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MechQuest: Analysis of 6/26/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 26, 2009

The war on Lagos drags trudges onwards with a release that, for me, puts it at the pits of AE hell with a development decision that I not only disagree completely with, but absolutely despise as a whole.

The Final Battle – AKA The Ultimate Failure


With the war tremendously favoring the Arthurians at a nearly 2:1 ratio and only mere percents away from finishing the deal, AE thrown a ginormous curveball, implementing another mini-war to give the Pirates a last-ditch attempt to win this thing. The Pirates have begun their invasion of the Arthurian Flying Fortress as the Arthurians march on to destroy Crow’s Nook. Here’s the catch: If the Pirates can get more victories than the Arthurians this weekend alone (and this has its own mini-war counter, heavily favoring the Arthurians as expected thus far), then the war will even out back to 0% on both sides and the war will continue in a last-ditch effort on both sides to win the war. On the other hand, if when the Arthurians win this miniwar, the war will end with an Arthurian victory. The release itself does not introduce any new quests, enemies, weapons, etc., but does include these new plot implementations and some starship swag.


*laughs* The… uh… er… backgrounds were… uh… nice? Starship swag was good too?


*stops laughing immediately and composes self* I will be writing a more in-depth post on why AE’s decision to literally give the Pirates a completely unrealistic, improbable, and undeserving means of winning the war = utter, absolute failure soon after this post. So for now I’ll just say that I absolutely hated it, not only from an Arthurian perspective, but from a neutral standpoint, and it’s a major reason why this release will get the score it’s about to get (hint: not good). But even if you can somehow discount this major oversight, the release was pretty bad anyways. Another mini-war? Is that really necessary? No new enemies? No new quests? Heck, not even any new weapons, which this war has become known for? All we get is some new text and some starship swag? I feel like this is some incredibly belated April Fool’s joke, even though I know it’s not.

Overall Grade of Release

3.0/10. It pains me to give a release such an abominable score as this (heck, it’s half the *shudders* AGBI!), but I think it’s the only I can get the message across. This release transcended “bad” and entered a new pit of AE hell, a pit that is seldom, if ever entered because of how great AE’s releases are on a weekly basis. Quite frankly, this release was a completely failure, continuing to degrade what will probably become a very negative legacy of this “epic” Lagos war conclusion. I guess the good news is releases like this are so few and far between they really shouldn’t be cause for concern, but I will say that this coupled with last week’s lackluster release gives me pause for a bit of worry. I’m hoping the conclusion next week will somewhat make up for the rest of the war and revive some of the awesomeness that was the Lagos storyline before the war began. :/

/mega fumes


10 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 6/26/09 Release”

  1. Meister874 said

    You know, with this, I realized: Robina is really the cruelest leader between Barbarossa, Robert, and herself as Rhubarb.

    She is basically pitting two groups against each other (one being of her Nationality, the other being the group she united under a banner) and letting the bodies pile up. No matter how you look at it, Robina is basically the “Bloody Princess” of MQ at this time.

  2. Lemmy7003 said

    I belive that is Peanut’s lowest score ever. And he gives good scores.

    • Yeah, this is definitely the lowest score I’ve ever given, by a large margin too. I’m usually not as critical of releases because I don’t think they should be judged on any kind of a harsh scale, but I can’t just ignore releases like this. :/

  3. Spwnt said

    Hey Peanut, are you a Pirate or Arthurian?

  4. Zeke said

    AGBI can come back if the other option would be to bring back this one >.>

  5. The war-that-shall-not-be-named, yes.

    Anyway, I thought this was a rather bad move by AE as well. “Well, you pirates can’t win, but we’ll rub that in the wound by giving you another chance to lose.” That’s what I kinda saw in this situation, at least. Still, we all know the war will soon be over, so maybe it can be redeemed by cutscenes and rewards. Maybe.

  6. ZamuelNow said

    I think the problem was not the the Pirates were given a chance at recovery, but rather the fact that they were given a chance at an outright 1:1 reconcilliation (and that it was implemented so late). Intriguingly, this was actually the single most innovative thing in the War. It’s just that a valid concept (last ditch effort) was extremly lackluster in the actual execution.

    I really like Starship rewards but my problem is that the actual rewards are “missing something”. We got some trophies, some flags, and some action figures. Standard. The ability to rewatch the cutscene is nice and I’m assuming that the map will be an easy way to do your deep sea diving. Problem is that while there’s some War stuff, it’s lacking in just regular Pirate and Arthurian things like a mast & rigging or a decorative suit of armor. Also struck me as odd that you could get both side’s rewards from one store.

  7. mechquestlord said

    YAY authrians the mechs rule all. the pirates look at nerf effects while authrian get the edge with damage. a lvl 20 sc with max power + authrian eagle is capable of beating lvl 30 chalenge till the shadowschythe come. aka authrians rule. pirates however are more backstabber type so its odd that i a mystraven chooses authria as better. NOT!!!11!!1!!!1! i was more suited to wolfblade but when my chance came my only ticket to wolfblade came i was still a mystraven. gave up my ticket out of mystraven.

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