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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 8/6/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on August 14, 2009

Sorry for lateness, school has resumed for me, so I’ve been a bit busy. This week’s release brought a massive conflict between Gracefang and Nightreign. This wasn’t an easy battle for anyone. Will you fight for the light, or for the right?

Who Is Right? (Resistance is Feudal)


After the events in the Scar of No Man’s Land, Donovan once more wages his assault on his half sister Cenara. His goals, however, seem almost.. Noble. Donovan wishes to unify all of Darkovia and, later, Lore under his banner. He will use whatever force is necessary as well. To this end, he enslaves a Paladin named Coeuraservi with his Dracopyric blood and does the same to many other Paladins. A show of force is needed to convince the races of Darkovia and its human inhabitants that he is the rightful ruler, the true predator. All Undead in Darkovia must be killed, with holy fire at the hands of the enslaved Paladins.

Amiliara Celegra, master Brilhado Necromancer and devout supporter of sentient undead isn’t thrilled by this, nor is Gracefang. And so the war begins.

But what is right? To fight for Unity, no matter what the cost, even if it is forced upon people and is based on the death of innocents? Or should one fight for Justice, even if it means the kind of chaos that brings the Devourer’s wrath? Neither path in this war is good or evil, neither one is just or unjust. It is purely up to you to decide which path to support.

All that said however,  justice prevailed over Donovan’s Paladin forces. Gracefang, with Amiliara’s help, was able to free Coeuraservi from Donovan’s control, and prevent whatever fate may have befallen him. However, this is hardly a victory. Gracefang has lost many of her forces, while Donovan’s true army, safe in Nightbane’s castle, has lost little to none of its fighting force.

Falerin, wonderful Loremaster he is, appears and warns that a great moment in Lore’s history is about to.. Oh wait. He’s late. 😛 He offers to take us to his Abode and show us just how things would have gone had Donovan’s forces been victorious.

The same scene plays forth, but Amiliara is unable to free Coeuraservi from Nightreign’s control. A ghastly scene ensues. It appears that the corrupted Paladin is Nightrein’s Childer, one who shares his blood. Though Nightbane’s Dracopyric blood was imperfect, and unable to be spread, Nightreign does not share this weakness. Coeuraservi becomes one of a new race of Dracopyres: ScarScale!

Fortunately, all of this was merely a possibility. None of it transpired, but Falerin warns that Donovan will no doubt try this technique with others. The conflict has truly reached a new era of Cold War. Now the time has come for answers. The time has come to delve back into the Hall of Memories, into the sea of past memories and occasions, to see just what terror spawned Donovan forth, and what might be done to stop him..


Really, what do you think I’m going to say? Story! This war was rich in storyline, from the opening scenes, right down to the final, thrilling end. The addition of making it two-sided was great as well. Allowing the player to decide the path the story progresses is always a grand thing, especially when it is so difficult as this was. Should a Paladin fight for his order, or for justice? Neither side was right or wrong, merely a choice for the masses to make.

Allowing  people to see how the war would have gone with NR’s victory was a great move, and the next generation of Dracopyres is interesting indeed. This may also pave the way for a future Dracopyre armor and subrace, though only time will tell.

Throughout the war, some of Donovan’s strike teams attacked, boosting the NR war percentage. Not enough to decide the outcome of the war, needless to say, but enough to keep people interested and fighting. These mostly took place when GF had a lead of about 13% or so, to close the gap to a more manageable 5%.


The rewards for this particular war were very underwhelming. The only thing released was a Summon Paladin spell, which allowed you to call upon your newly freed friend Coeuraservi to fight alongside you in battle. That said, he is an almost post-Sweep guest, and was rather powerful, so it wasn’t terribly unremarkable.

Final Grade of Release

Well, this war was amazing, one of the best we’ve had in a very long time. Excellent story, perfect moral problem setting up an excellent two-sided situation, and not too bad rewards. I am proud to give this release 9.5 Twisted Paladin Lords, out of 10.


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