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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 3/27/09 Release

Posted by 0rik on March 29, 2009

This week’s release in AdventureQuest Worlds has a salesmoglin specializing in never before seen used items, a marsh which has been chaorrupted, the new bank, as well as new good/evil items.

Quibble Coinbiter


A salesmoglin specialing in never before seen used items (He gets his items from a corrupt time travel fairy) has come to battle and has set up shop. Some of these items we actually have seen (in the other AE games that is). There is also a Red Star Sword available for ACs.


People who missed SS can get something similar to it, and the items are fairly good looking.


Half of the items are available for ACs…

Grade of Release: 7/10 This releases some items that we probably won’t ever see again, and some of them are pretty good looking.

The Chaos Marsh


King Alteon has received a message from Bal Gravestorm which states that the marsh has been corrupted. The rest of the messenger’s message is much more interesting though; the marsh plants are affecting the chaorrupted creatures! Some of the plants cause the creatures die, but some of the plants enable the chaorrupted creatures to throw off the effects of chaorruption temporarily! Alteon sends you to the marsh to collect samples.


I like the artwork for this area. Alteon stayed in character quite well, as he is still interested in curing chaorruption.


The quests are tedious, and the rewards are just gold and experience. There aren’t even drops!

Grade of Release: 6/10 This release doesn’t feel as polished as other releases. I get the feeling too much attention was put on Quibble, the bank, and the new items, and not much effort was put on this release.

The Bank


The bank is just like bag space; there are 20 slots, and each costs 200 ACs. It’s extra space for your items!


You can have more room for your items. Also, you can store those items you don’t plan to use for a long time so you can get through your inventory quicker!


It costs ACs, just like inventory… Also, there’s one thing I really don’t get about banks in games; why not just give the people more inventory space? The only time I believe a bank is necessary is if:

  1. It’s a game like Battleon, where you are only supposed to have 8 of each type of item
  2. It has a password for the bank itself, so if you are hacked your items can’t get stolen (this game doesn’t have trading, so your stuff wouldn’t get stolen)

Grade of Release: 8/10 Sorry about my bank rant. This was still a very nice addition to the game, as many people were out of inventory space.

New Good/Evil Items


New items have been added to the good and evil shops, such as the Asgir Armor from AdventureQuest and the Symbiote armor.


Everybody loves new items! There are new items for both sides


Some of the items cost ACs… but that’s it!

Grade of Release: 8/10 This was a nice addition, everybody loves n:ew items (if they look good, that is)!

Overall Grade of Release: 7.25/10 Some nice things came in the release, but more attention to the storyline could have made this release quite a bit better.


8 Responses to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 3/27/09 Release”

  1. Dorigo said

    Only problem with the new items is the people who complained about female symbiote.

  2. StJason said

    Why are people complaining about the female symbiote? Yes, she has no ‘top’ on, but it’s not as if you are seeing anything aside from a pulsing field of red and black…
    Even prudish me is fairly happy with this release. They managed with the royal suit to put on a undershirt and bring down the skirt enough that much isn’t showing. Even the Asgir, while almost nude, is in character.

    My issues with this release is the ‘storyline’ element was completely rushed (you can complete the wolves quest by jumping over to the Chaos Forest, where there are a lot more, and farm them!). And the bank system was unneeded compared to many other pressing gameplay issues. The reorganization of equipment into tabs was a great addition. The new equipment is all right, I suppose. The big emphasis on ACcoins (that Artix himself in the DNs denigrates) saddens me, and I fully expect that this is the way of the future (mostly AC items, with a few Member and maybe one free items for every release).

  3. I thought this release was meh.

    The total amount of content released was rather small. Free players, if good, got one item, and evil players got two. But, more important than that, I find the bank to have some serious issues. Why build a brand new that requires the entire inventory system to be rearranged, and then make it all AC only? They even leave the members high and dry with this, as it’s just a weaker inventory system.

    Still, this release only had about three people working on it. Reens says that rewards will be added to the Marsh “later” (Next week, we can hope). And, the cherry on the sundae, the First Lord of Chaos will be released next week. I’m sure everyone will get a huge amount of content, members and free players alike.

  4. Also, it’s obvious Orik couldn’t find any real pros for the release. That’s alright. Neither did I. 😀

  5. simidorl said

    the bank, they should have made it to hold temporary items too.

  6. Kangi said

    I rather liked it, save for most of the items being AC. Though I was a bit saddened by the fact that the Legendary Magma Sword, a Free player DF sword was Member only. The marsh had a nice feel to it, the evil shop had a nice helm in it, that was not AC or Members only.

    The bank, though that was in my honest oppinion not needed at all. I have noticed here lately things in AQW seem to be going AC heavy.

  7. death said

    This release stunk for freeplayers it seems like every release all the items are members! the only releases that were non mem friendly were the wedding,Voltaire,mogloween,easter,and earth day the rest have all been members only! I understand that mems DO pay whoever some of us don’t have that kinda money for cryin out loud AE cant you see that we are in a economic crisis alot of pple are worse money-wise out there then you!If ae would make the payment one time they’d have more money than now because more pple would pay!
    /me rant is now over

  8. Haha sux.

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