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Arthurians vs. Pirates: ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 9, 2009

“The biggest war in MechQuest history!” (MQ Homepage)

“Get ready for the largest war in MechQuest history!” (MQ DN’s May 29)

Easier said than done…

Now that I’ve drawn you in with that incredibly enticing hook, I’ll get to the crux of this post right off the bat: The Arthurians vs. Pirates War has not impressed me at all. Plain and simple, it just hasn’t panned out. It started nicely, with an interesting two-sided format, solid storyline progression, and promises that this would be a massive, game-changing war. And so far it hasn’t delivered.

Yes, the new two-sided quest with Kringle has some interesting potential, and yes, the new weapons added to the shop and Ebilcorp’s arrival have been welcome additions, but we haven’t had what Zamuel accurately called an “Oh snap” moment: Something that happens or occurs in the war that makes you pretty much awestruck at its greatness. We have seen it before: Mogloween’s crazy attention to detail, Valor Badges, the ridiculously awesome storyline of the Crystal Asteroid War, and others have changed the way wars function throughout MechQuest’s history and have made wars what they are today.

I was hoipng the Arthurians vs. Pirates War would follow suit and add something truly great to the war atmosphere that AE is known for creating. And considering the hype this war received prior to its release, I would have to say those expectations were justified. However, there isn’t that one thing that has really delivered so far. The two-sided format was intriguing, but it isn’t really anything special, especially considering the mass one-sidedness so far. There is still room for this war to create its own place in MQ history and it still may very well do that, but so far I have not been impressed, and was really hoping for a lot more at this juncture of the war.


One Response to “Arthurians vs. Pirates: ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz”

  1. Seriyu said

    Yeah, I have to say, the war has just turned into a really long one sided, generic war. I’m hoping next week the event added will help out and add something new, but it’s pretty generic so far. I like the idea of adding new missions as the war progresses, but once a week is too slow. Maybe as bars get to certain points or something, a new mission is added.

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