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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 4/30/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on May 27, 2009

I’m ashamed of myself, to be unable to keep up with AQ in a consecutive manner like this. Still, I’ll get it together guys, I’m so sorry I do this procrastination. every week. Anyway, on our plate for this release is everyone’s favorite ice-cream loving moglin– TWIG!!

Wooking Fow Wove (Twig’s Dilemma!) 


Once again, we find ourselves following the antics of Twig, the crazy host to the Avatar of Peace. But what’s up with him this time? Hehe… Love. Twig has fallen in love with a charming young moglin by the name of Daisy. Poor little fellow doesn’t really know how to impress her though, so he comes to you, the strapping, strong Adventurer, for help. So where do you send him? Why, the Mogbusters, of course! Adamog and Jamog are true cool cats, they can help with love! These two guys recommend that Twig get some ‘skills’ to impress Daisy with. So off you go to help him with said task. First, you head beneath the waves to see the Lorian Idol, all versions of which are based on puns of actual winners (Jordan Sharks, Carrie Undersea, etc.) This task, of course, fails, at which point you head to Geyser Springs for a little fishing practice! Again… Failure. However, after Chester helps out by punting poor Twig, he learns one skill he excels at– Flying! This also unlocks a nice mini-game in the quest, similar to Pac-Man, but with a time limit. After all this is said and done, Twig impresses his love by asking her… To fly with him. Aww, how sweet. =D


Well, this quest was very… Unique, and had a great cast of characters. From a reappearance of the Mogbusters and Chester, to the continuation of some Twiggy goodness, the NPC’s in this quest were very well done. This quest also, of course, featured a new mini-game, which added some definite depth to the overall experience. Since it was optional, it was a great addition for those who enjoy house items, giving a new ‘Master of Evil’ (Twig) Guard, and a painting allowing you to access the mini-game whenever you like. In addition to all this sugary goodness, there were powerful new weapons and spells. The new Ranged Water Uber weapon appeared (Fishing Rods) as well as the new Light Uber Spell (Fwying Wonder) Whew! That’s a lot of great stuff!


However, all that said, there are always a few low things to deal with. The minigame, while great to see in a quest, was a little bit raw and unpolished, and the enemy list could use a little diversifying. I’m really just trying to come up with negative things, since this was an excellent release.

Final Grade of Release

Well, this was a great release. A huge variety of new items, a nice amount of puns making a hilarius quest, and a great story to it all. Well, I’m pleased to give this release a resounding 9.5 Fwying Mogwins, Out of 10!


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