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Warpforce: Analysis of 9/4/09 Release

Posted by lemmy7003 on September 20, 2009

HERE WE GO! This mini-release begins WarpForce’s first war, which is also a crossover with AQ’s Dragon War! I am here to give you all the facts, from the front lines! Shearhide is HERE!


K’eld Auron-Vander Rath the black dragon has come to speak with Ryuusei Cartwright (see AdventureQuest for more info) .Ryuusei comments on how great Rath is. Rath is angry for Cartwright referring to him as a beast. He is also mad because he has come all the way from Darkovia. Cartwright says that he wishes to tell Rath about “out there”. Rath says he belongs in space, no dragon has ever tried to conquer it. Ryuusei says there were once space dragons, and perhaps now, but they are different from Lore dragons. Rath says that no Lorian dragons have tried to take over the galaxy. He says he will be Emperor Dragon. Cartwright says it’s been taken. Dragon King as well. As are Lord and Master. He says that just… Rath is good. Rath then asks what Ryuusei’s device will do to him. The device will make Rath more adaptive to space, where magic is not nearly as plentiful. It will give him more strength and endurance. It will make him dominant among space creatures as the Great Dragons dominate Lorian Dragons. Cartwright pulls out the Astromorph device, which Rath calls a child’s toy. It transforms Rath, giving him a new form (EPIC!).  He has less magic, and intelligence, but he is no longer Rath… he… he is now… SHEARHIDE!

Shearhide launches his invasion of Lore from the ground and space, with the Alteon having to repel his space forces! And connecting with AQ, they battle the enemies on the ground. Two million waves of Shearhide’s forces attacked, and we had to repel them all. But we managed to defeat his armies, and the showdown with Shearhide began. You begin by battling several network soliders. Afterwards, you arrive at K’eld Auron, to confront Shearhide. Shearhide appears, and says he will be known as the conqueror of space and the earth! You taunt Shearhide, calling him a sheep with big spikes. You do battle. Shearhide is a darkness creature, but is weak to light. Using the Hand of Creation is a good way to defeat him.

Shearhide is defeated, now it is time to speak to Ryuusei. He compliments you on your impressive ability on the battlefield. You realize who this is. It was HE who was the avatar of The ‘Galin, HE created Absolix, and HE made Shearhide. Cartwright says he did not MAKE Shearhide, he only helped turn into his new form, by using the Astromorph Device. He tell us that the device is made from an element called Mysterium, which was given to him by an alien called the Finder. Since you defeated Shearhide, you should have the device. Ryussei says don’t worry, he can make more…


The whole event was very well done. Since there are not many players of WarpForce, it was a good plan to make it a connected war with AdventureQuest. The war was an excellent place to level up, and there were at least two new enemies thrown in there. Shearhide himself was a slightly challanging battle, with his excellent stregnth. And lastly, the Astromorph device is an awesome item, turning YOU into Shearhide! (epic)


It was obvious that the enemies in the war were quite difficult for a level 15, sometimes battling level 30s! It was in fact harder to get to Shearhide then Shearhide himself! Also, we did not get much information about Cartwright’s plans. And as my last con, the Astromorph seems to be more for Strikers, since it is more physical then a gunner can handle.

Overall Grade of Release

8.5. A great first war for WarpForce, with new enemies, a new device, a great boss fight, and some information about Ryuusei Cartwright!


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