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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 8/1/09 Release

Posted by lemmy7003 on August 4, 2009

Today, Dwarfhold at last opens its doors to us. But, can we help the Dwarves, and defeat Vath, the Chaos Dragonlord, and the 3rd Lord of Chaos?

Dwarfhold, Dwarves, and the 3rd Lord of Chaos!

About: At last, Dwarfhold is open to us. Upon entering, you meet the elder of the dwarves who tells the hero to seek out the memory stone. When we find it, it shows us the event of Vath arriving. Vath and his dragon attacks Dwarfhold, and he uses the power of his Dragon Amulet to enslave them. The elder then sends us to defeat his various minions, and after that, sends us to speak to Geopetal. She gives us some tasks to do, and then we get the key to enter Upper Dwarfhold! Which is coming next week. Perhaps we may come face-to face with Vath himself…

Pros: The quests were good, and so were the drops. I enjoyed the Vath cutscene, and the appearance of one of the DragonFable staff (Geopetal). Dwarfhold looks like a great zone so far, with reputation and new weapons. A dwarf class would be awesome. WOO!

Cons: In my opinion, the boss in the hole, was far  too weak to count as the boss of the area. Also, the Chaotic Draconian are a bit too powerful, but that might have been the point.

Grade of Release: 9.0. A good start to Dwarfhold city, with a cutscene, new enemies, and a minigame! (explained below)

A Dwarf Minigame! (Mine Cart)

About: To the far right of the Dwarfhold area, there is a mine minigame. In this game, you control your hero in a mine cart, jumping over holes and trying to collect gems. You jump by clicking the mouse button, and speed up by pressing the right arrow button.

Pros: Yayz! A minigame in AdventureQuest Worlds! It was well done, but my cons are explained below…

Cons: The game, however, is hard. Sure, its a mini-game, but it is HARD! Sometimes, when you click, it does not jump.

Grade of Release: 7.0. A good first mini-game, but it may require some tweaking.

Weapons, Reputation, Map, OH MY!

About: Firstly, in Snowbeard’s shop. there are several new weapons. Secondly, more reputation daily quests are in Dwarfhold. And thirdly, Dwarfhold has been added to the AQWorlds map.

Pros: More weapons = good! The new weapon art is cool as well! More chances for more rep are great as well. And I just LOOVE the map!

Cons: One of the reputation quests require you to get 30 gems in the minigame. That’s hard.

Grade of Release: 9.5. Great additions to the game!

Overall Grade of Release: 9.0. From a fantastic entrance to Dwarfhold to new weapons, AE barely did a thing wrong! Great job!

Feel free to voice your comments!


One Response to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 8/1/09 Release”

  1. TW25 said

    Actually the Chaotic Draconians are not all that hard. I can solo them very easily as a Mage. I felt the cutscene was weak because it had no sound effects or anything. The dragon roared and it was silent.

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