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MechQuest: Analysis of 7/02/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on July 4, 2009

AE reminds us of why we love their games so much with a truly jam-packed, awesome Lagos finale that nearly salvages the mediocrity that was the war before this release.

Lagos Finale (Storyline)


(SPOILERS ABOUND, REPEAT, SPOILERS ABOUND) The Lagos finale was nothing short of jam-packed, and the storyline conclusions did not disappoint. We start the finale in Robina’s hideout, where Robina tells us she wants to find a worthy successor to take her place as Captain Rhubarb. Who does she pick? Kringle of course, who immediately declines the offer, citing numerous valid reasons why he shouldn’t become Rhubarb. But he does have an idea: He uses the power of The Gift and infuses it into Rhubarb, giving the Captain new life. Now Kringle is finally rid of The Gift, and it has become Rhubarb’s task to protect it with his life.

Next we head to Arthuria with Robina to take care of some “unfinished business”: Dethroning the evil Prime Minister Constantine. Captain Rhubarb triumphantly appears from the ship and tells the citizens of Constantine’s evil secret slavery, proving it by dispatching a portion of the ground beneath Arthuria, revealing working slaves. With this not-so-surprising revelation, Constantine enters his mecha does battle with us (the gall…), and upon losing, is arrested by Arthurian police and taken into custody. Thus ends what is being called “Volume 1” of Planet Lagos, which clearly leaves the door open for future volumes of this zone.


Yes, yes, yes, and tack on some more yeses for dramatic effect. AE flat-out nailed this release, from the plot conclusions to the cutscenes to the final battle to pretty much everything. The plot itself was very well done and makes up for the mediocre plot of the last two weeks, especially the twist of bringing Rhubarb back to life using The Gift. Possibly the best aspect of this release had to be the mass cutscenes that ensued throughout the finale. All throughout we received numerous cutscenes illustrating the aspects of the release, and I was just shocked at the quality and quantity of them. AE went above and beyond my wildest expectations, and they really contributed immensely to the quality of the release. To top it off, the boss battle against Constantine was also well-done and provided a nice challenge on the higher difficulties.


The only area in which I can really criticize this truly awesome release was that I was just a little disappointed that the ShadowScythe did not make any appearance at all, effectively rendering the whole Volume 1 of Lagos virtually pointless to the overarching main storyline. Having said that, I can definitely see future volumes incorporating the ShadowScythe as they inevitably hunt down Rhubarb, and with the SS making a repeat return to Westion in its own Volume 2, this seems like a very distinct possibility. Only time will tell, I guess.

Grade of Release.

9.5/10. Only the minor setback that was the lack of ShadowScythe content keeps this release from receiving the ultimate score, but AE should be immensely proud of the conclusion of what was already an overall great Lagos storyline. It certainly redeemed much of what was lost during the war, and ends Volume 1 on the right note it deserves. Bravo. 🙂

Lagos Finale (Mecha)


The massive storyline conclusion to Volume 1 of the Lagos saga did not end with just story, as two new mecha models were released for us to dive into. The Pirate-based Raider is the more popular of the two mecha, and for good reason:

'Nuff said.

'Nuff said.

The Raider is based off of specials that last for many turns, causing a myriad of random effects each turn the special is active both on you and your opponent. The other rare mecha, the Eagle, is no slouch either, with a lot of different effects, ranging from attack buffs and enemy attack nerfs to DoTs to some other cool options. Both of these mecha are available in non-SC and NG variety, although some of the default weapons have SC-only effects that make the mecha even stronger.


I really love both of them, especially the Raider and its unique approach to specials all coordinating with one another in similar ways. They were both very well-designed and are original in their own ways, and are definitely worth buying (and utilizing). I can tell AE spent some good time creating and developing both these mecha, and it shows in the final product. I also really like the large amount of levels these mecha are available at, as it’s something AE didn’t do with the Fourth of July mecha.


I guess you could say in the face of some of other powerful mecha released recently these mecha don’t exactly hold up particularly well, especially the non-SC versions without SC specials, but that’s really only a minor complaint I can give this aspect of the release.

Grade of Release

9.5/10. AE should be very proud of these two new mecha, and it’s a shame they will have to be become rares. 😦

Fourth of July Mecha


In honor of the United State’s upcoming Independence Day holiday, AE has released a new mecha 4oj mecha in three level variants (8, 17, 33), closely resembling last year’s edition. This year’s version is a stunning machine, with impressive auto-stunning arms (two chances to stun, activating even if you miss) and an immobility resistance lowering (and stacking) body and head. A nice DoT is included on both shoulders as well (not stackable). Oh, and I forgot to mention that the body also does Warbear-shaming damage on a regular basis. I’m talking 200+ average damage with no buffs.


It seems as though these mecha are being overshadowed by the Lagos mecha, but these deserve just as much credit. I love the stunning strategic approach, especially since we really don’t have any stunning-exclusive mecha models in the game. The body is also ridiculously deadly, and adds an excellent offensive aspect to the mecha. I also really like the look of the mecha, and its death animation is awesome. 🙂


Having said all that, I feel AE could have done a few things better with this mecha. I was expecting more fireworks and explosions than what was ultimately released, and the mecha as a whole is rather bland and unexciting besides the body, with identical arms and shoulders. I was also disappointed with the lack of level variety, releasing in only three levels.

Grade of Release

8.5/10. A nice, worthy addition to the 4oj mecha series, although not without some defusing faults that somewhat diminish its excellent power.

Overall Grade of Release

9.5/10. This release as a whole definitely ranks up there with the best of MQ releases, thanks in large part to a massive amount of content and storyline, three new mecha models, a boss battle, and some of AE’s best cutscenes ever. I had a blast playing through the finale and trying out the new mecha, and hopefully this will put AE back on the right track after an otherwise underwhelming war finale.


4 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 7/02/09 Release”

  1. Lemmy7003 said

    THe boss was fantastic. He was truely a challange that proved worthy against my mech. I hope AE creates bosses like this in the future…

  2. Spwnt said

    Err… I thought the Raider was Pirate based?

  3. mechquestlord said

    holy chickencow cheese eggs! when i still had the lvl 20 eagle (i am sc) i could beat the lvl 30 extreme sc battles or at least half of them and i am now lvl 30. i regret selling that eagle and regret not getting a higher lvl version for when i could use it. it. was. insane. well maybe if you were sc and used the head up combo rinse and repeat. and i even regret not getting a raider because of the fact i hate pirates for having snipers who destroyed my cool as mechas. i like authrian mechs because of the dmg total and hate pirate mechs cause they cant beat extreme mode.

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