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Best of the Best: Top 10 Mecha

Posted by The Peanut Master on August 29, 2009

That’s right folks, it is here. Let’s cut to the chase; I have crafted my definitive list of the top 10 mecha in the game. No ifs, ands, or buts. All mecha are eligible, but as you’ll see, only level 33 versions were chosen since they truly are the best of the best. After I list the top 10 with my opinions on why they belong in that spot along with their pros and cons, I will also list those that missed the cut and why that happened.

Top 10:

10. Bull

Pros: Ridiculous offensive back arm, powerful shoulders, great stunning front arm.

Cons: Head seems lacking, body doesn’t hold up, shoulders need something more, no defining strategy.

Verdict: Let’s face it: The only reason the bull is on this list is because of its back arm. The BA does a tremendous amount of damage in a boatload of mini-hits, tacks on a powerful 2 turn DoT, AND has a minuscule 2 turn cooldown. Yes, it’s the best back arm in the game. And yes, it’s that good. However, after the BA, there isn’t a ton left to admire. The front arm’s stunning combo is a nice side attraction but still falters against enemies with high immobility resistances, both the head and body are very lacking for being the two most powerful mecha slots, and the shoulders need more in this MQ environment than a simple damage boost. That all adds up to the last slot in the rankings.

Bottom Line: The extraordinary back arm and solid stunning front arm gets the bull in the rankings, but the lacking head and body and underwhelming shoulders is what gets this mecha last on the list.

9. Strider

Pros: One of the best heads in the game, great stunning body, powerful shoulders, high customization ability.

Cons: Sub-par arms, outdated design, no overarching strategic element.

Verdict: Even at #9 the Strider is a force to be reckoned with, and set the stage for modern mecha being the first SC monthly rare mecha. The head and shoulders create a powerful offensive strategy, but it is diminished somewhat by newer mecha overtaking what the Strider did so well. The arms just don’t get the job done, and the body would have been more useful had it not had such a high cooldown.

Bottom Line: While possessing the necessary parts to make the Strider a powerhouse mecha, it is ultimately brought down by an outdated design and lack of a specific focused strategy.

8. Striker

Pros: Amazing stunning capabilities, incredibly offensive body weapon, two auto-stun arms.

Cons: Struggles immensely against enemies with immobility resistances, lack of other strategy options besides the stuns, body doesn’t make up for lack of other offensive options.

Verdict: The Striker accomplishes its purpose tremendously well, as its multitude of stunning options makes it the definitive mecha when it comes to the art of stunning. Unfortunately, what brings the Striker down so far is that so many enemies nowadays have high immobility resistances, and while the Striker does have a couple resistance-lowering specials, they aren’t usually enough. As good as the body weapon is offensively, it can’t carry the load itself when going up against an enemy in which stunning doesn’t work.

Bottom Line: In an immobility resistance-less game the Striker would be bar-none the best mecha in the game, but as reality is far from that the Striker struggles against most modern enemies.

7. Jameson

Pros: No emerging weaknesses amongst default weapons, boatloads of effects covering all strategic elements, tremendous versatility and customization.

Cons: No standout go-to weapons, no defining strategic element, most effects are generally outdated and old.

Verdict: The Jameson flies generally under the radar and out of the spotlight, but not rightly so. The Jameson has a bevy of effect-laden default weapons, and while it is true that none are particularly standout, the pure quantity of them is staggering. Ask yourself if this seems like a mouthful: weapon disabling, critical chance boosting, 4-turn DoT front arm, bonus damage, 4-turn DoT back arm, immobility resistance-lowering and stunning shoulders (yes, both), enemy damage and defense nerf over time body, and enemy hit nerf and self damage boosting head. Quite a mouthful indeed. If only there was more direction as to how exactly to best utilize this big mash pit of effects

Bottom Line: A truly staggering amount of effects present on the Jameson make this a must-have, but no defining features or standout weapons and relative outdated-ness of the effects themselves keep the Jameson as a whole in the lower half of the rankings.

6. Reaper

Pros: DoT machine with superb double-DoT boosting head, underrated part disabling specials that can add up, best body in the game when it activates.

Cons: DoTs still aren’t instant and take time to draw out, body can only be used once and at low health, disabling specials aren’t that common, front shoulder is basically useless.

Verdict: The Reaper establishes itself in the DoT category in much the same way as the Striker does for stunning. Except that DoTs can’t be resisted, and that makes this DoT machine a force to be reckoned with. Tack on three uberpwnge double DoTs added onto the best body in the game ensuring near auto-victory once you reach low health and you have a fantastic mecha. Unfortunately, it’s not all guns and roses, as a weak front shoulder, body’s inability to activate more than once, and the disabling specials not activating enough keep the Reaper out of the top spots, and it’s also worth noting that while immensely powerful, the DoTs are drawn out and do nothing but raw damage, which isn’t always enough.

Bottom Line: This DoT machine of a mecha is certainly no slouch with a tremendous body to boot, but some major weaknesses and drawbacks hold the Reaper back.

5. Clown

Pros: Very nice balance with powerful offensive and defensive specials, auto-win special is best in the game, arms combine for excellent DoT combo, head is very potent.

Cons: Front arm is relatively weak, no standout defaults, shoulders are somewhat generic.

Verdict: The Clown may have been one of the first level 33 mecha released, but it still remains one of the best, thanks in large part to solid offensive, defensive, and DoT effects that are present all over the mecha’s defaults. It isn’t perfect, as a couple weapons don’t stand up to the rest, but when you combine the ridiculous insta-win special, multiple damage/critical boosts, multiple damage/accuracy nerfs, double-DoT tandem, healing possibilities, and cooldown jam, and you have one heckuva mecha.

Bottom Line: While a few defaults and specials aren’t necessarily up to par, there are enough really good ones that create a bevy of  possible strategies crossing through a staggering amount of options at your disposal to leave me no choice but to award the Clown a top 5 ranking.

4. Skullcrusher

Pros: Superb depth in strategy options, each weapon is powerful in its own way, lots of great buff/nerf specials; part disabling/jacking special unique and powerful.

Cons: Can be difficult to create a real strategic order, no standout weapons, part disabling specials don’t always work out well.

Verdict: Let’s face it: Even at #4, the Skullcrusher is a fantastic promotional mecha, one that even inspired a massive overpowered-claiming thread in the MQ forums. While it may not be overpowered, it’s really, really good. Each and every weapon on the Skullcrusher serves a very specific purpose, and there are no weak links to be found. The front arm has multiple solid specials, the back arm has an auto-damage boost + a DoT, the shoulders do a bevy a different buff/nerf/disabling effects on its multiple hits, the head deals out two devastating nerfs, and the body does an HP and EP DoT. Yes, it’s that’s awesome.

Bottom Line: Some may argue this is too low for such a powerful mecha, and they may have a point; with a boatload of specials throughout the mecha’s defaults spanning through all the various strategies possible, the Skullcrusher is a true force to be reckoned with, and you should be fortunate if you own one.

3. Eagle

Pros: Best shoulders in the game by a mile, body + head is a great buff/nerf strategy combo.

Cons: Back arm is very weak; front arm is a bit generic.

Verdict: There’s only one reason the Eagle is up here in the top 3: The shoulders. With a 50% critical chance on each of two hits the shoulders wouldn’t be a bad option, but the reflection special is arguably the best special in the game, period. For the next FIVE turns (remember, the weapon only has a 3-turn cooldown and there are two of them), all damage is cut in half AND half of the normal damage is reflected back at the opponent. So yes, if you started the battle with just 1 more health than your enemy, you would only need activate the shoulder weapon once every five turns to basically ensure victory. It’s a good thing too, and the arms don’t exactly hold up their end of the bargain, and while the head and body weapons create a nice 1-2 buff/nerf punch, they both take a turn to activate, wasting valuable turns.

Bottom Line: The Eagle is in the top 3 solely because of its ridiculous shoulders, but the relative weakness of the rest of the mecha is what gives it the #3 spot.

2. Warbear

Pros: Arms and shoulders have auto-damage boosts of 250%+, making them the most powerful offensive weapons in the game (all four of them), head is great starter with its damage and accuracy boosts, nothing can match the offensive firepower of this mecha.

Cons: While still good, the body pales in comparison to the other default weapons, no defensive abilities/attributes whatsoever which can really derail the Warbear’s ability to win.

Verdict: It doesn’t take someone like me to tell you this mecha is incredibly powerful (way overpowered even by Warlic’s standards). I’ll make this short: It is. The arms and shoulders have unbelievable auto-damage ranges and the head compliments them very nicely, and that’s all there is to it. The Warbear isn’t #1 because it doesn’t have the defensive abilities to match up with some of the tougher enemies in the game, but its sheer ability to dominate most all enemies forces me to hand the Warbear the honor of second-best mecha in the game.

Bottom Line: The Warbear is an offensive powerhouse by every stretch of the imagination, but its lack of defensive abilities keep me from giving it #1.

1. Aegis

Pros: Superb energy-draining head that ensures victory after just two uses (12 turns), fantastic nerfing body that nothing can match up with, arms complement the overall strategy nicely with solid heals.

Cons: DoT shoulders are redundant and don’t fit well with everything else, arms are weak when not used in one specific strategy, battles can take extremely long due to the drawn-out nature of the default weapons’ specials.

Verdict: The Aegis is the best mecha in the game, and for good reason. The head sucks half of the enemy’s maximum energy 5 turns after usage, meaning after only 12 turns (which isn’t terribly long when using the Aegis) your enemy will surely be deep in negative energy points. Furthermore, the head also employs a nerf over time that constantly reduces your opponent’s accuracy down to just 30%, therefore giving me no choice but to say the Aegis’ head is the best in the game. The body’s damage-reducing special adds to the carnage, and the arms are a perfect compliment to extend the life of the Aegis throughout a battle. The shoulders are indeed somewhat out of place, but the DoTs are actually better than average.

Bottom Line: With the best head in the head complimented by perfectly-designed arms and body, the Aegis is my pick for the best mecha in the game, and it deserves that honor 100%. Well done, Aegis!



Why: The Raider is a really unique, different mecha with effects that can activate at any time throughout the battle, but they don’t all come together as a cohesive unit. In addition, the lack of real strategy involved with the Raider tacked on to no immediate effects keeps this one out of the rankings.


Why: If it had more than one default maybe I’d consider it, but as powerful as its one body default is, it isn’t enough to single-handedly lift the Sharpshooter into the rankings.


Why: Used effectively the Eidolon can be a healing beast; its the prerequisites for the healing and the uselessness of the specials as a whole when not going up against ghosts that makes this an easy decision to keep out of the top 100.


Why: The Anchorman flat out doesn’t stand out, as it uses old, already-seen effects and nothing about it makes it unique or specials. Damage boosts, a DoT, and a stun just doesn’t cut it these days.


Why: I’ll admit this was a tough one to leave off, as there are a ton of useful effects on this mecha. However, ultimately I just didn’t believe the effects could really add up and a lot of them are indeed basically useless. Though I wouldn’t be against recommending this if you have some nova gems to spare.


Why: Recently released, always sucking. Yep, the Steampunk mecha officially sucks. The mecha is incredibly underpowered at every single default weapon, and it just doesn’t possess anything about it that would make you want to use it. Very much a waste.

So there you have it, that’s my comprehensive list of the top 10 mecha in the game along with a few that just missed the cut. Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section below. 🙂


14 Responses to “Best of the Best: Top 10 Mecha”

  1. Lemmy said

    Does the steampunk mech really suck that much?

  2. Long story short, yes. The arms and shoulders are all severely underpowered and while the body and head weapons are good starts, they needed to be powered further to make them worth the overall cost of the mecha. While I am very much against the power inflation that is currently overtaking MechQuest and it’s great to see a new mecha not raise the bar once again, this is just taking things in the completely wrong direction.

  3. Seriyu said

    I think steampunk is a little underpowered but it works in easy and hard for me, with all defaults. I really think people are blowing this waaaaay out of proportion. It’s resepectable. Not to mention making a note specifically to say it sucks is… kinda odd to say the least. Let the dust settle first. :p

  4. I’m going to write a longer post detailing why the Steampunk is underpowered (I’ll use that tamer word from now on) later today, but basically it’s not really that the SP is incapable of beating even the older enemies, it’s that it’s so underpowered compared to the current standards set by SC monthly rares, war mecha, and newer enemies like those in the fire war. Furthermore, the fact that it can barely (with a bit of a luck) beat the Mini Magmar on the *normal* difficulty is a big issue, and struggles mightily against the incredibly old enemies of the Soluna City battle button on hard.

  5. Seriyu said

    Oh, I don’t mind the usage of the word suck, I was just pointing out that, use whatever word you want. And I guess I’ll have to wait for the level 35 version to see if it’s really that much worse, but that sounds a bit over the top, even assuming the increased strength from the battle button enemies.

  6. Seriyu said

    Not saying you’re wrong, as a note, just saying that sounds a bit unbelievable, if it’s really struggling against normal battle enemies, then that’s a bit more nuts then I thought. But I’ll see. Eventually. :p

  7. Youhei said

    Seppy is left out =(?

  8. Youhei said

    Is Seppy that bad?

  9. mechquestlord said

    may i mention that the only mecha i expected to be on there that wasnt would be the authrian wolf. it costs nova gems but its power gangs up to make the lord of hp900 enermys look like a teeny weeny incy wincy little object of quarks the smallest things ever. and dont forget spechials.

  10. vr10 said

    Steampunk is officialy EPIC now the head’s buff is 12% every turn FA can do a double DoT if your lucky BA has a “Smart Nerf” which lowers whatever’s boost damage or defense depending on which is higher for 45% for 5 turns FS has MASSIVE damage BS can crit easily Body lowers the opponents DMG by 65% and but it goes down 10% every turn.
    Steam Punk should be on the list in my opinion.
    Also Seppy can buff damage and defense with the body head buffs damage FA has multiple good specials BS can do bonus damage FS does a DoT BA nerfs it’s a VERY powerful mech. It takes down lvl 35 magmars without customization.
    Also Raider is good too BA wrecks damage body destroys there accuracy FA has a highered crit rate shoulders aren’t too special head does a nice DoT while cutting some EP so it’s useful too.
    Edional and Wraith Mechs are powerful.
    The FA cuts mana nicely Shoulders combo for a mana cut BA steals cuts some MORE mana the body has a nice heal and the head is bad.
    That’s all I got

  11. how do i get the harpshooter mech said

    how do i get the sharpshooter mech

  12. mechquestlord said

    my top 5 is.


    the bull has a strategy which is as follows.fa ba h b fa ba fs bs rpt k?

    4-jameson upgrade

    his front arm can + crit-bonus dmg + fear-destroy weap + bonus dmg and finally can do lots of dmg + has a cooldown of 1 turn!!!!! good?


    BEST HEAD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2-warbear (dont have)

    who cant love best version arms+shoulders doing 150+dmg?


    h-b-fa-ba-fs-bs rpt combo meens each time fa hits it can reach max dmg of more than 400 dmg with crit!!!!!!!!!!!!(warbear can only reach bout 350 with crit)

    i put wolf 6th and (hehe) shs trog 999999999th!!!!!!!!!!! also i want seppy dont have tho and i put him 7th! also ultimate combo 4 seppy is b-h-fluffy(bs)-fa-fs-ba(it sucks) rpt it sends your enermys straight to hell oblivion hel and all those other bad places you go to after death!

  13. mechquestlord said

    and go to gark do all that stuff say yes to help go to new planet beat 20 enermys without loging out save up lot of creds go to shops buy chasse nsc may not buy sharpshooter mech buy weapons on gark. ps sniper arms destroy enermy weapons 1 by 1 also get laser shoulders and get a low level head enermys are easyier to beat.

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