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AdventureQuest: The Exciting Future!

Posted by alabamapitty on July 16, 2009

They’ll be no release today, as AE decided to make this week’s AQ update coincide with the release of WarForce to the masses. So I decided to channel my abilities and give you all a look at what AE has cooked up for us in the future!


Many of you may have thought that in the rush for WarpForce (which is just around the corner w00t!) we had forgotten AdventureQuest. This is not the case at all. Indeed, I personally had a hand in animating some of the recent teasers and work on AdventureQuest is going ahead full steam. I recently got to play through a new Paladin versus Undead war preliminarily scheduled to come out right around my birthday that also marks the epilogue of the GraceFang – NightReign cycle (though hall of memories updates will continue). Naturally I cannot give you all the details but lets just say that it deals with major moral questions, and the very future of some significant NPCs. Amilara Celegra, the son of Diviara from the Devourer saga, guest stars in a major role. The very future of the game hangs in the balance, and with the hall of memories firmly in place, you will for the first time ever get to see what might have happened if the war had gone the opposite way!

You know from previous design notes that Assassin class is indeed in the near future. We had hoped to have it out within this month, in fact. However logistically that self imposed deadline is unrealistic, but stay tuned because it is very much being worked on and it will be worth every second of your wait. I have seen the work on it though and it is schweet! Like some of our other new classes, i.e. martial artist, assassin is not a simple linear class with only one view. Two assassin trainers will take you on a battle through the dark underbelly of hired hit men that makes Krovesport proper look like Club Med and quite unlike someย other games and stories, these assassins are not romanticized heroes with a secret mission, or heroic protagonists seeking to avenge some ancient wrong. No they are gritty mercenaries, paid to kill and exceptionally good at it! We want to be sure to get assassin right, right out the door, so we are developing, revising, and revamping extra vigorously. Of course the best laid plans of mice and men are still doomed to being crushed beneath the weight of Murphy’s evil law so things will probably get past our notice anyway, but it wont be for lack of diligence on our part!

And in coming months, the battle against the Demipower of War comes to a conclusion but it is just the beginning of the troubles Lore begins to face as several other Demipowers become a massive problem as time moves forward, and when the force that is acting behind them all is finally revealed… It may alter AQ forever!

And very shortly, the WarpForce Crossover Launch arrives, and with it the beginning of a an all new adventure allowing you to play in AQ and WF!

All this and coming soon parodies of Terminator, Dragonball, and a major epic story arc parodying Star Trek’s mirror universe:

An alternate version of Ryuusei Cartwright leaves his own alternate Terra, and begins searching alternate versions of Lore, trying to find our own. He is on a mission to discover if the rumors of his Dark Analog’s (our own Ryuusei’s) return are true. When he arrives on one alternate Lore in particular, he finds all is not well, as the Dark Necromancer Artix Von Krieger has raised a vast army of undead. Even as he faces this problem, we have our own troubles in our universe. The Network sloppily and partially uncreates the resistant planet Coren, breaking the planet up into meteors of twisted bizarre uncreated matter that begin spiraling through space and time on a collision course with Lore in not just one timeline but several of them.

These events spawn a major WarpForce crossover war and a continued ongoing battle on AQ.

Can von Krieger be stopped from using these “Bizarre Flecks” of uncreation to not only enslave undead but the minds of the living as well? Lores’ future hangs in the balance, both of them! And as if that’s not enough, imagine what happens when Ryuusei comes face to face with himself!

If you think this synopsis gives away too much you are in for a big surprise because it does not even scratch the surface of what’s coming.

That’s the first of the Storyline developer’s notes that Falerin posted.

I have to say, this is a truly exciting time for AQ, as it seems that a great many epic events are coming. I’ll go into some of the questions this no doubt brought up in another post.

Anyway, the Bizarre Fleck saga will truly be interesting, pulling on alternate realms and a great amount of Network activity. It’s very interesting to see that the Network is advancing to the level of attempting to Uncreate. This really shows that they’re a true menace, and will give WarpForce a lot of importance.

Let’s see, what else.. Ah yes, Assassin! This class, the first Tier Three class that will be released, promises to be very nice. It’s a hybrid class, meaning that those from the entire spectrum of builds will be able to take advantage of it, particularly those with a wider variety of stats (Yours truly ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) . Having two paths like Martial Artist is a great idea, and I’ll definitely have to think on just which path a I want to take, as the two will no doubt hold very distinct play styles.

And now, more develepor notes!

Well its that time again. This Friday mark’s the public release of WarpForce, and AQs first crossover with the Game. The Network wishes to stop the final launch of the L.S.S. Alteon, and it is up to you to stop them. Login, to AQ for background information on WarpForce you can see no where else including some significant updates on several significant events since the Devourer saga and hints of things to come.

Also within the next month or so several significant AQ events will take place including the ultimate finale of the GranceFang / NightReign saga. It is paladin’s versus undead, but there are no easy answers for those involved. The fate of Lore rests on questions that shatter stereotypes and reshape Darkovia, forever. This finale ultimately serving as the setup for what in the future will be the revised Shadowslayer class!

Also in Darkovia, the Hall of Memories will continue, you will be able explore the past with the next great installment, “The Shadowscythe” door.

Yet Falerin’s assurance that all that the doors show is safe is called into question when the “Mysterious Guest” SEES you looking into his past!

I was recently saddened to learn about the passing of pitchman Billy Mays, while Ron Popeil may have invented the infomercial, Mays was certainly a master of the artform. His passing is a loss amid a sea of recent celebrity losses. As was already mentioned in a previous set of developer notes we already planned on a Terminator Parody, that also stepped us through great moments in infomercial history. This quest has become something of a tribute and memorial to Billy and will recognize him officially therein. Not only with several parody mentions, including Vince’s unseen assistant “Willy Julys”, but also with a direct dedication to the master himself.

And we have not forgotten Assassin and Bizarre Fleck either. They are still in active development and are looking to be some wild adventures.

All this and, the newest Uber Set, the water themed, Kindred set, is also coming shortly!


I can barely contain my excitement!

And I cannot blame him. The future of AQ is truly exciting, and I love the path that the team is taking it! This saga will be truly epic, and I hope all of you are as excited as I am! ๐Ÿ˜€


5 Responses to “AdventureQuest: The Exciting Future!”

  1. StJason said

    Am I the only one tired of the phrase “…may may alter AQ/Lore forever!”

    “Alex Krieger has to go to the bathroom! But suddenly realizes he is out of toilet paper! Will he hold it long enough to get to the store, or go without wiping? It’s a decision that may alter Lore forever!” Blarg.

  2. Feel lucky that I have a sense of humor Jason. Grrr… ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. ReverendWyrm said

    Heh, thankfully I’m working on a new storyline that will NOT alter the face of Lore forever. It will simply add new villains, story arcs, and an insane NPC with a giant EVIL spork! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Art On!

  4. Zeke said

    Paladin and Necromancer are both Tier 3. Assassin is the THIRD tier 3 class released XD

    However, it will be the 1st to be “swept”. At least, it should be.

    Just a mistake ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Well, it’s the first as far as actual power goes. They are Tier Three, but they don’t act like it. What I’m saying is, they’ll be swept to match the current Tier Three power. While Assassin will have it from when it’s released.

    That’s what I meant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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