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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 4/3/09 Release

Posted by 0rik on April 12, 2009

Wow, am I late or what! April 3rd’s release debuted AdventureQuest World’s first war, against the 1st lord of Chaos!Mobius War I Members Only


The 1st lord of Chaos has attacked the town of Mobius; and he has flipped everybody’s world around! Furniture and stairs are on the outsides of walls, the bucket is above the well, and the guardian tower is upside-down! Two villagers right outside of town fill you in on the details. You run through the broken gate and battle alongside your comrades against waves and waves of enemies, until the war is won. After the war is complete, you fight against the leader of the army, Slugfit, a giant imp. Unfortunately, this was only a small portion of the 1st lord of Chaos’s army…


Well, this is our first war, and it went along quite smoothly. New item drops made people more willing to participate in the war. The artwork for Mobius is pretty cool as well. Completing waves gives you bonus experience and gold.


Because the war was being completed so quickly, the staff increased the amount of waves… this made quite a few people unhappy and caused them to quit the war. It also is a bit inconvenient turning in waves, as you have to click a button to turn them in.

Overall Grade of Release: 6/10 The war was a bit buggy, but it was still pretty good. Hopefully they will get polished a bit more, as we will be seeing a ton of wars in the future.


One Response to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 4/3/09 Release”

  1. StJason said

    This war demonstrates that AE can, if it so chooses, listen and react to feedback quite well. Practically by the time that I identified a problem (say, using Defender’s Medals for currency for the rares) they fixed it. Fast, effective, reactive, open… is this the same AE that told us for a year ‘no suggestions, we have a plan’ when it was clear they didn’t in Mechquest?

    Overall, the only real flaw in this war was timing. Bad move to have it span the holiday weekend. And I’ve added 8 ranks to my classes during it. 🙂

    Now, they need to spend some time applying their new tricks. Get the aggro/AI system (please tell me that isn’t the limit to the ‘AI’ in the game!) set to all monsters, and the random spawning, and AQW will start coming into it’s own.

    …If they’d go back and do some class re-balancing and NYI implementations, then the game would really improve…

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