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Dragonfable: May 15th Release Analysis

Posted by Chickencowlord on May 16, 2009

Alright, we have a lot on our plate this week (no pun intended): the Bakery minigame, The Bacon Chain finale, and a new Penpal quest.

Zeuster: Bacon Finale (The Secret)

About (Warning: SPOILERS!)

This week, we get the story of bacon (FINALLY). The Chickencows were low on feed, and decided to pray for an easy source of food from Zeuster using a spell. They had to make 4 glyphs for this spell, which were apparently very complicated. Chickcalves attended the ceremony, and the Magepriests trusted they would behave. Unnoticed to the Magepriests, however, one of the Chickcalves defiled to of the glyphs, confusing the spell’s meaning. The food sent was not at all what was expected, and was to the distaste of the Chickencows. Archimoodles reviewed the glyphs, and found that the spell had been changed from “Request, Abundant, Food, Chickencow” to “Request, Abundant, Elemental,” and a glyph that had been defiled beyond recognition…but was in the shape of a pig. xD. Zeuster explains he subconciously granted the prayer, as he can’t give all of them his full attention. The Chickencows could not eat this strange new element, so they gave it to a Black Market run by an elf in the Sandsea (yep, Zhoom). Zhoom’s weakness to bacon has to do with the amount of grease in it (xD). Suddenly, weapons made of this bacon began turning up around Lore. Keelia had the first bacon weapons made. You also learn that there is, in fact, an elemental orb of bacon!


The plot relevation, be it a side plot or not, is truly enormous. A quest chain for the Orb of Bacon…can we even imagine it?  The cutscene was fantastic, props to Ghost on it. The rewards are also decent and look pretty amazing. xD


The rewards are a bit pricey. Besides that, a spotless release.

Score: 9.5/10. A near spotless release for what it was, congrats to AE on it!

Zeuster: Bacon Epilogue (Grrberus’ Revenge)


Remember that pup you rescued for Zeuster? Well, Triskylos (or Grrberus, as you call him) decided he wants his child back. You engage in battle with the beast. His prime features are nice artwork and a pretty powerful MP attack. After you defeat him in battle, he decides that you must really care about the pup to fight for him, and you keep him. This quest drops Chickencow teeth (???) whick are assumedly to be used in the merge shop opening next week.


The cutscenes in this quest are pretty hilarious. Grrberus is beautifully made artwork-wise, and it’s great to see some more monsters in the game that attack MP, it made the battle a bit more complicated for me.


With only 2 attacks, Grrberus is a bit of a drag to fight…

Score: 8.5/10 Not a perfect quest, but it’s a nice little treat for DAs and should work sell as a farming quest once the merge shop opens.

The Bakery: First Release

About (Warning, Puns ahead!)

The bakery is a fun little minigame that may eventually provide temporary treats for us to use in battle. There are no temporary items for use in battle thus far, but we’ve only got a taste of the bakery in the initial release. The bakery minigame is simple. You click on blue ingredients and don’t click on the red ones. After a certain amount of time, you finish the dish and you get cooking experience. Frying makes things a bit more tricky, adding the hassle of flipping the frying pan and raising the heat, though red does not appear around ingredients when frying, making it about equally difficult as cooking. Also, to play the cooking minigame, you have to buy a chef’s hat that is useless otherwise, much like the fisherman armor. There are currently 6 ranks in cooking, and 15 dishes to make, though AE assures us they are cooking up more content for this minigame.


Though the release is just a small treat, it was a sweet one. The minigame is pretty fun to play for a while, though there are no rewards as of yet. The dishes you can make are also pretty amusing.


Leveling up as a cook takes lots of farming on the minigame, and without rewards, the minigame quickly begins to spoil. The fact that you basically have to give up an inventory slot for this minigame is also a bit unnecessary and not at all practical for those lacking bagspace.

Score: 8.0/10 The bakery is a fun little minigame, but right now it has no real use and simply just takes up another inventory slot.

Pen Pal Quest: Surewould


Zapp needs you to deliver yet another letter, this time to Robina. He’s heard Robina is excellent at dispelling rangers and would like her advice so as to help in defending Popsprocket. You head your way through Surewould, fighting bandits along the way. When you finally get to Robina, she says Zapp would be better fit to ask you but gives some simple advice: Never give up.


I suppose we learn a bit of a moral lesson here, and we haven’t visited Surewould in quite a while. Good to see some old areas revisited.


The entire quest has just one enemy, Grey Wolf renegades. While this is a common enemy in Surewould and what the entire quest is about, there are many other types of enemy used in Surewould that could have been used to make things less dull, and it seems AE got a bit lazy here. The art for the quest is also reused from one of Robina’s quest, making this quest have virtually no new content except the dialogue at the end, which is pretty simple and not all that useful.

Score: 6.0/10 Not that good an effort, and it almost seems like this was a little fluff AE added to make the release seem bigger. I’d rather wait for original content than get some lazily thrown together reused content.

Overall Score: 8.0/10 This week had some very strong points, but the multitudes of weak ones brought it down.


One Response to “Dragonfable: May 15th Release Analysis”

  1. Kangi said

    I would like the whole Popsrocket chain a lot better if I could actualy finish the quests. But as todate, I have been stuck on Richard’s Gear do to the Hampster freezing.

    I have sent in countless reports but as of yet it has went unheeded.

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