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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 8/13/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on August 18, 2009

Sorry bout that folks, school is nippin’ at my heels. This week’s release was rather small. Another promotional bit from Disney, featuring.. Oh please shoot me.. The Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie!

Abra-Kada.. Oh Good Lord.. (Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie!)


Pff.. Let’s get this over with..

Ballyhoo, our local realm-traveling elf has come into contact with two kids on the world of Terra (Earth). Due to a botched spell by one of the kids, their parents are no longer married, nor even seem to know each other! The only way to help them is to find the Stone of Dreams, a powerful jewel that can set things right. Warlic guides you through multiple locales in Lore in search of this artifact, leading you to a cave where you go through a shooting minigame to reach the stone. Hip-hip-hooray! Several nice new weapons based off of wands on the show were available for purchase, with the ability to summon an armor, two guests, and cast a powerful spell!


It’s great to see AE making fantastic promo events like this. The last two events like this, the Seeker and Magic: The Gathering, were awesome, and this event follows the legacy rather well.

The quest was well done, allowing you to search through multiple areas of Lore in whatever order you wished. From the frozen Northlands of Lore, to the dark graveyard of Granemor, the team took full advantage of all locales available.

The wands were also very nice, with a lot of versatile powers for all of you mages out there. Hmm.. I smell some cons coming on..


Yeah, you saw it coming. This event had a lot of flaws.

First of all, the quest itself. Though you did get to travel the world of Lore in search for the Stone of Dreams, there wasn’t a huge amount of.. Complexity to this system. In many of them, you merely went to a nameless area, fought a monster or two, and were told by Warlic that the stone is in another area. ‘Sorry Mario, the princess is in another castle!’. Yes, the original Mario game had more complexity than this quest. Granemor was the one exception, making you speak to several NPC’s in order to find out just where the stone might be.

Second up for the firing squad: The rewards.

There was a lot of potential with the rewards. Many of them were joke items, but respectable things nonetheless. A Flying Carpet armor, Dragon Dog and Helping Hand guests, and the Commakus Pancakus spell. While all of these sound rather foolish, they were actually very well-designed additions to the game. However, if you read carefully above, you will notice one small thing..

Only the wands were in the shop. That’s not to say that the other items were left out of the game at all, but they were only available for use through the wand. It works similar to the Lightning Rod, where you select an attack to use via the weapon. I am not terribly thrilled by this, needless to say. 😛

This essentially made the entire release available only for mages. While this has happened in the past and I’ve been perfectly fine with it, this is a promotional event. This event was designed for everyone to enjoy and perhaps gain some interest in the show itself (God bless any who do..), but making all of the items available only through the wands did not help this any. The armor, guests, and spell all showed something of the spirit of the show, and might have even been enough to entice people to check it out. But leaving out a vast majority of players who are not mages limited the field severely.

I understand from Aelthei that Disney requested it to be this way, but I still have to throw some negativity out on this major aspect of the release. The newsletter made it appear that the armor, spells, and guests would all be individual items, at least to my reading. I was disappointed to see the rewards done as they were.

Let’s Hit Some Waves Dudes! (Wave Shields)


I’m gonna condense everything into the About section, since this was a very small aspect of the release.

In addition to the promo event, some new shields were added to Yulgar’s shop. The Wave shields are a new generation of shields focusing purely on defense against water. They offer fantastic defense against water, which, when paired with the new Uber set, spells out water defenses of about 35% or less. These shields are great, and deserve a 9/10.

Final Grade of Release

Well while I was disappointed with this release, I can understand why it turned out as it did. WF had a massive release, and Disney made some rather large restrictions on how the quest and rewards were done. The addition of the Wave shields brought this release up a lot, adding some content for everyone to use. So I’ll consider this a filler week, and anxiously await this week’s release. I give the week of the 11th 6.5 Wizards of Waverly Place, out of 10.


One Response to “AdventureQuest: Analysis of 8/13/09 Release”

  1. Seriyu said

    Given the restrictions they had to work with, I’d say they did decent. Nice to have some variety in weapon levels, even if I didn’t get to use them, better then having constant strings of weapons from 10 to 120. :p

    And wave shields are awesome, not much else to say there really.

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