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MechQuest: Analysis of 5/06/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 6, 2009

Let’s get this party started with an analysis of a nifty little Wednesday goodness…

Khael Snake Revival


The Khael Snake, located in Khaeldron in Westion, received a new level 26 upgrade, one for Star Captains and one for free players. The Snake comes with upgraded specials (such as a body attack that now lowers immobility resistance on the first hit and stuns on the second), creating an undoubtedly powerful mecha for the mid-to-high 20s group.


Nothing wrong with a nice revival of a classic Westion mecha. AE did an excellent job updating the Khael Snake to make this new higher level version better and more original than before.


I’m a bit disappointed we only got two level 26 versions, as I was hoping Westion might receive its first level 30+ mecha. The Khael Snake would have been great to start Westion off, and AE missed a golden opportunity in this respect.

Grade of Release

8.5/10. The Khael Snake was an excellent mecha to upgrade, although the lack of actual models and level variety keeps the grade down.

Mecha Color Customization Additions


Tek’s Paint Shop received a much-needed update, adding what appears to be 60+ new colors to the customization options for Star Captains.


I guess you could say pretty much everything. The Paint Shop has been badly neglected for seemingly forever, so to see the color options expanded by this much is really great to see. I’m not one that values looks, but I can definitely appreciate the work that was done here.


It’s too bad only Star Captains get to use the Paint Shop. 😉

Grade of Release

9.5/10. Overall awesome update to the Paint Shop, now let’s see about getting more than, say, 30% of all mecha eligible for color customization. 😛

Overall Grade of Release

9.0/10. An overall solid and satisfying release, one AE should definitely be proud of.

It’s great to be back! 🙂


3 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 5/06/09 Release”

  1. Zeke said

    Yay, more colo-

    …Owait. *head droops down*

    Anyways, I was disappointed by the lower level mecha D: It’s good, but…the ratio of low level to high level equipment is even higher now.


    • I really think AE needs to address the high-level mecha issue. They’ve had this problem before because they’ve sometimes failed to recognize the separation between rare and non-rare mecha, and I’m really going to be pushing for some more high-level mecha in the near future. Get this: There are no non-rare, non-NG level 31 or 32 mecha in the game.

    • Zeke said

      I’ve noticed.

      There are only a couple high level mecha for NSCs, too >.>

      These recent releases are great for new players, but higher level players are being hurt.

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