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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 6/3/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on June 10, 2009

Almost done ladies and gentleman. This week we got a unique and interesting quest, and a new implement that was rather.. Controversial. I’ll get to that. Anyway, it’s time to delve into the world of Volu, and the pride he has over.. Well, you’ll see.

The Forgotten Quest (Volu’s Pride!) 

(^I’ll explain the name in a bit)


Well, here we are, in a very unique place. The Grogh swamplands, alongside everyone’s favorite berserker, Eselgee! He wants you to help him find a weapon called the Eevolu somewhere in the swamp. His reason? SMASH! Self explanatory, I think. After fighting a few good battles, you meet a few Asgir warriors. The Asgir are powerful warriors, long thought completely destroyed. However, they seem to be doing well the Grogh swamplands. After warning you against searching for the Eevolu, they leave, and you resume your search. Can’t we heed a warning every now and then? xD Soon after than, you come into contact with a powerful creature, resembling one of the Seeker’s… Volu. He’s not the social type though, and knocks Eselgee away with a flick of his wrist, then retreats to some hidey hole in the swamp. After meeting and subsequently being attacked by the Asgir warriors you met earlier, you follow Volu, and find his little secret. After leaving the Seekers and learning some druidic magic from the Asgir, he found a way to grow weapons! The Eevolu, as it is called. They can grow and develop, eventually becoming the Reevolu and the Treevolu, powerful weapons. Of course, Eselgee wants it, and a fight with Volu ensues. You win, and gain access to all the versions of the new, leafy weapon.


This quest added some to a very old, unloved area: The Grogh Swamplands. Usually, the only thing that can be found there is the search for plants and giant worms, but it’s good to see a little added to this old locale. The weapons, the emain focus of this release, were excellent! The Eevolu, an earth weapon, was available to everyone, which was good for Adventurers needing a powerful earth weapon. The Reevolu was a strong darkness weapon, on par with the darkness weapons from a few weeks back, and required a Guardian character (However, an Adventurer on that same account could also buy it). Finally, we have the Treevolu. Remember that controversy I told you about? Well, it starts here. This weapons requires.. Two Guardian characters on an account. :O It’s a powerful water weapon.


Ok, everything about the quest was good, and it was all within bounds for AE to do. I’ll discuss the Two-Guardian decision below.

Final Grade of Release

Alright, here we go: AE did not do a bad thing when they made the Treevolu shop for people with two Guardian characters. Regardless what anyone says, this was just a small token from AE to those who showed special devotion and support to AE and upgraded twice. It was merely a gesture of gratitude. This was only one weapon, and yet we saw people quit, flame, curse, insult, and just act like small children. The staff admitted that it was a bad choice (I don’t think it was) and that it wouldn’t be done again, and they still attacked AE. One person even threatened to sue AE for breaching the Guardian agreement. It wasn’t. by the way. Since even Adventurers could access the shop (So long as they had two Guardian characters on the same account). That is why I call this the Forgotten Quest, for it must be cast into the past and left to the darkness there. Not a good moment for the AE community. If Captain Rhubarb or Galanoth read this.. Sorry guys! =( Anyway, I give this controversial release 8 Crazy Guys With Lawyers, Out of 10.


3 Responses to “AdventureQuest: Analysis of 6/3/09 Release”

  1. Seriyu said

    I personally disliked it, and I don’t have any problem with it as long as there is some way for people without 2 guardians to get a hold of the item. I don’t care if it is double the price, it’s just the principle. I’m not against making it cheaper for multiple guardians or something, that would be a nice thank you, IMO.

    I wouldn’t mind other “multiple guardian centric” items, like Chii threw out the idea of a weapon that gets damage boosts from having multiple guardians on the account. I would totally be all for that, it’s a nice way to thank them, without locking single guardians out of shops.

    At any rate, I tihnk we can all agree that the thread got rather stupid later on, with the varying legal threats and angry posts in general. I think it was a valid concern, that got blown waaaaaaay out of proportion. :p

  2. Chii is a very smart person, and threw out a great idea, yes. But yeah, as one who saw a gut firsthand say, “I’ll sue!”, then I can confirm it: Stupidity came, saw, and made me cry. 😉

  3. Seriyu said

    Yeeaaaah, Sueing is definatly overboard. Although to say a good thing about the quest, it’s good to see the asgir show up in the game, and not just be another Z-token item. :p

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