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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 8/20/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on August 29, 2009

Alright guys, it’s time to go hunting! Some very ugly beastie’s have been popping up lately, and it’s up to you to hunt down these powerful creatures: The Grabbi!

That is One Ugly.. (Hunt For the Grabbi!)


This week in AQ, we’re sent off (By one in particular) to hunt down some powerful creatures known as Grabbi.

The Grabbi are large, extremely ugly creatures that have a taste for pets and guests. Like the Dynablade Drakel and Lord Arggathas, this monster has shops that open when it is defeated. However, there is not only one, but three shops that can open.

The first shop contains the Quadrascythe, a powerful weapon that randomly switches elements between energy, wind, darkness, and fire. It has a natural 10% boost to damage, making it a nice weapon for rangers who don’t mind some uncertainty in their attacks.

In the second, powerful new spells can be found. Though they are multi-element, split between fire and darkness, the spells are still nice, and this shop holds one of the first level 100 spells in a long time. Very nice.

And in the final shop, some very nice non-BM darkness pets can be found. We do have a slight overabundance of these, but they’re great nonetheless.

Unlike usual quests, the Grabbi has no area where it can be found. It’s simply a monster battle hidden in random encounters, making in a lot more straightforward.


The new spells and pets are great, some of the best of their breed. Adding more enemies to the random battle pool also makes fighting enemies a lot more exciting, since the chances of getting some rare and powerful loot is increased.

The Grabbi also proves to be a very powerful and terrifying foe, with powerful specials and attacks. It has the ability to eat your pet and/or guest, healing its health by a massive amount. BM’s, beware!


Similar to last week, this week was rather small, though there is a good explanation for that, which I’ll go over on my next post.

While the weapons are strong, multi-element weapons aren’t very useful at all, considering that many enemies have varying defenses that the weapons wouldn’t be able to handle particularly well. This also applies to the spells and pets. However, all of this is only a minor gripe and doesn’t detract from the overall great addition of a powerful foe to the Random Encounter list.

Final Grade of Release

While this week did slightly feel like filler, wit was still very well-done. I give this release 8 Tentacled Baddies, out of 10.


One Response to “AdventureQuest: Analysis of 8/20/09 Release”

  1. Seriyu said

    Iunno, I don’t think multi elemental stuff is nearly as bad as people say, particularly with the attack boost they get, although I don’t think it applies to this one since it sticks as a single element for the entire fight. It’s an oddity to be sure, but it’s still pretty useful if you want to use it. :p

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