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Dragonfable: Anaylsis of 5/29/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on June 11, 2009

And now, another! No worries folks, I’m almost done with my DF blogging, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with me for much longer. Now.. Who wants to.. Terminate? 😉

I Am De Fightuhnatuh! (Ex Machina)


With the war in Popsprocket almost ready, things are almost ready to begin. However, not without some more.. Interesting parodies. While planning the war with Yix, you are visited by a Cyklon from the future named Dave v384.16 Dave is from a future where Cyklons have replicated and taken over almost all of Lore. He intends to stop them from terminating all life. 😉 With help from you, he makes it to Sepulchure and taunts him into wanting ALL Cyklons dead. He is destroyed, sadly, but not without.. Starting a war. What a great legacy.


Well, the obvious Terminator reference was very nice. I loved it, at least. xD The cinematics, riding to Sepulchure’s fortress and Dave’s death, were also nice additions, and added some depth to the quest. Good to see some extra content to liven up the war a little. The rewards, powerful Disease weapons, were also nice to see.


While this was a good release, it was lacking in a few areas. It seemed almost completely random to add something like this, even when it was a reference to the Terminator franchise. The cinematics made it difficult to farm the quest for the weapon you wanted, which was bothersome. But oh well, not too big a deal.


Pretty good quest, I must say, and rather funny. Good rewards too. 7.5/10

Fishing.. For Brains? (DoomWood Fishing)


Time for another nice, refreshing fishing trip down at.. Doomwood? Yepp, that’s right folks. Doomwood is now a prime fishing spot for everyone, sporting more than 40 new fish and 10 new fishing ranks!  So grab your lycan-proof fishing boots, and get out there!


Well, there was a lot for this new fishing expansion. Forty new fish, ten new fishing ranks, and even some new temporary items for use in combat if you catch em! The art for this zone was great, as was the huge diversity of new fish. From Scythefish, to Pillfins, to the infamous King Crabcake, there was a lot to see in Doomwood.


Well, this area was DA-Only. And with the low points on the original fishing hole, it’ll take some people forever to reach the new Rank 30. The fish tank can also get a wee bit crowded, what with all of the 40 or so fish it has in there.


Though it is DA-Only, it is a nice new addition to the fising family, and to the temporary item family that is growing to be a great addition to battle. Why, it’s a 9/10.

Eat the Mushroom Mario.. (Slushroom Princess)


At last! A Super Mario parody! Ash is once again on the search for royal blood to deliver from evil, and here we are! After fighting through hordes of evil mushrooms and turtles and making to to the cstale of the evil Browser, Ash succeeds.. In not finding the princess, who is in another castle. Whoops. =P However, after running from the original Princess (Who ate a powerful flower to come back to human form, and was wreaking havoc on Ash for all the times he kissed her), Ash comes across he armor of a deceased warrior. Since it’s in good shape, he dons it, and gets a cool new look.


Yay! A Mario parody, at long last! I’m suprised that it took AE this long to create one, but it is good to see it in an AK quest. The quest was well done and funny, from the cool castle of Bowser, to the revival of th efirst princess with a power flower. Needless to say, a new look for Ash is great, and the offensive boost he can get is also a great bonus.


This was a rather difficult quest, what with the annoying Slushrooms all over the place. I often found myself running low on HP and MP, what with all the times I and my other character missed. And Ash.. Whay are you putting on a dead guy’s armor?!


Great quest, and Ash’s new art is great! I can’t wait to see his actual ArchKnight armor.  8.5/10

Free Ranged Ch.. Warriors? (Evolved Chickencow Armor)


Well, after a few weeks of expectation, the new CCA was released! It was in the merge shop for the required materials, and also in Cysero’s Superstore of Savings for 500 DC’s. It features a new sprig of golden leaves, like those given to Greek heroes!


Well, it’s good to see the ECCA finally released. The new additions to the armor are very nice, and complete the theme of being a Chickencow. It has some beautifully animated and powerful skills, and is a pretty good reward for the Bacon quest chain.


All that said.. The armor sucks. It’s just the normal CCA with a sprig of golden leaves on top, and some lackluster skills. Quite a few are elementized, and many are just not worth the time you put into getting the armor. I suppose ot’s better than the original, but not at all what was expected.


While it did have some obvious and very large problems, I still have love in my heart for the Chickencow armor. Thus, I will bless it with 7/10.

Final Grade of Release

With all that came this week, it was a great release. Fishing, a build up to the Popsprocket war, and even a new armor. This was a pretty good week, and so it gets an 8/10.


4 Responses to “Dragonfable: Anaylsis of 5/29/09 Release”

  1. Ah, glad to see I’m not the only one who had difficulty with the latest AK quest. I was really hoping my main character wasn’t that bad. 😛

  2. Oh no! I hate those mushrooms. They’re the most difficult enemies to hit in the entire game, serious.

  3. Cyouni said

    I ran out of potions, even with my main character there.
    Once again, I remember how much I hate mushrooms…

  4. Simidorl said

    heh, this is completely unrelated but why didn’t he just pick up the armor of all the already undead guys he killed?

    anyways great release too bad since i only play the AK part of DF now my main char’s too nooby to help myself out. oh well

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