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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 2/19/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on March 8, 2009

Alright, so I’m late, as usual. But, all is well, I’m still here. This week’s release brought a revolution for Dragon kind! Will they be ruled by logic, or controlled by animal urges? It’s up to you to help them!

What A Smart Beastie (Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere!)


Well, now that the recent feud between Dracomancers and Dragonslayers has abated somewhat, some new players enter the game. A dragon named Draschemus has  been altered by the power’s of No Man’s Land, and left his animal instincts behind in lieu of being ruled completely by logic and reason. Of course, there is another side led by the dragon Jaraka-Nuth that wishes for dragons to remain the wild, bestial creatures that they always have.

This war was unique in that you had the option of transforming into any one of 8 elemental dragons  to battle the war waves. They were very powerful armors, taking advantage of the new status system quite a bit. Each of the armors has a special ability, from blinding the enemy, to Damage Over Time, to draining mana, and everything else in between.

Now that the war waves and Juraka-Nuth are defeated, Draschemus is free to try to rally dragons to his cause. While there are no guarantees that all dragons will follow him, it appears that the peace between drgaons and humans in the AQ world is much closer to becoming a reality.


I loved the new dragon forms. They are absolutely amazing, and take full advantage of the status sytsem, a very welcome new old addition to the battle system. The story of this event fit in perfectly with the recent conflicts between Dracomancers and Dragonslayers, and it makes the future of dragonkind much, much more interesting. The rewards from this war were also incredible, albeit a bit pricy. Each and every temporary form only available from the war was released for the shop, which made an incredible new array of powerful armors.


While I loved the armors, some people didn’t, and thought that you had to fight through the war waves with just them equipped. As a result, this significantly slowed down the war, which took over two weeks to finish! Also, the reward shop items were extremely expensive, some of them costing more than an uber armor.

Final Grade of Release

While this release did have flaws, and was somehwhat long due to lack of participation, it still shone brightly. The new armors really detailed what dragons will be able to do in the future, and helped to show that they will be truly fierce opponents. Therefore,  I give this release 7.5 Wise Dragons, out of 10.


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