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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 7/30/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on July 30, 2009

Well here we are again, with another beautiful Thursday. And what has dawned for us on this most glorious of days? The newest of the Uber sets, my friends. Say hello.. To the Kindred.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ouch! (The Kindred Set)


This week saw the release of the yearly Uber. AE has created Ubers every summer for the last several years, and this year is no exception.

Stories of ancient, powerful warriors pass your hearing. These warriors, the Kindred, came into existence when many realms were split, warped apart, warped together… The Reset, essentially. Stories from Falerin and Warlic have placed many of the rumors about the Kindred on Paxia, home of the clans. Paxus tells you that what little of the Kindred remains can be found in a cave nearby. After proving your worth, you enter the cave and meet Iaitsu, the final of the new Kindred. The rest of his family were killed by a terrible being called the Nefrosanctus.

In awakening the old powers of the Kindred, they also released this beast, who took his vengeance on those who sealed him. After proving your worth to Iaitsu, you offer to help him destroy this beast, and he agrees. The beast, which resembles an angel and a demon warped together, is a tough foe, but you and Iaitsu defeat him, and the Kindred set is yours! As the scene fades out, a voice from another realm can be heard saying ‘A grand experiment takes a new twist… perhaps Lore is ready for the return of the true Kindred after all…’

This set differs from many others in existence. It already follows much of the post-Sweep criteria, but actually has skills. Not like class armors, no, but much more than simple attack skills like the other Ubers. This armor has the ability to ‘Focus’. This makes your character skip a turn and heal a small amount of HP. Though it seems somewhat weak, once you have focused for five turns, you can unleash the power you’ve stored in one great attack, usually hitting in the upper triple digits! The sword and shield also compliment this ability, with the shield healing you and the sword modifying BtH.


This quest had a lot of story within it. It really shed a lot of light on just what the Reset did, merging realms and dividing others. The main antagonist, the Nefrosanctus, was thought to be a servant of The’Galin that followed its own agenda, similar to Ryuusei. Iaitsu revealed that the Nefrosanctus never served The’Galin. The entire Kindred group were formed to fight creatures from other dimensions, and they float on time from realm to realm. All in all, a very good way to add depth to this quest.

And let us not forget the pure beauty of the Kindred set! This is by far the most tactical of all the Ubers, deviating from the ‘Attack button, attack button, attack button’ problem all you critics tout. 😉 This is a very unique set, and is well worth the difficulty it takes to get it.

In addition to all of this, the boss of this quest was just brilliant. The Nefrosanctus had a lot of the new status system built into it, with the ability to stun and reduce BtH, adding a lot of strategy. Iaitsu was also an excellent guest, with a deep backstory and powerful attacks, showing just what the future of guests Post-Sweep will be like.


Cons, cons.. I can’t really find many. There was a lack of heals in some occasions, and quite a few tough opponents could be found, but then again this is a quest for an Uber set. I would also have liked the Kindred set to have its own area, rather than just tacking it on to Paxia. But I can see why this was done, as it makes a lot of sense.

Final Grade of Release’

First of all.. Booyah, I’m on time! Anyway, this year’s Uber set is very nice indeed, with powerful new techniques that add a lot of strategy to the armor. Let’s not forget that post-Sweep, all Uber armors will be given special abilites like this. I am pleased to give this release 9.5 Black Goatees, out of 10.


3 Responses to “AdventureQuest: Analysis of 7/30/09 Release”

  1. orodalf said

    False! Nefrosanctus wasn’t a follower of the Devourer; he was thought to be, but he wasn’t.

    Nice review, and I thought it was a nice quest, too. The armor… me like as well.

  2. Ah! Sorry, lack of communication, as Ratt might say. I thought he meant that, while the Nefrosanctus was affiliated with The’Galin, he was a terrible servant. My mistake, I’ll edit that in. I took a look at the Info Submission post and I see it the right way now.

    Thanks again Orodalf. You’re a good critic, and a great reader. 😛

  3. Seriyu said

    Definatly the best uber set quest yet, and I’m looking forward to see what other abilities the other ubers get, along with if their quests will be redone to give them a bit of a storyline. :p

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