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MechQuest Going Down DragonFable’s Road?

Posted by lemmy7003 on May 22, 2009

Here’s Lemmy7003 speaking to you from randomville!

Each of the Artix Entertainment games have their fair share of “Coming Soon” areas. But MQ’s has some fairly serious ones that I’m going to speak you about.

Anyways, ever since the game began, there has been the “coming soon areas”. A few examples:

House Missions: These have been “coming soon” for over a year! This is one feature I have been waiting for ages!

Westion ShadowScythe Invasion: Another thing many, many people have been waiting for. I mean, geez!

What is AE’s definition of “soon”? I’m not trying to insult them… well, they do have 3 (soon to be 4) games to make releases for. But they should make a whole month to go back to areas that have the coming soon mark. Players will get frustrated and will quit MQ due to no updates.

MechQuest will have to stop heading down DragonFable road. If this continues, it will turn many players off. Come on, I even quit it for a couple of months! I’ll be keeping track of this, so I may be making a similar post soon. This situation must be resolved. Oh well…

Feel free to voice your comments!

Grammatized the post to make it look nicer. You know, there is a nice, handy spellcheck feature WordPress lets you use once you finish your posts… *points to “ABC” button at the top* 😉


5 Responses to “MechQuest Going Down DragonFable’s Road?”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Cumulatively, both Westion and GEARS as a whole are the most blatant zones with multiple Soons. A lot of the rest of the game is handled well. They seem to be doing a better job with not creating official “coming soon” spots due to what they do (or in many cases don’t) announce. Crow’s Nook and Gark look like they could be rather “guilty” of entering this status due to buildings that look like they could have more but they dodge it by not obviously having them marked. I think the slightly bigger issue is upgrades/improvements that are badly needed but technically don’t fall into the “coming soon” status like upgrading Maria 5’s clothing store or (finally) upgrading the HUD for Westion and Soluna’s first Moon.

    Also, as a blatant Westion fanboy, I have no expectation of Valoth’s invasion arriving at any point before the AGBI Anniversary…and it’ll probably still be quite a while after that.

  2. 0rik said

    0rik said
    May 22, 2009 at 3:54 PM e

    What is AE’s definition of “soon”. I’m not trying to insult them…well, they do have 3 (soon to be 4) games to make releases for.


  3. Meister874 said

    In MQ’s case, it’s highly possible they’re currently going with what’s popular or more in demand.

    In the final notes regarding Zargon, they mentioned that Westion really wasn’t as popular with its players compared to Zargon. Now, it’s currently the Planetary trio of Gark/Lagos/Arthuria and their impressive mecha and equipment that’s the highlight and favored by many players.

    In the case of the Houses, it was Betrayal and GEARS Games that sated the want for House-oriented “missions”. Also, at least one of the houses deal with the search for the lost Dragon race, so that in and of itself would require a lot of planning time given that it’s also a part of the main storyline. I could see when and where some thorough planning would be needed to ensure storyline continuity while allowing all Houses to have some recognition in the storyline as well (instead of just RH).

    If anyone noticed on the MQ boards, mainly the Q&A forum, hardly any question is posed if/when would Westion and/or the House missions be completed/will appear. It was either Zargon (when it was still in the works) or the next GEARS Games.

    I’m hoping though, that after the completion of the G/L/A mission chain (which won’t be for a long while considering how much time it takes to work and complete a planet), the staff would begin to focus on writing out their House missions or get back to the main “ShS is a threat” storyline (and for Westion Lovers, completion of Westion as well).

  4. ZamuelNow said

    After standing back and looking at a number of things in-game, I’m retracting my statement and actually starting to agree with Lemmy’s original post. The Soon monster is stealthly spreading its control over MQ.

  5. Dorigo said

    The definiton of Soon is:


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