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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 3/13/09 Release

Posted by 0rik on March 13, 2009

This week’s live release was the adventure to Skull Punch Island to help Voltaire get a cursed guitar that grants him immortality, fame, and fortune!


As time went on, more and more parts of the event were released. At the beginning of the event, people were waiting in live for the event to begin. Each of the parts of the event has a little chest containing quests where you turn in cursed doubloons, which drop from the event enemies, for items. Eventually, Act I started, in which the boat left, and you battled the undead pirates on it. When Act II began, the boat began to sink, and a braken tentacle broke through the deck. In Act III, the boat completely sinks and you battle the braken. In Act IV, you swim to the shore of Skull Punch Island and battle undead fish. In Act V, Voltaire finally reaches the guitar… and is consumed by the curse, which transforms him into a giant skeleton. You defeat him, returning him to normal. Finally, you go to a booth where you can buy various items that go along with the release’s theme. After Voltaire thanks you, you see a cutscene where Deady attempts to get the guitar… Maybe we will fight him next Friday the 13th? After the live release ended, it became replayable.


We had our first glimpse of the war counter. There were many new items, and a fair amount of them are for free players. The event has good storyline, good music, good monsters, good everything! Even the people who missed the live release get to do it thanks to the replayability function. In the live release, there were some speech bubbles like Voltaire saying “I feel like I’ve standing here a long time.” And he HAD been standing a long time… Voltaire was also the first NPC with voice acting.


The war counter wasn’t very accurate; it jumped from 5% to 39% to 100% at one point. The live release was INCREDIBLY laggy, people were disconnecting from simply attacking in some of the events, but all these cons are gone in the… un-live release? It’s a shame this content is going rare, too. This had a lot of work put into it, but maybe events will be like they are in Dragonfable, replayable whenever the holiday comes around again.

Grade of Release: 10/10 This release was great. The content was amazing, and it looks like we may see Skull Punch Island again one day.


3 Responses to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 3/13/09 Release”

  1. Brytz said

    I couldn’t do the live release due to the incredible amount of laggyness and I constantly got disconectd. I hope there weren’t any rare items only during the live event that was not in the replay. Otherwise 7/10 due to laggyness.

  2. simidorl said

    it was good, that’s all i have to say.

    (is it me, or has this forum dropped 75% since chickencowlord and thepeanutmaster left?)

  3. StJason said

    It was really good, even though I only got to play on replay. Excellent drops, and another bearded helmet for Agredia. It may be the new money-farming spot with all the ‘free’ (read: for doubloons) drops that sell for quite a bit.

    And yes, the music rocked. Enough so that playing in other areas is weirdly quiet…

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