.

The setting of this cutscene places us in a Darkovia-esque forest on the surface of an alternate version of Lore. In to this lovely area walks Ryuusei Cartwright and another, younger Vespirian man. But this is not the Ryuusei we know. This man lacks the signature mustache of our once evil Ryuusei. He sports a 5 0’clock shadow, and is more visibly grayed than the other.

Gaiden and Ryuusei, in a Dark Lore's forest.

The two Vespirians have been searching through numerous versions of Lore, searching for the one that Ryuusei’s evil analog has called his home. Gaiden (This Ryuusei’s son) asks his father what the importance of finding this dark analog is, wondering what could possibly be important enough to travel the omniverse. Ryuusei explains that the evil of his analog was so great that, should that version of himself still be alive, it would mean severe danger for the whole of the Lore, and much more. Gaiden says that he hopes that evil Ryuusei is dead. That Ryuusei betrayed The’Galin for his own selfish ambition, and is nothing like this good, kind Ryuusei.

Good Ryuusei falters for a second after his son’s strong and kind words. He reveals a dark secret, one that he and his wife Lisa have kept hidden from everyone. Good Ryuusei is not the true father of Gaiden.. Evil Ryuusei is. By the time the Good Ryuusei had met Lisa, she had already.. Encountered, the dark analog.

Gaiden reassures his father though. He shares the same genes as the Evil Ryuusei, and raised him a thousand times better than that dark version every could have. This, to Gaiden, transcends any temporal technicalities, and makes the Good Ryuusei his father more than any other. The Good Ryuusei is touched, and thanks his son. The two then prepare to pack up and search another Lore.

However, before they can leave through the magic mirror Ryuusei has summoned, the Dark Necromancer Krieger (Sporting awesome facial hair!) appears, and tells the two that they will not be leaving. He tells them that soon, the pieces of the planet Coren that were unsuccessfully uncreated by the Network will reach Lore, and he will use them to control the whole of Lore. He will use.. The Bizarre Flecks.

Ryuusei congratulates the Dark Artix on his grand speech, and then readies to leave the reality. An alternate version of Galanoth (His face obscured by Ryu’s mirror) runs in, suited in full Dracomancer armor, and prepared to kill the Dark Artix for his destruction of the Guardian Tower, and the lives it claimed. Kriger manages a wry smile, reassuring him and the two Vespirians that they will enrich his armies just as those hundreds of lives did.

He then motions, and a pair of skeletal hands spring from the ground and pull Gaiden down into the darkness. Ryuusei is furious, but unable to do anything against the Dark Necromancer, for the moment. Galanoth tells Ryuusei to seek help, and prepares to kill the monster Krieger. Ryuusei swears to save his son, and departs for another Lore.

Yes.. This was a great cutscene. The perfect teaser for what looks to be an impressive and well done saga. This entire idea springs from one of the original Star Trek episodes, one in which Kirk and the rest meet their evil counterparts, who all (Like the Dark Krieger) sport impressive facial hair. This saga takes full advantage of the situation set up so masterfully by Falerin, and will no doubt explain the new motives of the Dark Ryuusei, as well as shedding some light on the powers of the Network. No doubt about it, this will be a grand storyline. I have to give this cutscene 10 Awesome 5 O’clock Shadows, out of 10.

Final Grade of Release

Well, this week’s release was very well done. It’s amazing just what the addition of one teaser cutscene can do for a release, and the one that was provided for this week was incredible. I am well pleased with what the future of Lore holds, and I am very, very happy to give this week’s release 9 Incredible Bizarre Flecks, out of 10.


3 Responses to “AdventureQuest: Analysis of 9/10/09 Release”

  1. .Shadow// said

    I can’t find the cutscene anywhere, has it been removed?

  2. Sadly, yes. I’m terribly sorry that I posted this so late that it’s no longer in-game, I cannot apologize enough. 😦

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