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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 8/7/09 Release

Posted by 0rik on August 14, 2009

Orik returns to United Lore once more! This release lead to our characters entering the Uppercity with Geopetal’s key, where Jorxlol, a Drow Assassin, aids us in our quest to overthrow the 3rd Lord of Chaos.

The UpperCity


After entering the Uppercity, you soon meet Jorxlol, a Drow Assassin. You may wonder why he helps you… unity of the drows hurts his business, and he needs your help to stop Vath from unifying them! You spy on Vath using the cloak of disapoofing, hunt Draconians, smash eggs, fight a pterodactyl, slay some drows, kill a giant lizard, and exterminate rhino beetles. Also, new items appeared in Snowbeard’s shop.


All of the enemies were new, and a new AC shop was released. The new AC armors didn’t have the ‘1500 ACs for an item’ problem, which was expressed on the forums in the past few releases. Snowbeard’s new items rewarded people who have farmed for Dwarfhold reputation. We also gained a little bit of character development on Vath.


You get to be invisible! But only on your screen. The cloak of disapoofing does not show on other people’s screens. None of the enemies dropped items (at the time of release, this changed the next week).

Overall Grade of Release: 8/10 This release was a great addition to the Dwarfhold zone. It shows Vath’s personality, and gets you one step closer to freeing the dwarves of Dwarfhold.


One Response to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 8/7/09 Release”

  1. Kangi said

    I liked the upper city. But I do have one complaint about AQW. The massive influx of AC items. It seems that there are more AC items in game, than gold or drop items.

    Any more I dread seeing the words New Shop in the DN’s for AQW, since it more than likely means an AC only shop.

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