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Dragonfable: Critique on the Release of September 11, 2009

Posted by perpetualenigma on September 13, 2009

It’s been a while, but this week is the time for us to re-visit the old pet trainer in Falconreach; Grams is in need of our help, and this time, her notoriously-intrepid granddaughter isn’t involved. After all, it’s not like us free players have anything else as urgent to do for now.

Lost Pets

In her shop, Grams informs us that several of her pets have gone missing, and she believes that they are lost in the woods by Falconreach. It’s up to us heroes to find them (gotta collect all!), and if we do manage to rescue all five, she’ll sell us one to take home and keep safe.

Without further ado, we venture into the maze-like forest to locate the lost pets, routing various forest monsters that stand in our way. The twisting paths of the forest lead north to a beach, and east to the mountains as well. We then discover that Grams had told a little lie: there are actually six pets to be collected from the wild. Nevertheless, we choose not to abandon the sixth, and save it as well.

As promised, a (house item) shop opens up for us at the end, bearing five of the six pets we have rescued (with the exception of the Braydenball). We have a choice of a Snail, a Pwny, a Sunshine Slime, a Wyvern or a Pridemaster to take home, with all but the latter two available for free players.


As a simple quest, Lost Pets delivered a decent amount. The objective of collection was simple, yet different enough from the classic run-through battles to warrant attention. The pets at the shop at the end of the quest weren’t bad for the lower level players, and actually put our gold to some use. Yet what truly interested me was the environmental layout of the quest (which I believe was situated in Surewould Forest): instead of providing mere forest for several screens, the development team created a good-sized network of crisscrossing paths that branched off north to the Falconreach Bay and east to the mountains, giving us a good idea of the varied topography surrounding the town. In addition, at the very least Grams received some more much-needed attention.


Since this was such a simple quest, there really wasn’t much that I could complain about without maligning the entire thing. I suppose my first complaint was more of a question: why was the Braydenball included as one of the lost pets in the quest, without appearing in the shop when it opened? That was more or less the only inconsistency in the quest. Another complaint would have to be about the nature of the quest: Lost Pets seemed a bit similar to the pet-taming quests, with the exception of the taming itself. We venture into the wild, find a pet, and bring it home. Now I am aware of the theme of Grams’ shop, but it would be nice to have some more variety and depth in the missions that she offered, thus bringing her (not Aria) to life.

Grade of the Release:

And… this is all that we free-players receive for this week, due to most of the underground lab being afflicted by con-rot. Nevertheless, what they had given us isn’t too bad, just simple; Lost Pets deserves a 6.5/10 from me.


One Response to “Dragonfable: Critique on the Release of September 11, 2009”

  1. sinani201 said

    I’m pretty sure the quest took places in a map that is almost identical to a quest from Lady Celestia. I’m not sure which quest it is, though.

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