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Dragonfable: Critique on the Release of August 28, 2009

Posted by perpetualenigma on August 29, 2009

There does not appear to be very much new content released for free players this week: only one Fire War quest. Nevertheless, it is an interesting one. We get to play as Xan, the insane (and apparently bitter) pyromancer, who ventures into Doomwood to seek out aid from a most unlikely person, for the most likely reasons: to take down Drakonnan. It just may be that we will receive some help (of sorts) from the other side.

Xan has a Plan


Deep in the Eastern Hills, Xan fumes to himself. Konnan had started out as such a good apprentice. He had taught him to enchant weapons with fire, enslave fire elementals, destroy entire towns… Xan had taught that boy everything he knows. And how did Drakonnan repay his mentor? By keeping the Fire Orb from him. By daring to insult him, and turning his power against him. Above all things, he dared to disrupt Xan’s plans for Warlic and Jaania. Drakonnan was going to pay, that was for sure. But then Xan composed himself; he couldn’t get close enough now, as Konnan no longer trusts him. Suddenly, he laughs. He had just thought of someone who could help!

So with that, the insane pyromancer ventures into Doomwood, fighting off the Shakespears and Giant Spiders in his path, until he finds the one person he seeks: Zorbak, who is harvesting skeletal parts from the forest. The blue moglin coolly greets him, and asks what he wants. Xan attempts to turn on his own brand of charm to coerce Zorbie into a proposition, but when that fails, he resorts to a good old-fashioned threat. Zorbak is to help us meddling ‘heroes’ take down Drakonnan. The moglin necromancer is initially averse to the idea; why would the Great Zorbak help us puny goody-two-shoes? What good would it do him? Xan laughs, and informs him that we heroes would be grateful, and owe him a favor. This statement strikes home to Zorbak, and he asks that Xan relay the details. Things are going to be very interesting indeed.

Ebil accessory drops of cloaks and masks are available at the end of this quest, along with, er, nothing.


Ah, intrigue and scandal. This quest provided both in decent doses. But what I especially appreciated was the return of Xan into the Great Fire War; being such an influential figure in the saga, it would do him very little justice to be left out of the picture from the point where Drakonnan revealed the Fire Orb to him. Much of DF’s signature touches to the Great Fire War was through its very own lunatic pyromancer, after all. Now we were able to see how Xan (most likely in his final appearance) contributed to the downfall of his rogue apprentice, albeit in a very indirect way. And of course, we also got to see the ebil-yet-ever-so-lovable Zorbak once again, in a rather amusing cutscene that revealed the inner networking of Lore’s villains, big and small.

The mechanics of the quest itself weren’t bad either. Our character got to walk around in the mad pyromancer’s skin, and annihilate the denizens of Doomwood with furious blasts of fire. Nor was the quest a short one either; we revisited the old lay-out of Doomwood in a decent-sized random dungeon, that allowed us to really appreciate the Xan armor.


In respect to plot content, this quest proved to be quite small. All we managed to gain was insight into Xan’s fury, and his clandestine measures through Zorbak to aid his new enemy’s enemies. Those, or at least most of those, could have been implicated into a much larger quest, perhaps revealing the worries of our character’s party, and how the ebil Necromancer would arrive himself to give us aid. Thus, this quest feels marginally above filler content, and might be an excuse to introduce the new Xan armor into the game.

Speaking of which, the Xan armor itself was nothing to get too excited over; there was a considerably-powerful offence, but no skills available to free players whatsoever, and the endurance was equal to our character without any equipment. This was a bit of a shame, for I had always assumed the pyromancer to be a rather powerful character by all respects, even without the Pyronomicon in his keep.

The dungeon also proved itself to be a tad monotonous. All we encountered were Shake Spears and Giant Spiders, which led me to believe that Doomwood was suffering from mass extinctions amongst its beasts; the dreaded forest could surely produce a greater variety of monsters to assail intruders, and possibly more difficult ones as well.

My last complaint would have to be the drops for this quest. In addition to receiving nothing, players could receive an ebil cloak or mask of varying levels. Unfortunately, all were reserved only for Dragonlords, leaving free players like myself to walk away from the long dungeon with… nothing.

Grade of the Release:

Though full of secret conspiracy, with a dash of humor, this quest does not quite live up to the lofty standards of the Great Fire War. To simply put it, it had very little content, plot and battle-wise. Therefore, I will have to give this quest, and thus what I can evaluate of the release, a standard 7/10.


2 Responses to “Dragonfable: Critique on the Release of August 28, 2009”

  1. sinani201 said

    Well, there actually were skills given to Xan, but I guess they were member-only (another con).

    Play the quest again and hover over the empty skill slots to the left. Fire, More Fire, Lots of Fire, Even More Fire, and OMGBBQ. The only problem was that all they did was cast a lot of fire, no buffs or anything.

    • perpetualenigma said

      Thanks for the tip (and you’re right, that’s another con on the list). The post has just been updated. 🙂

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