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WarpForce: Analysis of August Monthly Release

Posted by lemmy7003 on August 27, 2009

And here we are! Lemmy here, bringing to you the first of the monthly WarpForce updates. Today, we received chapter four of the WarpForce Saga, several new quests, new weapons, and the Heavy Gunner Armor!

Warpforce Saga Chapter 4 (Eternal Darkness)

About: After the Exo attack on the Protean homeworld, Opie-Juan has come aboard the Alteon, to help work out the secrets of the Hand of Creation. Hans Olo leads you to meet Opie-Juan, who summons The Eternal. The Eternal says that the Hand of Creation is a compass, and instructs you to put it on. It then says to answer three questions. (I won’t tell.)  It reveals a map, to where you go next. Sargent Lucky passes a planet, and is attacked by an unknown enemy, where someone says it has begun. Suddenly, the Alteon is attacked! The defilers have attacked, and you prepare for battle. A shop then opens.

Pros: The quest had a fantastic story to it, continuing the Hand of Creation quest story. The weapons were all powerful. The question segment was also fun.

Cons: There were no battles in the quest, but it was still great, as that’s only a small con.

Grade of Release: 9.5. A fantastic storyline quest with a new segment is the headliner of the release!

New Engine Room Quest (Warp Crystals)

About: Speak to the alien on the Alteon to acess this quest. You, the hero, travels to the Shattered Worlds, an area full of pieces of planets. Your character notes they defy the laws of physics. E=MC squared does NOT apply here. NOTHING. You are searching for Warp Crystals. Gravlax warns you there may be Network activity on the Shattered Worlds… You must find 3 Warp Crystals.

Searching the  shattered worlds, you battle undead enemies (tough guys). This is where it gets weird. For some reason, You have to do the 1st world, then the 3rd, and THEN the 2nd. After collecting the three warp crystals, you attempt to leave, when your shuttle is destroyed by a Nechron Mothership. Gravlax launches a warp missile, which destroys it. Your character requests to be picked up before it runs out of energy bars.

Pros: The quest had great looking enemies, showing another part of the Network’s ranks. Also, heading to different sections is great.

Cons: There was one bad con, where you have to go in a certain order. This annoyed certain players, including me.

Grade of Release:7.5. This was an okay release, but could have been delayed like the Hand of Creation to get rid of bugs.

Level Cap Raise

About: This August, the level cap rose. For Warptrackers (free players) it has risen to 15. For Warpgurdians, it has risen to 30. And there was much rejoicing! (Yay!)

Pros: Well, people have been stuck at level 10/20 for a month, and everyone welcomed it.

Cons: It could have been a higher level cap raise for non-WG. Oh well.

Grade of Release: 9.0. A good level cap raise which was still a bit too small for the free players.

New Weapons

About: This month’s release brought a massive flood of weapons, pets, and gauntlets!

In the Engine Room’s skills and techs shop, theres is a set of Ice Repeater weapons. These are great weapons, and have an awesome special. In the pet shop, there are the comet puppy pets (earth element)! They are also selling Nanotech Techs. They have several different uses, like healing, damage, etc.

In the VR deck, there are three Power Gauntlets (earth element). There are two WG-Only and one is for Z-Tokens.

After completing the Warp Crystal quest, you can buy the Crystal Tech. It deals light and ice element damage.

After completing Eternal Darkness, there are the earth element warshovels.

Pros: It was good to see that players were able to get a new surge of weapons. Strikers and gunners (kinda).

Cons: There seemed to be quite a lack of guns though. Gunners CANNOT raise the power of the guns.

Grade of Release: 8.0. New weapons are great, except gunners didn’t get much.

Heavy Warpforce Gunner Battlesuit

About: At last, gunners have their own armor! It offers a good set of skills which follow:

Power Punch: Attack with a melee punch that is affected by strength. Element changes to your weapon’s.

Gauntlet Blast: Activates your gauntlet.

Concussion Grenade: You throw a grenade at the enemy. Deals fire damage. Powerful.

Lasar Bolt Rifle: You pull your Laser Rifle out, dealing ranged light element damage.

Force Field: Activates a shield. When hit, your energy takes the hit. If you take more than multiple hits, only the 1st hit will drain your mana.

Pros: Fantastic. It’s great that gunners get their own armor. It has a great set of skills, and is my choice of battlesuit.

Cons: The Laser Rifle is pretty weak. Also, a bug exists in which your gauntlet vanishes in the next battle, then you have to re-equip it.

Grade of Release:8.5. A good, solid battlesuit, with a few flaws. Good, not perfect.

Overall Grade of Release: 8.5. A good monthly release for WarpForce’s August release. There were pros and cons, but it was still pretty good.

Feel free to comment below!


One Response to “WarpForce: Analysis of August Monthly Release”

  1. Overall, a great release, I must say. The prisoner you referred to was on the Planet of Purgos, homeworld of the Nechrons, so it’s rather obvious that that is one of Dark Madder’s personal prisoners.

    The Warpguardian missions were very nice as well.

    In one quest, you save Queen Pra’Mithia from the Network’s clutches on the small moon Aglon-11. She was being held by a group of the Defilers, the machine race of the Network. After a cool minigame, you save her, and escape the planet. But, in order for her to be kidnapped, someone would have had to know where she was going. A.. Spy on board the Alteon?!

    Your next mission lets you deal with just that, searching every corner of the ship for some clue at just who (or what) this spy is. After searching ever nook and cranny and using the VR deck to find the spy, you do. An odd organic creature in the system. It was being used by Z-29K and Dark Madder to spy on you and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

    Altogether, a great week.

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