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MechQuest: Analysis of 6/5/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 7, 2009

This week’s release had three parts to it: The new Warbear monthly SC mecha, the new Ebilcorp weapons shop, and one new mission for each side of the war.

Warbear Monthly Star Captain Mecha


Arguably the main and most hyped-up aspect of this release, the Warbear hit Tek’s Mechs this week to replace the Strider as the new June rare SC mecha. The Warbear is a PURE (PURE PURE PURE PURE) offensive mecha in every sense of the word PURE. Its FA, BA, and shoulders all have 100% chances for major damage boosts (a.k.a. don’t pay any attention to the listed damages ;)) and the body does an auto-critical (200% damage). In addition, the head weapon is the only remotely strategic default weapon on the Warbear, since while it only does “normal” listed damage, it boosts damage and accuracy by 10% each turn for the next 4 turns. The mecha has no defensive capabilities whatsoever, if you’re even remotely wondering.


Now that I’ve thought about, I realized that MechQuest was really in need of a pure offensive firepower mecha. Sure, there have been solid offensive mechs in the past, but nothing that pure offensive like the Warbear is. It may seem overpowered, but I’ve concluded it isn’t, due to its complete and utter lack of any defensive abilities whatsoever (which can be a major problem against newer enemies), its low health, and its default weapon’s increased energy usage.


I have to say, AE really did a great job with the Warbear and it has certainly lived up to the hype, so I don’t have any major complaints against it. I would have liked to see some other offensive specials on the default weapons other than “SUPAH BONUS DAMAGE”, and while the head is good at accomplishing that, it’s the extent of the strategy of the mecha.

Grade of Release

9.5/10. Overall, AE once again impressed with the second monthly rare SC mecha, creating what will hopefully be a continuing trend of these powerful, original mechs.

Arthurians vs. Pirates War Missions


An escape pod crash landed in orbit and both the Arthurians and Pirates are interested in who was in it. The quest can be played from the the Arthurian or Pirates perspective. Ultimately, the Pirates get to the escape pod first and find a familiar sight (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT), old Kringle, that crazy old guy from last Frostval who had “The Gift”. The first word he utters is Robina, so the Pirates decide to hold him hostage and see what information they can get from him, assuming he has any information at all.


The plot elements of this two-sided quest were great to see, and I loved having a familiar face reenter the game in a mysterious manner such as this. I’m very interested to see how this side plot will develop, and the idea of a two-sided quest to race to a certain object was a great idea.


The quest itself was pretty robust and unoriginal, as it used the same backgrounds, enemies, and setup as previous Lagos quests, including the first SC mission in the war.

Grade of Release

8.5/10. The overused quest style balanced out the excellent plot to create the 8.5 given here. I’m very excited to see how the side plot will sort itself out.

Ebilcorp’s Grand Entrance


Yes, that’s right, Ebilcorp (note: NOT Evilcorp) has made their grand appearance in this major war. Zorbak’s hologram has come with a neutral stand on the war and a boatload of Nova Gem weapons of all shapes and sizes for all players to enjoy.


Just a ton of all kinds of weapons, including a good load of non-Front Arms *collective gasp from the crowd*. Yes, while there was a share of Front Arm weapons in the pile, the majority were not, and that’s great to see. The weapons themselves are all excellent with all kinds of specials (although only a few are really worth it, to be honest) and provide some nice new options for players.


Obviously, 100% Nova Gem is going overboard, and while I can understand a good sum of the weapons to be Nova Gem only, making them all NG was excessive.

Grade of Release

9.0/10. The all-NG allotment of the weapons is the only thing that brings this release down, as the weapons themselves were excellently designed and implemented.

Overall Grade of Release

9.0/10. Overall, AE put together a jam-packed release that satisfied my MechQuest appetite for the week. It wasn’t perfect, but three different quality releases are nothing to scoff at.


4 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 6/5/09 Release”

  1. Kangi said

    I like the War Bear, though I have seen a few people hinting around about wanting it nerfed. For a Mech that has no defensive moves, it needs the high damage to survive.

    As for the new side mission. I did not care for it that much to be honest. It would be nice to see more info about what is going to happen to Kringle.

  2. StJason said

    Thank you for removing all desire to ever field a War Bear. I kinda liked the look, and the little drone things in the shoulders might have been interesting. But another “1 Sh00+z U 2 mUh!” mech? Blah.

  3. ZamuelNow said

    Due to how dangerous and powerful it actually is, I vastly preferred “EvilCorp” over “EbilCorp”…

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